Yup, Asian Americans Spend a Shitload of Money


A new Nielsen report released today confirms what most of us already knew—Asian Americans spend a lot of money buying shit stuff.


According to the study, Asian Americans outspend the average American household by a whooping 19 percent. And if you’re talking about the internet, Asian Americans are #1 when it comes to online shopping—77 percent of us have made an online purchase in the past year as opposed to 66 percent of the general population. The percentage of Asian Americans who have spent $2500 or more a year online is at 12 percent—double the average. And considering the rate the Asian American population is growing, this is clearly only the beginning.

So what does this mean for an “Asian American” online entity like YOMYOMF?

Let me answer that in the most concise way I know how—give us your money. If you give us lots of your money, we promise to use it wisely to create the right type of content that will get all those high income/retail/capitalist-loving Asian Americans to buy your shit.

So I repeat–in case the previous paragraph was too difficult to comprehend—give us your money.

Duh? Hello? It’s that simple.

Give us your money.

Give us your money.

Give us your money.

Give us your money.

Rinse and repeat.

One thought on “Yup, Asian Americans Spend a Shitload of Money

  1. Yes we are not like our parents and grandparents who save, save, save for their kids. So I don’t know if this is a good thing.

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