The YOMYOMF Network: Next Up for ‘Yellow Face’—UCLA and TCG (Dallas)

Thanks to everyone who attended the work-in-progress screening of our YouTube adaptation of Offender David Henry Hwang’s award-winning play Yellow Face last week at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Fest. It was a sold-out screening and we were pleasantly surprised to also learn that we had won the Narrative Audience Award (tied with Ke’o Woolford’s The Haumana) at Thurs’ awards ceremony. Thanks to everyone who supported and voted for the film. You can watch the finished film in two parts on June 8 and 9 on the YOMYOMF Network.

If you want more Yellow Face, we’ll be participating in a FREE panel discussion this Weds., May 15 (6-8PM) at UCLA’s De Neve Auditorium. All the info is on the flyer above, but we’ll be having a lively discussion about Yellow Face and how YouTube is impacting the Asian American community and vice versa. The Tony Award-winning writer of Yellow Face himself, the aforementioned David Henry Hwang, will be flying in from New York to appear and he’ll be joined by YOMYOMF Creative Head Philip W. Chung, YF director Jeff Liu, YOMYOMF Network partner/YouTube star Chester See and Internet Icon season 1/top 2 finalist Lana McKissack. Again, the event is free and open to the public but you need to rsvp here in advance.

And if you want to be the first to watch the completed Yellow Face on the big screen and you happen to live in the Lone Star State, we’ll be screening it on the evening of June 7 as part of the Theatre Communications Group (TCG) National Conference in Dallas, Texas. This is the annual gathering of over 1,000 theater professionals from all around the country and the screening will be followed by a Q&A with David Henry Hwang, Jeff Liu and Philip W. Chung where they will discuss using new media to develop and reach out to a new and diverse audience for theatrical works (you can read more about our TCG screening here).

Finally, congrats to Daniel Hall who won the free tickets to see Yellow Face through our twitter giveaway—hope you enjoyed!

YF director Jeff Liu receives the audience award at LAAPFF

3 thoughts on “The YOMYOMF Network: Next Up for ‘Yellow Face’—UCLA and TCG (Dallas)

  1. Nice. I hope more diverse films circuit through. I really hope YomYom you would support other aspiring filmmaker and actress Iyin Landre, a Chinese-American actress from New York who was tired of playing stereotypical roles and took a bold move of writing and shooting a trailer of her story in Brazil. She got the crew and cast from Brazil and made her trailer. She’s trying to raise funds on kickstarter and I wish the Asian community could share and support her effort. Her film is titled “Me + You”.

  2. I just watched all of Yellow Face on youtube. WOW! When I first saw the poster. I literally just took a one second glance and didn’t really honestly give a chance to understand it. After I saw another post about M. butterfly and the connected the video of yellow face (p.s. thanks for making it more user friendly)…I said to myself well…I saw it once and although it is graphic icon is not appealing…I’ll check it out. Hwang’s writing delivers a volume of emotions and thoughts does a crescendo and many overlaps. He does a great job of beating himself up and serving himself raw at times. Damn Hwang, you made me laugh at my face and the face of others. It’s a laugh that echos in so many directions. At point my laughter comes at point haunting awarenss and at some point out of joy. I found myself awed at Hwang ability for me to dislike him and like the other character better at times. In the end…I am left loving both.

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