Thai’s out drama Korean dramas

Thai got your heartstrings now. KDrama no more!

Finally, a nation has “out drama’d” Korean dramas.  Credit the Thai’s for this magnanimous feat.  Though the themes are similar (every possible human tragedy possible being experienced simultaneously), the Thai’s manage to do it in 3 minutes AND with an insurance commercial.  Prepare to cry.  Hide the women and children…

(Thanks EDM for the original posting of this)

OK, if that didn’t F-up your tear ducts enough, here’s another one for good measure. It’s a Pantene commercial. And this time, it’s about a deaf/mute, Thai girl who wishes to learn the violin. Drink lots of water cause this one could fatally dehydrate you through bawling excess. Let it out, let it all out…

11 thoughts on “Thai’s out drama Korean dramas

  1. I prefer this to an actual K-drama. All the emotion without the absurdity.

  2. Wow, both of them really made me cry. I do prefer this over K-dramas because these are plausible real-life situations that happen in that region.

  3. how are they affording 3 and 4 minute commercials over there?

    call me cold hearted, but I still prefer Tony Jaa over melodrama anyday.

  4. awesome, thanks.

    every time i see one of these in a thai movie theater during the previews i think its a trailer for a film, but at the end it tells me to get insurance or start a savings account. and i consider it because i wanna be a good person!

  5. HFSB (thats Holy F-ing Shitballs)…

    Its like porn for the emotions. Visuals that get right to the point.

    I even need some Kleenex and a cigarette!

  6. OMG the pantene commercial; insufficient eye leakage warning.

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  8. hello thailand! i am valen of philippines. i really love wathching thai drama romance specially the tandem of pong nawat and bee namthip. they are such a beautiful couple on screen. i hope that they are lovers in real life. they are such a perfect couple. i really love the way they portray their characters in every scence specially in buang ruk kamathep. pong and bee congratulations and more success in your carreers. more power to thailand dramas, the directors, producers and the whole crew!

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