Passive-Aggressive Boyfriend: The Revenge

Have you been the victim of passive-aggressive behavior? I’m here to tell you, you have options: stab the person in the eye with a fork; open the front door, walk out and never come back; spend ten years turning their friends against them, or – OR – give them a big fat spoonful of their own medicine:

Next episode: the STANDOFF.

Passive-Aggressive Boyfriend

Enjoy! Or at least blush like crazy as Liz Ho (star of YOMYOMF’s “Reality Reboot” and “The Xmas Special“), and her real life boyfriend, Ira Heinichen (star of “Josh & Ira”) remind me us of our own human foibles!

Now me, I would never pointedly ask my son if he has seen the dog’s collar, which I know is sitting in plain view on the table, as a way to hint to him that I’m mad he hasn’t walked the dog yet; nor would I…

…oh never mind, point is, next episodes, Liz will have her REVENGE!

Amazing Sign Twirlers

Recently I made up some shit about sign twirlers…

So how far off was I?

Our actress, Liz Ho, did a wonderful job dancing around with the sign, goofing off, just being generally bouncy and buoyant. But Christ almighty, there are some people out there who belong in acrobatic troupes…

…or dance companies…

These guys are so good I would stop and buy an asbestos covered donut from them.

Some of the moves have names – The Helicopter, The Blender, and Spanking The Horse (the spinner puts the sign between his legs, slaps his own behind, and giddy-ups).

Uggh! Opportunity missed! Is there time for a reshoot!?