Top Ten K-Pop Music Videos of 2011

I really got into K-pop this year, thanks to the girl group 2NE1, a no nonsense, fun and crazy female quartet who can do it all — rap, R&B, dance, and from different walks of life. They became my starter drug into a burgeoning music industry and genre that is ripe for world domination. And when I mean world domination, I mean thousands of fans from around the world, thanks to open business model that wants to build a worldly fan base. Much like hallyu with the popularity of Korean TV dramas and movies, K-Pop has jumped into the limelight, with not only a Pan-Asian craze in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, but also Europe and the US.

2NE1 is the perfect example. With all 4 members (CL, Minzy, Bom, and Dara) fluent in English and Korean, not to also mention conversational Japanese and Tagalog, 2NE1 has become a force to be reckon with, selling out concerts around Asia and also building a fan base in America, and winning the MTV Iggy Best Band in the World Award, where they recently performed at Times Square a couple of weeks ago. They also recorded an American album that was produced by Wil.I.Am, which is set for release sometime in 2012.

So, yeah, I got K-Pop obsessed, and soon enough, I became hooked on watching the latest music videos on Youtube, which rack tens of millions of views in a matter of days. And since I recently blogged about my upcoming top ten random lists of the year, I figured this would be a fun exercise to check out some slickly produced music videos, in which Korea is so known for. So here’s the top ten of the year: