The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of December 16

12 Days of Christmas (Internet Icon)

Jonesing for an INTERNET ICON fix?  We’ve got your holiday themed answer!

Join the Top Ten (and more!) of ICON as they do their own rendition of a classic carol.

Cherry - Honest Santa (w/ Justin James Hughes)

Not satisfied with that?  Here’s some more ICON!

In one of many YOMYOMF Cherries this week, ICON finalist Justin James Hughes gives kids a dose of their own (possibly undeserved) medicine as HONEST SANTA.

What I can never have again.

Tomorrow, it will be Christmas. Another Christmas under my belt. This is, undoubtedly, my favorite time of the year.

Unfortunately, I find that the glint in my eyes that the holidays elicit seems to grow dimmer and dimmer as time passes.

The story isn’t new. Growing up, you have cares in the world, but they are few and far between. Death is a concept either wholly unknown or partially foreign and your responsibilities have not grown to towering heights yet. That’s your everyday experience.

Then Christmas comes along and all that joy that comes part and parcel with that is coupled with your already freewheeling existence and it literally feels like you can float, maybe even fly.

Sanrio Stores were a disappointment.

While I now have a more fluid idea of gender, it hasn’t always been like that.  Growing up, I was exposed with very strict notions of gender roles.

I could never show any interest in Barbies even though I admired their craftsmanship more than the rubber-band innards of G.I. Joes. I was encouraged to play soccer out in the field despite wanting nothing more than to play house (though to be fair, I was pretending to be Magneto in a house).

And, as acceptable as it is in later life, being able to talk more easily with the girls than the boys often got you a one way ticket to weirdo-branding.

My sense of self was always wildly fluctuating back then.  Various compulsion warred inside me in those days – conform or resist?  In most cases, it was a 50/50 situation.

But there was always one desire in my childhood that I had to keep in check: going into a Sanrio store.

Girls were always bringing Sanrio accessories to class, emblazoned with Hello Kitty and Badtz Badtz Maru and Keroppi, and I could do nothing but envy them.  I found the character designs so aesthetically pleasing, though I could never articulate my feelings as pretentiously then as I can now.

What I Learned on YOMYOMF This Week – November 28 – December 4, 2010

My culinary adventures as of late had become anything but.  My weekly cuisine was a rotation between the local Chick-Fil-A, Lee’s Sandwiches, and Honey Nut Cheerios.  So when the chance arose to trek to a Yakitori joint this past week, I immediately jumped at the chance.

nOOb as I was to the whole Yakitori scene, I did know that the titular dish was grilled chicken on a skewer, which someone with even the most pedestrian tastes would find fairly acceptable.  What none of the anime I had watched ever told me was that these establishments also served all manner of other chicken and beef parts.

I mean, I’m a believer that animals are very tasty – a belief I firmly stand by – but I often want my knowledge of my meat’s origins to be rather vague and nebulous.  This is, in fact, the only way I am able to consume hot dog and spam: by clearing my mind absolutely and chewing and swallowing as quickly as possible.  Long story short, I asked my companion to order while I put my hands over my ears, saying “LALALALALALA.”

The food was extremely delicious and all I asked was that I never be told if I did, in fact, eat an animal’s testicles.

As we transitioned into December this week, your favorite ragtag group of bloggers (and we’d better be your favorite) waxed philosophical about the McRib; intergalactic mice; and decapitated heads.  That warm feeling you just felt?  That’s the holidays, baby.

Well, that or you just pissed yourself from fear, buddy.

What I Learned on YOMYOMF This Week – November 21 – 27, 2010

It’s just about that time of the year again.  Festive shades of red and green are starting to pepper the streets and amazing arrays of lights are coming to life in neighborhoods across the country.  Blow-up reindeer and snowmen tower over more and more lawns on the way home.

As a southern California resident however, the signs of the holidays are pretty much restricted to those made by man.  When it comes to matters of nature’s grandeur, we’re pretty much stuck with (what is to natives) blistering cold minus the awesome wonder of snow.  Every time I go outside now – which isn’t often – I think about just how much more understanding I’d be of the weather if it were at least accompanied with the once-a-year abilities to make snow angels and add a scarf to my outfit without worrying about my fading masculinity.

Hope y’all had a happy thanksgiving – that is if you celebrate that kind of thing – and are ready to play catch up with YOMYOMF.  This last full week of November, we explore the universal appeal of breasts pressing against our freedom of speech; the correlation between threatening times and amounts of sweet, sweet intercourse; and the exemplary human behavior on display on Black Friday.

More Holiday Inappropriateness?

I blogged this weekend about CBS’ Frosty The Snowman promos and the negative feedback the spots have garnered from some parents. Here’s a Boost Mobile holiday-themed commercial starring Frosty and Mrs. Claus that’s also offending some viewers. “Ho ho ho” indeed:


Ten People I Wish I Had Never Seen Naked

nudityThere are things once seen that can never be unseen. And while the very thought of seeing certain people completely naked sends pangs of anticipatory joy up and down my…spine, there are others I’ve had the misfortune of having seen au natural that I wish I could forever erase from my memory. Here are ten of those people.