A Happy (Recycled) Halloween!

I was going to write a brand-new Halloween themed blog for this weekend and then thought: WTF?! Why exert the time and effort to do something new when I can recycle shit I’ve already done with minimal effort?

After all, I often write about themes and topics that are appropriate for Halloween (last October, for ex, I did a month-long tribute to all things related to the holiday) so why not just re-package those old blogs in one “super” post?

So here are my top ten favorite (or the top ten that I was able to find with a quick google search) appropriately Halloween-themed posts from the past year in no particular order. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween! Oh, and if any of our hot female readers would like to send over photos of yourselves in slutty, revealing Halloween costumes, you’ll get no objection from me. Have fun and be safe—expect to see you all back here on Monday.

And here we go: