THE WALKING DEAD – Season 6, Episode 6 – “Always Accountable” Recap


NOTE: Anderson is occupied with his Hawaii International Film Fest duties this week so Philip subs in to join David. As always, SPOILERS ahead.

This week’s episode focuses on the heroic trio of Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. Having successfully led the horde of walkers away from Alexandria, our trio is ambushed by mysterious assailants. We don’t learn who they are (more on this in a bit), but we’re pretty sure they aren’t the previously introduced Wolves. For one thing, the Wolves didn’t have guns or cars and this new group definitely has both. While our heroes survive, they get separated. Daryl out by himself in the Virginian woods (where it looks like a forest fire has blackened the land) and Abraham/Sasha holed up in a nearby town where they wait for Daryl to find them.

DAVID: Already this episode is good… you know why? NO RICK! Damn this is a good season so far!

Daryl runs into a man and two women who seem to be fleeing the same assailants that attacked our trio and are looking for someone named “Patty.” They take Daryl hostage—mistaking him for one of the men who are after them. Daryl manages to escape, but returns to help his captors when he realizes one of them is sick and he has the insulin she needs to survive. Luckily, he makes it back in time to help his new frenemies escape from the mysterious assailants, but in the world of the Walking Dead, no good goes unpunished—the sick girl ends up as zombie fodder anyway and her two friends steal Daryl’s motorcycle and crossbow, leaving him stranded. Or is he? Daryl finds “Patty”—which isn’t a person but a gas tanker. He drives away in it to find Sasha and Abraham.

THE WALKING DEAD — Season 6, Episode 2 — “JSS” Recap

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David: Did I just watch a show that was well paced, exciting and RICK FREE?! Man that was refreshing! Just the intro alone with Enid and the “JSS” thing already sucked me in!

Anderson: It was directed by Jennifer Lynch who directed BOXING HELENA and is David Lynch’s daughter. She did a phenomenal job, especially with the teaser of Enid’s pre-Alexandria life. The hard cuts to each progression of Enid’s survivalist life was so good but bypassing the violent act and going to the next. The eating of the tortoise was especially brilliant. Fuck, that was a genius episode.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Season 1, Episode 4 “Not Fade Away” Recap


Taking kind of a big time jump (about a week), episode 4 of this six episode first season seemed more like a second season premiere. We find out that our characters are living behind a fence in a “safe-zone,” one of twelve below the San Gabriel Mountains, if you believe the military. And that’s where the theme of “Not Fade Away,” is all about, belief. Or the lack of truth, more like it.

We see Travis now become the defacto do-gooder for the neighborhood, who is also the conduit between his neighbors and the military commander in charge, who is a total douchebag and likes to hit some golf balls during the day. I find it kind of interesting that the main character of color is the one who believes the military, even to the point of ignoring his son, who is seeing a light being flashed in a house on the hillside, outside of the fence.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Season 1, Episode 3 “The Dog” Recap


“It’s already too late.”

That’s the last line at the end of the third episode, which aired last night. It was muttered by Ruben Blades, who plays Daniel. He ended up being the badass muthafucker-to-be with probably a dark, immigrant past that he and his wife only know. As for his wife, Griselda, with her being maimed from that structure falling and crushing her foot, and with little medical attention, she’ll probably become a walker by the season finale, if not sooner. And Ofelia, their daughter. Man, can I just be a chauvinistic pig and say she’s way too hot to be this dainty flower who is at their parents beckon call?

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Episode 2 “So Close, Yet So Far” Recap


I guess like the mothership, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD is going to move like molasses. Last night’s second episode did just that (move slowly) as the characters were confined to essentially three locations (DTLA/Ruben Blades’ barber shop; the high school; the family home). I suppose the first season arc (all 6 episodes of it) will be the plight of our main characters escaping Los Angeles, which I guess is fine because this episode, as well as the rest of the season, was shot in Vancouver (the pilot, on the other hand, was shot on location in East LA) and you can totally tell the show is shot in British Columbia, because of the tight shots and the sheer Canadian cleanliness of their streets and neighborhoods.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Pilot Episode Recap & Review


The pilot episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD aired last night, and in the tradition of our episode recaps, we’re going to recap this show as well. With the phenomenal success of the THE WALKING DEAD, it was inevitable that AMC would have a spinoff show. But, after six seasons, it finally arrives in the form of a prequel series (taking place during Rick Grimes coma), and also in a completely different location (Los Angeles, before the zombie apocalypse).


YOMYOMF’s TV Showdown — THE WALKING DEAD – “Crossed” (Season 5, Episode 7)


(Spoilers ahead)

While Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold down the church, Rick takes a rescue mission to Atlanta, as Abraham’s group deal with the fallout from Eugene’s revelation.

David: Finally, back to good form! The cross story narrative is such a better format, but enough of that. I don’t think I need to tell the whole story of this episode because I feel after where everyone left off in their last appearance only moved like one pace forward. Abraham and the gang stays put by the road pondering and catches fish for food. Rick and gang move towards the hospital with a non hostile plan to get back Beth and Carol.

ARROW & THE FLASH: Nerd Crushbait & the Felicity Smoak Problem


Dominic Mah is a writer, filmmaker, erratic blogger at, and ex-professional gambler. Soon he will be premiering a reality show about Bay Area karaoke singers at He critiques popculture both as @dommah (normal dude) and @thorhulkcritic (Hulked-out Marvel rage-monster/god). He also will be responsible for #AvengersVsXmenTexting on the InstaTwitterSocialMediaSphere.


Fair warning: This article could make me sound like a creeper. As an Asian American dude, I’m used to being in that box, so whatever. Hello, familiar box. How are your flaps? Moving forward:

I’m trying really hard not to crush out on Felicity Smoak, the ARROW character played by Emily Bett Rickards. But I am failing. I resist the urge to “awwww” at everything she does because the character is so obviously intended as nerd crushbait, from her glasses to her superlative hacking skills to her witty ADHD non sequiturs. For you non-Arrowheads, Felicity is the computer expert on Oliver’s crimefighting team, and crossed over to last week’s episode of FLASH, wherein she almost had a Flash Fling. (FLASH skipped an episode this week, so this is a partial recap of both FLASH E4 and ARROW E4-5.)

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