FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Episode 2 “So Close, Yet So Far” Recap


I guess like the mothership, FEAR THE WALKING DEAD is going to move like molasses. Last night’s second episode did just that (move slowly) as the characters were confined to essentially three locations (DTLA/Ruben Blades’ barber shop; the high school; the family home). I suppose the first season arc (all 6 episodes of it) will be the plight of our main characters escaping Los Angeles, which I guess is fine because this episode, as well as the rest of the season, was shot in Vancouver (the pilot, on the other hand, was shot on location in East LA) and you can totally tell the show is shot in British Columbia, because of the tight shots and the sheer Canadian cleanliness of their streets and neighborhoods.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Pilot Episode Recap & Review


The pilot episode of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD aired last night, and in the tradition of our episode recaps, we’re going to recap this show as well. With the phenomenal success of the THE WALKING DEAD, it was inevitable that AMC would have a spinoff show. But, after six seasons, it finally arrives in the form of a prequel series (taking place during Rick Grimes coma), and also in a completely different location (Los Angeles, before the zombie apocalypse).


YOMYOMF’s TV Showdown — THE WALKING DEAD – “Crossed” (Season 5, Episode 7)


(Spoilers ahead)

While Carl, Michonne and Gabriel hold down the church, Rick takes a rescue mission to Atlanta, as Abraham’s group deal with the fallout from Eugene’s revelation.

David: Finally, back to good form! The cross story narrative is such a better format, but enough of that. I don’t think I need to tell the whole story of this episode because I feel after where everyone left off in their last appearance only moved like one pace forward. Abraham and the gang stays put by the road pondering and catches fish for food. Rick and gang move towards the hospital with a non hostile plan to get back Beth and Carol.

ARROW & THE FLASH: Nerd Crushbait & the Felicity Smoak Problem


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Fair warning: This article could make me sound like a creeper. As an Asian American dude, I’m used to being in that box, so whatever. Hello, familiar box. How are your flaps? Moving forward:

I’m trying really hard not to crush out on Felicity Smoak, the ARROW character played by Emily Bett Rickards. But I am failing. I resist the urge to “awwww” at everything she does because the character is so obviously intended as nerd crushbait, from her glasses to her superlative hacking skills to her witty ADHD non sequiturs. For you non-Arrowheads, Felicity is the computer expert on Oliver’s crimefighting team, and crossed over to last week’s episode of FLASH, wherein she almost had a Flash Fling. (FLASH skipped an episode this week, so this is a partial recap of both FLASH E4 and ARROW E4-5.)

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