Where are All These “Well-Behaved” Koreans Don Sterling Knows?


In all the recent brouhaha about L.A. Clippers owner Don Sterling’s racism against blacks and Latinos, there’s one group that’s been receiving the short shift and that’s my fellow Koreans. However, a piece entitled “Don Sterling’s Model Minority” that appeared today on Slate addresses this issue in more detail; basically coming to the conclusion that unlike the Blacks and Latinos whom he allegedly referred to as “vermin” while making attempts to avoid renting his properties out to them, he welcomed Koreans because he believed in the stereotypical image of Asians/Koreans as the “good” minority:

Why did Donald Sterling idealize Koreans? Because, in his view, they did whatever Donald Sterling wanted them to do, and they did it without complaint.

As Sterling himself allegedly said: “[Koreans] will live in whatever conditions [I give] them and still pay the rent without complaint.”

To which I’d like to ask Mr. Sterling the following question: Where the fuck are these well-behaved Koreans that will do what you want without complaining?

5 Superheroes Who Could be Asian American


Last week, FOX announced the main cast of their Fantastic Four reboot and playing the role of the very blond and very white Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch is the very African American Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station). While some have reacted to this casting news with the not-unexpected racism, I think it’s a great choice. Most of our iconic superheroes were created during a time when the default race for said heroes was White so I welcome this sort of “better late than never” retcon. And in that spirit, here are five superheroes that I personally think would be interesting to see retconned as Asian American.


560.superman.ls.7912 This one is a no-brainer: he comes to earth from the doomed planet Krypton, is “adopted” by an all-American couple and grows up to fight for truth, justice and…you know the rest. With the possible exception of Captain America, Superman has always been the most American of superheroes and the fact that he is an immigrant (and an illegal one at that) is a big part of that. His story could be the story of the Korean adoptee or the Vietnamese refugee forced to leave his “doomed” homeland who achieves the American Dream, but must still maintain a “second” identity—in his case, that of reporter Clark Kent who is a mild-mannered…well, wimp. A reminder that no matter how “super” our achievements in the U.S. might be, we’re still seen as a bit of a wuss.

New Study Shows AM/WF Couples Are Highest Earners Amongst Interracial Relationships


According to Business Insider, This Is The Highest Earning Type of Interracial Couple. Asian couples, including mixed couples with either an Asian husband or wife, dominated the combined earnings in 2010, out-earning other mixed couples by $10,000, according to The Rise of Intermarriage study by the Pew Research Center. Mixed couples make on average of $71,000 and “pure couples,” as in AM/AF couples make $62,000, almost $10k less!

According to the study: “The earning differences of couples reflect the general pattern of income disparity among families of different racial and ethnic background in the U.S. In 2009, the median family income was $75,027 for Asians, $62,545 for whites, $39,730 for Hispanics, and $38,409 for black families.” 

Movies That Should Have Starred Asians: The Amazing Spider-man

If there ever was a superhero that deserves to be Asian American, it’s our friendly, neighborhood Spider-man.

Let’s examine the evidence for this, shall we?

Let’s start by taking a look at Spider-man’s alter ego, Peter Parker. He’s a bit of a geek and an outsider who doesn’t really fit in with his classmates. He’s incredibly intelligent and has a special aptitude for science. If that’s not enough of the Asian American “Model Minority” stereotype for you, let’s not forget that Peter’s also a photographer—taking pictures a.k.a. another Asian stereotype. Hell, even his name is just two letters from being Asian. Just erase the “er” from his last name and you have…Peter Park.

And notice something else “Asian-y” when he puts on that mask:

The Asian Carp “Invasion”: America’s New Racist Yellow Peril

The Obama administration is currently discussing an unprecedented $78.5 million plan to block the Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes by closing Chicago-area waterways (see the latest here). The “non-native” fish has overrun patches of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers after escaping from farms back in the 1970s. The Asian carp, which can grow to be 4 feet long and are powerful enough to jump several feet out of the water, have been called the “nuclear bomb” of America’s waterways because they are a potential threat to the ecosystem.

But what I want to know is—why isn’t anyone talking about the real motive behind this smear campaign against the Asian carp? It’s good ole’ racism, folks. Think about it–would all these people be so outraged if it were Caucasian carp heading for the Great Lakes? And you know they wouldn’t raise a stink if it were African American carp because that wouldn’t be P.C., but it’s perfectly OK to scapegoat the Asian carp. Now, I know some of you might think I’m being oversensitive, but just look at the facts and I’m sure you’ll agree that the Asian carp has become the new Yellow Peril for the 21st Century.

Chinky Or Not Chinky: It’s My Parents’ Fault I Didn’t Go To Yale Edition

aaasaablahSo I recently stumbled onto this site where a Dr. Robert Wallace answers questions from tweens and teens and gives them advice. His latest column included this letter and response from the good doctor:

DR. WALLACE: Why are Asian students more intelligent than the rest of us? At our high school, about 5 percent of the student body is Asian, but almost all of them are on the honor roll, and this year’s valedictorian and salutatorian are Asian. My dad thinks their intelligence is tied to their diets. — Lindsay, Newport Beach, Calif.

Chinky Or Not Chinky: Asians + Rice Farmers = Math Whizzes

asian-mathWhen Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success came out last year, there was an outcry from some in the Asian American community over one of the chapters which made the argument that the reason why Asians are so good at math had to do with our history as rice farmers. Now, just hearing that out of context does make the statement sound ridiculous and possibly racist. But many of those who found fault with Gladwell’s thesis hadn’t actually read the book so their complaints were based on a superficial (mis)understanding of what Gladwell was trying to say.