Chinatown meat market sells dog meat?

In the rich tradition of Asian accents gone mistakenly wrong, the NY Post reports about an idiot Minnesota news reporter, in his pursuit of journalistic integrity, set off a chain of events that caused a New York Chinatown meat market to get raided by food inspectors because he had thought they were selling dog meat. OK, let’s backtrack a bit….

Intrepid reporter James Schugel was investigating one of Minessota’s largest dog breeding organizations that was accused of illegally breeding puppies and selling them on the black market. One place where puppies were bringing shipped over was the Canine Culture Center, with a NY address. Schugel went to the Big Apple and to his surprise, the Dak Cheong Meat Market was at the same address! He interviewed an employee there and asked him if he knew of the Canine Culture Center. The worker replied, “they only sell dogs to eat.”

Justin Lin had a Face Change Operation?

My fellow Offender Justin Lin recently talked to the LA Times to dish on the upcoming Terminator film, which he’s scheduled to direct. That interview got picked up by others including the Fused Film site. It was there that our friends at Cherry Sky Films noticed this photo accompanying the post:

Strangely, the photo of Justin above looks suspiciously like Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift star Brian Tee:

Was it a mistake? Or yet another example of the “Asians all look alike” syndrome? Or could it just be that Justin underwent a face change operation to look more like the handsome Brian Tee? I mean just look at Mr. Tee: