Around the Horn: Guilty Pleasures


In keeping with David’s theme of geeking out, what guilty pleasures do you partake in? I want to hear about your most low brow, trashy, ridiculous, cheesy, uncool, or unhip obsessions.

Reality-showise, I got obsessed with Hardcore Pawn when it first premiered on TruTv. It’s set at a family-run Detroit pawn shop. The negotiations are not your typical reality fare where everyone has already agreed on a number and do some limply choreographed wheeling and dealing only to shake hands at the end. These negotiations barely start before they end up in fist fights and bitch slapping. And this pawn shop is not seeing rare memorabilia or antiques, but everything from busted TVs to underwear and gold grills. The father who owns the shop often pits his daughter and son against each other as they compete viciously for business on the floor.

Like all reality shows, it’s probably staged but this is a pawn shop in Detroit so, no matter how you shoot, choreograph, or cut it – it’s still raw and not pretty. I confess, it’s a car accident and I can’t not watch it.

YOMYOMF Rant: Burger King’s French Fry Burger

So starting next month, Burger Kings all across the country will start serving the $1 French Fry Burger. It’s basically their regular value burger with exactly four fries shoved into it.


To which I say—what the fuck is this?! Has the fast food industry grown so lazy and uninspired that this is the best they can come up for a “special promotion”?

No, a special promotion is something like the McRib sandwich—a totally original creation unlike anything already in the McDonalds’ menu. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that it’s indeed “special.”

But sticking four fries in a burger—how the hell is that special? I can order a hamburger and a side of fries and stick four of those fries into the hamburger and I have the exact same thing. And if I really want a French fry burger, not only can I make that myself, but I don’t even have to stop at four measly fries:

What I Learned on YOMYOMF This Week – November 28 – December 4, 2010

My culinary adventures as of late had become anything but.  My weekly cuisine was a rotation between the local Chick-Fil-A, Lee’s Sandwiches, and Honey Nut Cheerios.  So when the chance arose to trek to a Yakitori joint this past week, I immediately jumped at the chance.

nOOb as I was to the whole Yakitori scene, I did know that the titular dish was grilled chicken on a skewer, which someone with even the most pedestrian tastes would find fairly acceptable.  What none of the anime I had watched ever told me was that these establishments also served all manner of other chicken and beef parts.

I mean, I’m a believer that animals are very tasty – a belief I firmly stand by – but I often want my knowledge of my meat’s origins to be rather vague and nebulous.  This is, in fact, the only way I am able to consume hot dog and spam: by clearing my mind absolutely and chewing and swallowing as quickly as possible.  Long story short, I asked my companion to order while I put my hands over my ears, saying “LALALALALALA.”

The food was extremely delicious and all I asked was that I never be told if I did, in fact, eat an animal’s testicles.

As we transitioned into December this week, your favorite ragtag group of bloggers (and we’d better be your favorite) waxed philosophical about the McRib; intergalactic mice; and decapitated heads.  That warm feeling you just felt?  That’s the holidays, baby.

Well, that or you just pissed yourself from fear, buddy.

The McRib: Gone, Baby, Gone!

For those of you living under a rock, McDonalds’ McRib sandwich is back. On November 2, the McRib once again became available nationwide for “a limited time only.” So what does that mean? Well, just that the McRib is going away again on December 5. That’s just one week, people! And who knows when it’ll be back?

But first, for those of you indeed living under a rock, what is a McRib? Well, I’m not actually sure but according to wikipedia, “The McRib consists of a formed ground pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles served on a 6 inch (15.2 cm) roll.” Honestly, you probably don’t want to know anything more about it then that so I’d recommend against any further investigation.

What I do know is the McRib was first introduced back in 1981 as a regular menu item, but pulled in 1985 due to lackluster sales (except in Germany where its popularity has kept it on the menu). Since that time, it’s re-appeared periodically as “a limited time only” item and has developed a devoted following over the years. It’s become a bona-fide “cult” hit; the culinary equivalent of something like The Rocky Horror Picture Show.