And Now For Something A Little Lighter, A Little Higher…

File under “Did anyone not see this coming?”


Snoop Dogg has finally done the obvious: launched his own line of marijuana, “Leafs By Snoop.” As far as the quality of the product goes, I have complete confidence in the rapper who penned such classics as “Vapors” and “Too High.” I mean, he’s like Pig Pen, only it’s a cloud of weed smoke, not dust, which follows him everywhere.



Girl Scout Cookies+Marijuana Dispensary=Asian American Ingenuity

13-year old Girl Scout Danielle Lei apparently sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in two hours by setting up a table in front of The Green Cross, a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.


If this isn’t the most brilliant business decision ever made by a 13-year-old, I don’t know what it is.

And yes, there was apparently another photo of a Girl Scout selling cookies in front of a dispensary making the internet rounds that turned out to be a hoax, but Lei appears to be the real deal.

Around the Horn: Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side

What percentage of “successful” people (happy with their career, life, finances, etc.) do you think smoke pot?

More specifically, what percentage of people who’ve achieved a lot – in any field, but I’m especially curious about the arts, since I always thought that was an area in which you need sharp thinking at most times (I guess I’m naive) – do you think smoke?

I ask because a close friend of mine gets high frequently – about 10 times a week.  He’s altered my outlook on stoners, since prior to meeting him, I’d assumed that anyone who’d smoked or vaporized for 20 years, as he has, would seem slow or simple in a stereotypical way.  Instead, he’s bright and on top of his game (during the work day.  After 7 pm he collapses into a video gaming high potato).

Everybody Must Get Stoned…in North Korea

Apparently, North Korea is the marijuana capital of the world. Who knew?

According to Alex Hoban, a contributor to VICE, who has been covering North Korea for a number of years, it’s always 4/20 in the NK. He writes:

North Korea, the most tight-lipped, conservative, and controlling country in the world is also a weed-smoker’s paradise. Despite the government’s deadly serious stance on the use and distribution of hard drugs like crystal meth (which has a notorious legacy in the country), marijuana is reportedly not considered a drug. As a result, it’s the discerning North Korean gentleman’s roll-up of choice, suggesting that, for weed smokers at least, North Korea might just be paradise after all.

The Perfect Holiday Gift for the HIGH-Achieving Child

If the holidays are an occasion to give that special child a gift that’s fun, educational and also serves a practical purpose, than I suspect that many children found this under their tree this past Tuesday morning:

It’s the Hydroponics Lab for ages 5 and up because it’s never too early to teach your child how to properly nurture and grow those marijuana plants in their closet.

With no sign that the economy will ever climb back out of the toilet within your child’s lifetime the foreseeable future, why not teach them a practical skill that will allow them to financially weather through any situation? Plus, if this past election was any indication, this bud might soon be legal everywhere so it makes sense to get into the business from the ground floor.

Happy 4/20!

What better way to commemorate this special day than by revisiting an oldie but goodie—a few years ago Detroit police officer Edward Sanchez took home some marijuana that he had confiscated and decided to bake them into some brownies.

Well, the brownies turned out be stronger than Officer Sanchez had anticipated, leading to this classic 911 call where Sanchez told the operator such gems as:

Check out the full audio of the call below and then join me for some Twinkies and pizza.

Damn you, naps!

It’s the night before your test and you haven’t studied for shit.  The class textbook is perfectly capable of knocking out a small person if swung at their head.  And exhaustion is creeping through every inch of your bones.

“Fuck yeah, naps!”  That’s what you’re thinking.  In fact, that’s your only feasible option.  How will you make it through the rest of the night, through what is sure to be a most arduous cram session, without just a bit of rest?

So you let yourself lie down on your bed for a second.  Only a second. Let your head hit the soft, soft pillow.  Actually, you don’t even get under the blankets.  That’s sure to keep you from going to sleep outright.  Just a nap here, folks.  In and out of dreamland, real quick.

One More Reason for Al Qaeda to Hate Us: The Weed Mobile!

Two weekends ago 15,000 people descended on the Cow Palace in San Francisco for the first ever weed expo where toking was allowed on-site. Obviously some kind of freaky deaky San Francisco loophole was found to make this legal. For $99 – cash only – attendees were able to get a temporary “recommendation” from a “doctor” that allowed them to get lit at the event. Feeling a little bi-polar this week? Fibromyalgia acting up? Vision a bit blurry? Come on down and see Dr. Nick!

The 2010 International Cannabis and Hemp Expo wasn’t, however, just an excuse for 15,000 people to compete for the title of Bong Kong. It was a place where American ingenuity and entrepreneurialism were on proud display. The showstopper of the event was Tim Ellis’ Grow ‘N’ Mobile, an eighteen foot trailer converted into a mobile grow house.