They’re Engaged – For REAL! (oh yeah, and also, Passive Aggressive Boyfriend: The Standoff)

In the final episode of Passive Aggressive Boyfriend, Liz and Ira go eyeball to eyeball:

The stars of “Passive-Aggressive Boyfriend,” Liz Ho and Ira Heinichen, are a couple in real life.  And that ridiculously cute dog Cooper?  Yup, also theirs.  And a few months ago, these two got engaged.

Think your engagement announcement was interesting?  Think again:

iraliz (640x424)

These images of Liz and Ira and Cooper went viral.  They made them just for fun for friends and family, but someone somewhere saw them, and, within a few days, they were picked up by CNN, ABC’s “The Chew,” the Daily Mail, The New York Daily News and The Huffington Post.

iraliz6 (640x448)

Passive-Aggressive Boyfriend: The Revenge

Have you been the victim of passive-aggressive behavior? I’m here to tell you, you have options: stab the person in the eye with a fork; open the front door, walk out and never come back; spend ten years turning their friends against them, or – OR – give them a big fat spoonful of their own medicine:

Next episode: the STANDOFF.

Passive-Aggressive Boyfriend

Enjoy! Or at least blush like crazy as Liz Ho (star of YOMYOMF’s “Reality Reboot” and “The Xmas Special“), and her real life boyfriend, Ira Heinichen (star of “Josh & Ira”) remind me us of our own human foibles!

Now me, I would never pointedly ask my son if he has seen the dog’s collar, which I know is sitting in plain view on the table, as a way to hint to him that I’m mad he hasn’t walked the dog yet; nor would I…

…oh never mind, point is, next episodes, Liz will have her REVENGE!

Amazing Sign Twirlers

Recently I made up some shit about sign twirlers…

So how far off was I?

Our actress, Liz Ho, did a wonderful job dancing around with the sign, goofing off, just being generally bouncy and buoyant. But Christ almighty, there are some people out there who belong in acrobatic troupes…

…or dance companies…

These guys are so good I would stop and buy an asbestos covered donut from them.

Some of the moves have names – The Helicopter, The Blender, and Spanking The Horse (the spinner puts the sign between his legs, slaps his own behind, and giddy-ups).

Uggh! Opportunity missed! Is there time for a reshoot!?

To Boldly Go…


Liz Ho is an actor by day, Trek lover by night. Originally from a very yuppy suburb near San Francisco, Elizabeth now calls Los Angeles home. She loves Hello Kitty, pandas and food. You can get a glimpse into her thinking at her blog “The Positive Experiment”. You can also watch her on TV recurring guest star Rhonda Cheng on ABC Family’s newest show “Melissa & Joey”. Liz also appears in the INTERPRETATIONS commissioned short “Good Shot” by Offender David.

The Vegas Star Trek Convention 2010: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Liz Ho. Her weekend mission: to explore strange new venues, to seek out new costumes and new vendors, to boldly go where she has never gone before.


I am a Star Trek fan. I have been since I was a kid. My parents were pretty strict about what we could and could not watch on T.V. My father, a closet trekkie (or trekker, I embrace both), deemed Star Trek appropriate for us to watch, something about how it was a scientific show (nice excuse, dad). So, on the weekends and during our school vacations, my sister and I used to sit up late at night with our bowls of ramen and watch re-runs of TNG (Star Trek: The Next Generation) until the wee-hours of the morning. There was something so magical about each episode. Who knew what was going to happen next to the Enterprise and her crew? The storytelling ignited my imagination. I just couldn’t get enough. Thus that summer, a trekkie was born.

Anyways, a couple of months ago, my friends and I decided that we should go to the 2010 Star Trek Convention in Vegas. I had never been to a Trek convention before and I was excited. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Sir Patrick Stewart, and more were supposed to be speakers this year. Fast forward to around midnight last weekend: I found myself in my car with my boyfriend, making the trek (haha, I’m so funny) to Vegas for my first Trek convention. The convention this year was held at the Hilton. Now, the Hilton was the hub of all things Trek for years. It was the home to the now defunct Star Trek: The Experience and all the previous Star Trek Conventions. Walking through the lobby from the garage, we were greeted by two Vulcans in full costume from the original series, a Klingon from TNG, and a kid dressed as kid Spock from the 2009 Star Trek movie. I hadn’t even set foot inside the convention and already it was awesome.