SAF Seeking… Material things too shall pass

It’s all just stuff in the end.

It’s all material things… in the long run you can’t take it with you.

But when a person dies, their stuff legally goes to whoever he/she deemed in a written will… if there is no will, it goes to their next of kin.

In my case, my fiance’s stuff goes back to his parents. I legally have no right to anything that we shared.

Earlier this week, they asked for his sleeping bag and his tent.

You call it a tent, I call it home.

The Perfect Holiday Gift for the HIGH-Achieving Child

If the holidays are an occasion to give that special child a gift that’s fun, educational and also serves a practical purpose, than I suspect that many children found this under their tree this past Tuesday morning:

It’s the Hydroponics Lab for ages 5 and up because it’s never too early to teach your child how to properly nurture and grow those marijuana plants in their closet.

With no sign that the economy will ever climb back out of the toilet within your child’s lifetime the foreseeable future, why not teach them a practical skill that will allow them to financially weather through any situation? Plus, if this past election was any indication, this bud might soon be legal everywhere so it makes sense to get into the business from the ground floor.