You Only Have 20 Days Left To Vote!


Fan voting for this year’s inductees into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame closes on December 10th, so you still have time.  You can vote for five winners out of 16 nominees.  And once you press “vote,” you get to see how your opinion compares with the rest of the hoi polloi.

Here are the nominees:

Peter Gabriel – Genesis and his solo work including “In Your Eyes,” made famous by that iconic moment in “Say Anything.”


The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – I think they’re from the 60′s.  I’ve seen their albums in thrift stores for years.


Why Japan is Awesome #1,221: The Black Ninja Burger

I’ve previously blogged about how fast food items seem to be more “awesome” in Asia so it’s no surprise that Burger King in Japan is unveiling its latest creation—the “Kuro Ninja” or “Black Ninja” burger:


It’s allegedly based on an anime character and is comprised of two black buns, a hamburger patty, hash browns and a huge piece of bacon that serves as the ninja’s tongue—all for about $7 U.S.

While I’m generally open-minded about putting new and different things in my mouth, I can’t tell if this is cool or just…disgusting? Not sure how I feel about the whole tongue thing. Something about this burger makes me think of this:

Hello Kitty + KISS = Must See TV

I’m not a fan of Hello Kitty and I’m not even particularly a fan of the rock band KISS (though I enjoy some of their songs), but even I think the idea of a TV show mashing up the two is the most awesome idea to ever exist in the history of humanity.

The Hub is developing an animated TV series featuring the popular Sanrio feline, but in KISS make-up. Tentatively titled Kiss Hello Kitty, the show will be executive produced by KISS frontman Gene Simmons himself and here’s the official description of the series: “four Kiss x Hello Kitty characters living their rock ‘n’ roll dreams and bringing pink anarchy to every situation they are in.”

I have no idea what pink anarchy is, but the fact that we live in a world where four butt ugly dudes who became famous by wearing make-up and creating music that was allegedly inspired by Satan while bedding hundreds thousands millions of groupies can eventually headline a kids’ show featuring an animated character popular with 8-year-old girls—well, that’s a wonderful thing.

KISS Hello Kitty Toilet Paper

I have to admit that I’m the last person who’d purchase any sort of Hello Kitty merchandising, but I may have to make an exception for this…

The rock band KISS and Hello Kitty have joined forces on a new line of toilet paper. Why would anyone even think to bring these two brands together? Hell if I know although I suspect the ingestion of large amounts of certain controlled substances were involved in the decision.

This isn’t the first time Hello Kitty has shelled toilet paper:

1,001 Reasons I Love Movies: (#26) Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ and the Space-Time Bending Kiss

Today is National Alfred Hitchcock Day so on the day when we celebrate the work of one of America’s greatest film directors, I thought it only fitting that I pay tribute to my favorite moment from my favorite Hitchcock film. Yeah, the shower scene from Psycho is awesome, as are moments like Cary Grant’s escape from the attacking crop-dusting plane in North by Northwest or the long tracking shot into the key in Ingrid Bergman’s hand in Notorious, but nothing beats Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak’s kiss in the hotel room from 1958′s Vertigo.

In the film, due to his crippling fear of heights, Stewart’s Scottie Ferguson is unable to save the love of his life Madeline (Novak) when she falls to her death from a bell tower. But later, Scottie meets Judy (also played by Novak) who bears a striking resemblance to the deceased Madeline. So Scottie does the only thing one can do in a Hitchcock film—he gives Judy an extreme makeover until she looks exactly like his dead love; culminating in the scene you are about to see below.

How Can You Not Love The Home Made Rubik’s Cube?

When you see the pictures above and below you may think I live in some kind of sicky sweet modern day Mayberry where, on Easter, a fire truck brings the Easter Bunny to the town egg hunt,  the Cub Scouts put on fundraising pancake breakfasts, and where parents don’t think you’re a perv just because you, a stranger, take pictures of their kids when they come to your front door in costume.

And you’d be right.

Hopefully somebody somewhere has a crawl space full of corpses, but until they start stinking up the place, all I can offer you is some bafflingly innocent wholesomeness.

SAF Seeking… Hot Roommates and PMS thoughts

It started off with a giggle. In the background. And then a cry of “Stop it!” while faint laughter leaked through my iPhone’s speakers. My man chuckled a little on his end of the line.

“What’s that?” I try to throw the words off nonchalantly.

You see, I’m trying hard to not appear ‘crazy’. ‘Crazy’ is the worst thing a girl can be! “That girl’s a bitch” is a compliment in comparison to “That girl is CRAZY.” It’s like code for “you can sleep with her but don’t try to talk to her,” “definitely stalker material,” “she’s desperate, lonely, low self-esteemed, and erratic… yeah, I slept with her but that’s it. Cuz she’s craaaaazy.”

What I Learned on YOMYOMF This Week – October 3 – 9, 2010

Does it say more about me or about movies today that most of my trips to the theater as of late have been for repeat viewings?  As you already know, I’ve seen Inception five times; Scott Pilgrim two times; and The Social Network three times.

For serious though – The Social Network is the shit.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m pretty much gonna sue you in federal court, kthxbai.  But on to the topic at hand, I think it says more about me and that I’m just pretty fucking obsessive.  I’m pretty sure my last girlfriend can attest to that.  Or at least, she’d like to say she could, even though - and I think we can all agree – collecting someone’s hair is a pretty normal thing to do when you’re in a relationship.

This week, we’ve got upgraded Chinese delivery men; classy sex tourism blogs; and an update on Don Draper’s sexcapades.  If I may say so myself, there’s a lot of essential reading up in this joint!  So what are you waiting for?

My First KISS


Lee Ann Kim is a dog, virgo, recovering television news journalist and boss lady of the San Diego Asian Film Festival running later this month from October 21-28. Among her many talents are barking like a chihuahua, doing the splits, and the ability to remember random lyrics to cheesy 80s songs. Hailing from the mean streets of Chicago (Downers Grove, IL to be exact), she’s known among Filipino gangstas as “Lizelle” and aspires to take over her father’s OBGYN practice. IUDs anyone?

Is it me, or is KISS making a comeback? I’ve seen KISS shirts at Target. They were featured on an episode of GLEE. And while I was shopping for a Halloween costume the other day, I swear, the store was selling vinyl LPs of KISS.

I have nothing against their music, but KISS re-entering pop culture has stirred up a terrible childhood memory involving KISS… an experience that I have repressed for decades, and in an act of catharsis, I am putting it on paper.

Please tell me if this has happened to you, so we could share the pain.