Star Wars Brunch 2015: The Frittata Awakens


The Millennium Frittatas (kale, red and green peppers)

My sister Kiri and I collaborate to throw pop-culture themed cocktail parties. She makes the cuisine and I design the drink menu. This past Sunday we hosted a Star Wars-themed champagne brunch in honor of Episode VII’s release.


Battle of Hoth Potato Salad with Ion Cheese Cannon and Egg Wampas


Jedis & bounty hunters at brunch.

It’s difficult to sum our feelings about THE FORCE AWAKENS, in this final week of not knowing what it is. It’s the only STAR WARS film that we have not seen a thousand times. It could, upon coming into existence, fill us with that slightly nauseated feeling that our childhoods were based on a lie (as THE PHANTOM MENACE did) or it could give us, literally, new hope (as A NEW HOPE did).

Happy Ninja Day!


Today, February 22, is Ninja Day in Japan. No, I’m not making this shit up. Supposedly, this “unofficial” holiday started in the Japanese cities of Iga and Koka—both historic “ninja strongholds”.

I’m not sure what one is supposed to do on Ninja Day, but if you want to dress in the traditional black costume and sneak up on unsuspecting people only to vanish into the wisps of wind before you are detected, go for it!

11 Things Overheard at the Sony Pictures Holiday Party


1. “Actually, I already have your phone number. Bought it off eBay last night.”

2. “I meant Angelina Jolie was a ‘minimally talented spoiled brat’ in a good way.”

3. “Thank goodness we didn’t greenlight the Adam Sandler-Kevin James ISIS comedy.”

4. “Do you think President Obama prefers Think Like a Man or Think Like a Man Too?”

Chinese Singles Prank Valentine’s Day by buying movie tickets so that couples can’t sit together


Talk about a lump of coal in place of a heart when it comes to the big V day in China…. According to Time Magazine, in what might be the biggest Valentine’s Day prank ever, a group of Shanghai singles purchased every odd-numbered seat for a Feb. 14 showing of BEIJING LOVE STORY, the movie version of a popular drama from 2012 that is reminiscent of LOVE, ACTUALLY. The prankster’s sole purpose: To disrupt romantic dates, but of course!

With a population of 1.3 billion people, China definitely has a sizable group of single people. And with the one-child policy, where males are revered, there is a ‘surplus’ of single men, estimated at 34 million! Hmm, that’s a lot of lonely hearts out there, ladies.

Around the Horn: Holiday Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year a.k.a. the holidays are back. As much as I give off the Grinch vibe, I have to say I really enjoy this time of year. And there are certain things that get me in the proper spirit and one of them is A Charlie Brown Christmas.


I’ve been watching the Peanuts gang learn the true meaning of Christmas since I was a little kid and it’s something that I revisit every year and never get sick of. When everyone gets together at the end of that to decorate that sad little Christmas tree that Charlie Brown picked out and transforms it into something beautiful–that gets me every time.

But what I really love about the special is the music by Vince Guaraldi. This has to be some of my favorite Christmas music. It doesn’t get any more perfect than this:

Or this:

Or any of the other songs on the soundtrack.

What are the things that get you in the holiday spirit?


As part of our new YOMYOMF Network series, The Short List, where we present short films we love every Friday at Noon EST, we’ve reached out to the filmmakers with 5 Questions to see what’s up since the production of their short film. It’s a way for them to revisit their film and get an update on their next projects. You can view all The Short List films here.

This week, we feature a holiday-themed short film from one of our own, Offender Alfredo Botello (who is also the writer-director of the YOMYOMF web series REALITY REBOOT starring Chester See). Below are 5 questions we asked him about the making of this short film.

1. How did you come up with the concept for this short?

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of December 16

12 Days of Christmas (Internet Icon)

Jonesing for an INTERNET ICON fix?  We’ve got your holiday themed answer!

Join the Top Ten (and more!) of ICON as they do their own rendition of a classic carol.

Cherry - Honest Santa (w/ Justin James Hughes)

Not satisfied with that?  Here’s some more ICON!

In one of many YOMYOMF Cherries this week, ICON finalist Justin James Hughes gives kids a dose of their own (possibly undeserved) medicine as HONEST SANTA.

Buy in Bulk

With the holiday shopping season in full swing now, I’d like to proffer a suggestion to all you holiday shoppers (esp. those of you who are of the semi-lazy variety) who are having problems figuring out what to purchase for your various friends, family, colleagues, etc. It’s an idea that will not only save you time but actually also contribute exponentially to the Asian American arts.

Buy in bulk.

Yes, we’re all familiar with the general idea, especially those of us who are frugal, thrifty, cheap (whatever you want to call it). You make the semi-weekly runs to Costco or Sam’s Club or whichever massive warehouse store is in your geographical area, and you purchase a buttload of the same item at the same time (usually at only a small discount if you do the actual math).

YOMYOMF Holiday Gift Guide: The Awesome Deluxe Edition

Christmas will soon be upon us and perhaps you’re having difficulty finding that special gift for the person who has everything or you just want to find something “different.” Well, I’m here to help. Following are 11 unique gift ideas that are sure to bring happiness, joy and a warm sticky feeling to any freak degenerate YOMYOMF reader this holiday season.


Regular readers of this blog know that we love to eat and can be quite adventurous with our culinary experiences. If you’re looking for the perfect present for someone in your life who also fits that description, may I suggest Radiant Farms’ Unicorn Meat? Each can contains 14 ounces of delicious unicorn meat (“magic in every bite”) and it’s packaged by Irish nuns so you know this has to be some tasty, magical shit.


Studies show that many men have trouble finding the right spot on their mouse to click to keep their computer satisfied working as efficiently as it can. If you know someone who suffers from this problem, the G-Point mouse is the ideal gift. They’ll thank you as will their hard drive. Get it? Hard drive? Hard? Hello? Is anyone reading this?

May the 4th Be With You! Happy STAR WARS Day

May 4th is the unofficial holiday to celebrate George Lucas’ STAR WARS movies. Why? You can thank the Germans. In 2005, German news TV channel N24 interviewed George Lucas and asked him to say his famous sentence, “May the Force be with you.” The translator simultaneously translated to German: “Am 4. Mai sind wir bei Ihnen”. (We are with you on May 4). This was captured by local comedy show TV Total and aired and the rest, as they say, is history.

But the actual “May the 4th be with you” phrase precedes this, in the 1988 British animated show Count Duckula episode “The Vampire Strikes Back” by the character Tremendous Terrence. Wow, wacky Europeans! To commemorate this hallowed day, drink some blue milk in plastic cups, cruise for chicks with Lobot as your wingman, and don’t get too drunk tagging womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon.

Movies That Should Have Starred Asians: Holiday

It’s the story of a high-society family that values wealth and financial success above all else. So when the family’s favored daughter brings her new and “proper” fiancé home to meet everyone, he seems to be the perfect fit. That is until he announces he doesn’t care about making it in the business world and would rather drop out of society and travel the world to “find himself.” Everyone is shocked and outraged except the family’s other daughter—the black sheep who has rejected the materialistic trappings around her and longs for something more fulfilling.

If I told you the plot I just described is from a film about an Asian American family, there’s a good chance you’d believe me. But it’s actually from Holiday, a 1938 screwball comedy classic starring Cary Grant as the newcomer who wants to find himself and Katharine Hepburn as the black sheep daughter who falls in love with Grant a.k.a. her own sister’s fiancé. Adapted from the hit Broadway play by Philip Barry, director George Cukor’s film ranks as one of the best pairings of its two stars who had also starred together earlier that same year in another screwball comedy classic, Bringing Up Baby.

Just One Day Out of Life

What better song than Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ to get our spirits up for the season?  It’s pure pop exuberance and along with this clip of Madonna performing her heart out at the Blonde Ambition tour, I could not be happier reminiscing about these times when she had not yet started to wield granite abs, parade a neutered (ex) husband, and exude cougar energy.  With her girlish curls and buoyant energy, she’s the human equivalent of champagne – effervescent, playful, and intoxicating.

If you could go back in time and preserve Madonna, or any pop idol for that matter at the ideal moment, who would it be and when?