The Perfect Holiday Gift for the HIGH-Achieving Child

If the holidays are an occasion to give that special child a gift that’s fun, educational and also serves a practical purpose, than I suspect that many children found this under their tree this past Tuesday morning:

It’s the Hydroponics Lab for ages 5 and up because it’s never too early to teach your child how to properly nurture and grow those marijuana plants in their closet.

With no sign that the economy will ever climb back out of the toilet within your child’s lifetime the foreseeable future, why not teach them a practical skill that will allow them to financially weather through any situation? Plus, if this past election was any indication, this bud might soon be legal everywhere so it makes sense to get into the business from the ground floor.

Buy in Bulk

With the holiday shopping season in full swing now, I’d like to proffer a suggestion to all you holiday shoppers (esp. those of you who are of the semi-lazy variety) who are having problems figuring out what to purchase for your various friends, family, colleagues, etc. It’s an idea that will not only save you time but actually also contribute exponentially to the Asian American arts.

Buy in bulk.

Yes, we’re all familiar with the general idea, especially those of us who are frugal, thrifty, cheap (whatever you want to call it). You make the semi-weekly runs to Costco or Sam’s Club or whichever massive warehouse store is in your geographical area, and you purchase a buttload of the same item at the same time (usually at only a small discount if you do the actual math).