Christmas Shopping – Does It HAVE To Suck?

On Sunday, while my wife was at work, I took our two sons Christmas shopping for her.  It was a dreary, cold, drizzly day, and she had already told us what she wanted.  Wasn’t expecting much joy out of the experience.  Just go down the list and get the stuff, right?

But then something happened – can I actually call it joy?  I think I can.

I once bought a Christmas tree ornament for Linda, a fragile, glass bird with tail feathers made of fine, soft bristles, like that of an artist’s paint brush.  She mentioned a few weeks ago that she loved that ornament, and wouldn’t mind having something else like it.

The Mathematics of Fatherhood: Why What I Did Wasn’t Snooping

I live in a neighborhood where the lots are narrow, the houses small, and closet space is at a premium.  Which means I share my closet with my son – it’s in his room – and my wife gets our bedroom closet to herself.

So merely to get dressed in the morning, I have to poke my head into Rafael’s room, and I have one huge pet peeve.

It’s his dresser drawer.  It’s a mess.  He never shuts the damn drawers!  It’s absolute chaos: one will be closed completely, another open a crack, one open all the way, the fourth half way.  It’s maddening!

Look at this disaster!

Back to the Future shoes bend my wallet over, prepare for pleasure.

A day I’ve long awaited had now become a day I so very much dread.

After over twenty years of being unable to cash in fully on Back to the Future Part II, Nike will finally be able to rape many a nerds’ wallets with their 2011 Nike MAG shoes.

Obviously, the details are still scant.  No one knows if the shoes actually tie themselves and I am still wary that the lights on the shoes shown in the video above are actually in the final product – BUT FUCK! It’s the friggin’ shoes from Back to the Future Part II!

I’ve been very prudent with my money as of late, all my funds going solely to food and the odd recreational drug or two (hello, Vicks VapoRub!).  With this sudden announcement, I feel as though I’ve been blindsided by a desire I’d long since forgotten.

I grew up watching Michael J. Fox not tie his shoes and as a very, very lazy child, I always hoped for the day when I too could not tie my own shoes.  With the passage of years, I still remain very, very lazy and very, very impressionable, so with a single obscure video, Nike has already gotten my money.  Which, by the way, is a total excuse for me to post this image:

The thing is yeah, I want it, but it’s actually more a compulsion more than anything else.