A 5-year-old reviews the original STAR WARS

guest_offendersBrian Watanabe is an advertising creative, blogger, screenwriter and Star Wars nerd. His screenplay THE ROGUES GALLERY was turned into the film OPERATION: ENDGAME starring Rob Corddry, Maggie Q, Ellen Barkin and Zach Galifianakis. This blog entry was originally posted on Frolic Hawaii and is posted here with permission. 
“This is the best night ever!”

The movie hadn’t even started yet, but for my daughter, the night was off to a good start. That was a relief for me because tonight was a big deal.

A Death Star-sized big deal.

Tonight was the first time I was showing my 5-year-old the original, 1977 STAR WARS.

No pressure.

Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD — Season 3, Episode 10 — ‘Maveth’ Recap


The winter finale for Agents of SHIELD aired tonight and it was a pretty action packed hour with the entire team (old and new recruits) working in different capacities (including different planets) on the same mission. Acting director Mack did a bang-up job leading the team to infiltrate Hydra’s castle and get their people back and it was good to see this X-Men like teamwork in the process, especially with the Inhumans on the SHIELD team, led by Daisy, Lincoln and Joey, who really shows off his super powers by melting metal in close proximity (even bullets hurtling towards him).

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD — Season 3, Episode 9 — “Closure” Recap


Ward’s vendetta and plan for revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D. brings the team to their knees, and Coulson proves he will be willing to do anything to settle the conflict.

This is the penultimate episode before the winter season finale and the tension and stakes have been cranked up. With Ward on the rampage to kill Coulson once and for all, and Malick using that rage to push forward his agenda to open the portal to the alien planet and grab a particular meta-human who he deems as the key to world domination, the producers are taking the “it’s personal” route to a higher level.

Book to Screen: “Operation Marriage”


After I returned from China this past January, I made a short PSA called Wedding Plan and it got circulated on Youtube. A friend, Howard Fong, ended up passing my short to author Cynthia Chin-Lee who turned me onto her children’s picture book Operation Marriage illustrated by Lea Lyon. After I read it, I immediately wanted to make it into a film.

Around the Horn: Bucket List Edition


Don’t want to bring things down too much, but death’s been on my mind recently–last week, we lost two people who were connected to YOMYOMF in their own ways. One of the workers in the real estate office next to our YOMYOMF office passed away of an unexpected heart attack as did Cira Felina Bolla (from cancer) who was the DP on my fellow Offender Alfredo’s YOMYOMF Network series REALITY REBOOT. I didn’t know either particularly well, but both were young and seemed to be full of life so it was shocking to hear about those losses.

Of course, we all have suffered similar losses and know all too well that death can come unexpectedly but things like this really remind you of that. It makes you aware of your own mortality and that of those around you and, at least for me, makes me think of all the things I’ve always wanted to do, but seem to never get around to i.e. the bucket list.

I don’t really have grand ambitions on my bucket list–i.e. things like climbing Mount Everest–for me, what I want is pretty simple: to be able to comfortably do what I love to do, be around good friends and family and to support them, etc… But the one thing I have always been saying I want to do is take my parents on regular vacations. We used to do family vacations all the time when I was growing up, but I have to say it’s been a long time since we’ve all been together that way. And as my parents are getting on in years, doesn’t make sense to keep putting it off so I think this summer, will make that happen. Perhaps we finally do that Alaskan cruise or the tour of Machu Picchu we’ve been talking about.

What about everyone else? What’s on your bucket list?

Love to my YOMYOMF Family

Paul Walker and his Fast and Furious family.

Paul Walker and his Fast and Furious family.

“Heaven must be full of angels. So many have departed this year.”

Someone wrote that on his Facebook wall about a month ago.

Death is a strange bedfellow, we americans are more insulated from it than say, an Afgan or a Chad or Niger citizen, but there the grim reaper sits… ready.

I didn’t know Paul Walker the actor myself, but a lot of the YOMYOMF crew did. They’ve either acted with him or have directed him or have had a late night dinner with him. And although Justin and I haven’t talked much in the last few years (he’s always off filming that Fast and Furious thing), I know his feelings run deep for those people in whom he places his trust.

Around the Horn: Family Intervention

Usually, I’m a person who would rather not meddle in other people’s affairs.  Even when it’s family, I may have opinions and disapprove of certain things, but I don’t want to get involved in debates about their personal affairs.  But sometimes, there comes a point when I feel there is a need to intervene, especially when it involves someone’s safety.  Alcoholism and drug addiction are examples that come to mind.

Sharing Porn with Your Friends & Family

When If you watch porn online, you’re likely to see something like this accompanying the videos:

You’ll notice there are buttons that allow you to share/like the video on facebook, twitter and other social media. Which leads to this question: who exactly shares porn via social media?

Who watches porn and thinks to themselves: “Gee, I bet my parents, co-workers and assorted friends would enjoy Asian Anal Nurses 8 as much as I do. I should post on facebook and tweet it out!”

SAF Seeking… The pain of Wedding Planning

Ooooh, this is going to get dicey.

“Eighty.” I say it quietly, hoping he doesn’t do the math.

“Eighty?!” His voice is raised and the pitch is a wee bit strained.

“Eighty,” I say lightly, “But that’s just the bare minimum!”

WEDDING. The word itself strikes anguish in us both.

My fiance’s list is very small. He immigrated to this country so it’s only his immediate family (and a brother and a sister flying in) and a handful of super close friends. I’m filipino, so anyone who changed my diapers is invited. That’s just the way it is.


As part of our new YOMYOMF Network series, The Short List, where we present short films we love every Friday at Noon EST, we’ve reached out to the filmmakers with 5 Questions to see what’s up since the production of their short film. It’s a way for them to revisit their film and get an update on their next projects. You can view all The Short List films here.

 This week, we ask 5 questions to director Sarah Kim about her film, ODE TO A CHRISTMAS TREE.

1. How did you come up with the concept for this short?

Around the Horn: Turkey Your Way

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday, another year, another turkey, another tryptophan-induced food coma. Many of us will be back at the family home, watching football with relatives, playing hide and seek with little runt cousins, and speaking loudly into grandma’s ear. Although we spend Thanksgiving similarly, is there any unique thing that your family does for Thanksgiving that is different from the norm? An age-old family tradition that is tied into your ethnic heritage?For my family clan, we do Thanksgiving pretty traditionally. We have two turkeys, a ham, all the fixings including cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. But since we’re Vietnamese, my mom has started an interesting new tradition, especially when it comes to the leftovers. Coming from Hawaii, I wrote about the various Island-style ways of making leftovers. Anyway, our family makes Turkey Pho.
And damn straight, it’s friggin’ gooood. What do you do that is unique for Thanksgiving?

The YOMYOMF Network: Behind the Banana!

Seeing the promo is one thing.

Being on set for it was a whole different, insane beast altogether.

I’ve been a part of YOMYOMF since 2010 and even after two years with our – how do you say ‘crazy’ without saying ‘crazy’? Oh, right! – idiosyncratic crew, this was still the most loco thing I’d ever experienced with them.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I set foot in the studio that April morning. I came there prepared to be a production assistant; by the end of the shoot, I’d fought three dudes at the same time; gotten choked out by a professional wrestler; and played basketball!

Do you know how crazy that is? I don’t even know how to WATCH basketball!

Every shot I saw was a piece of a whole I couldn’t totally fathom yet – interesting and full of promise.