BJ – Xining, Qinghai, China

If you ever get a chance, visit Xining, China in the Qinghai province. That’s Xining (she-ning) in Qinghai (ching-high) province in China (chai-na). It definitely ranked in the top three places I saw while roaming around the motherland. Like all cities in China unfortunately, it is rapidly growing in economy, population, and hundreds of skyscrapers. But because its becoming the hub city for outdoor adventures in China. more people are discovering this city. And its probably the closest place to experience Tibet without going there. Of course, most don’t know the Qinghai province (along with Sichuan or as you would say Szechuan) use to belong to Tibet. But China and all her glory keep that under wraps pretty good.

But back to the city Xining which is located 2200m above sea level. Yup, that’s right. This city will give you lungs of a dragon. I bunked it at the Lete Youth Hostel (100 RMB/ $14 a night) located in the penthouse of this seventeen story building. Every morning I woke up to ridiculous speaker-breaking music across the road in a park called Li Yu Chang. Of course you remember this story about some of my Asian peeps playing music and pissing off the neighbors in New York. Well this is kinda like it but in mass proportions. I assumed since it was Sunday, this was a weekend thing. But asking my new friends at the guesthouse, they told me it was an everyday thing. The first thing I thought was, Damn sucks to live in this building. But the next thing that came to mind was, Tomorrow morning, I’m out there with my new camera.