Freezing my Ectoplasm Off!


Chi-Lan Lieu was raised in the small, sleepy blue-collar town of Alhambra, CA. After many years of toiling behind the camera at cable channels, she made the leap in front of the camera. And good thing she did because Chi-Lan adopted two of the most wonderful yet high maintenance dogs to have set foot on this earth. And since they’ve become accustomed to their lifestyle, Chi-Lan works hard to keep them happy. And chubby. She is currently a host of the SyFy series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files.

Right on the tail of the Florida Theater Ghost investigation, Fact or Faked allows me to come home for a quick night before heading back to LAX for a 5:30 am meet-up time to fly to Winnipeg, Canada. Looks like there is a notable surgeon and photography enthusiast, TG Hamilton, who lived in Winnipeg during the 1900-30s and captured the first photographic evidence of Ectoplasm. Pretty impressive I know.

You’ll see how the case goes if you decide to watch the show tonight. Actually you and I will, because we shot it so long ago, I don’t remember the outcome of the experiments. However, I do remember being integral to it all because of my photography expertise. But the funny thing is, to me, all the equipment and experiments didn’t need photo and darkroom expertise as much as they needed an art director.

I mean, in one of the experiments, we got all 2nd grade arts-n-crafts. We shot a picture of Bill Murphy, printed it, cut it out, and taped it to the end of a cotton swab. Then it was Devin’s job to figure out how to pop Bill’s head out of his mouth with the flick of a tongue, all the while holding in about 6 tablets of Alka Seltzer and a bit of water. There was a lot of white foam exploding out of Devin’s mouth. And all you see is this silly grin on Bill’s face. It was a moment that could make it into fetish videos.