Your Racially Inappropriate Halloween Costumes are Here

Halloween is almost here and if you haven’t decided on your costume, I present you with some options:


Racial and cultural appropriation-themed costumes are all the rage this Halloween so you’re welcome. Man, that yellow on the Chinese make-up is really yellow.

Around the Horn – Ghetto Costumes

Halloween is creeping up really fast. It’s probably been some years since I’ve gone all out and dressed up.  Granted “all out” doesn’t really mean too much since all my Halloween costumes are usually ghetto. They’re usually home made, mix and match, or hand-me-downs but sadly in no way does it ever look good. I don’t mind looking silly since I’ll probably be drunk anyways. Probably the best ghetto looking costume that I can remember would be about 8 years ago. Back home in SF, I put together a Cat in the Hat costume. Hat was good and tall, makeup wasn’t makeup, and instead of a cat suit of some kind, I wore some ridiculous clothes with fake fur coming out. It was definite an epic fail. But it didn’t really matter since every hot girl had to ask me what I was, followed by taking a shot with me. So it still became another epic Halloween night.


 What’s the most ghetto costume you’ve ever worn for Halloween?

No Racist Asian Halloween Costumes…Unless You’re Hot & Slutty

Like many of you reading this, I have problems with white/non-Asian people dressing up in “chinky” and culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. That’s why I was happy to see that a student group at Ohio University called the Students Teaching About Racism in Society have launched a poster campaign to bring attention to this issue with images like this:

And these (see all of them here):

Like I said, this is great and I support this effort fully, but I believe an exception should be made for hot white chicks wearing slutty Asian costumes.

Why should these individuals be exempt? Well, I can make a detailed and persuasive argument that would be so convincing that you would realize that I am right, but, in this case, perhaps a visual argument would work just as well:

Why Japan is Awesome #908: Politicians Can Dress Up Without Being Branded as Crazy

This is Takashi Kawamura, the mayor of Japan’s Nagoya City dressed as Piccolo from Dragon Ball:

And here is Aichi Prefectural Governor Hideaki Ohmura in costume as Lord Dessler from Space Battleship Yamato:

Racist Halloween Costumes

Another entry in my month-long celebration of all things Halloween

Continuing my look at interesting Halloween costumes, today we turn to the ones that could be considered racist. Angry Asian Man has already documented some of them here. And retailers have already gotten shit for this costume:

illegal alienBut here are a few others bound to offend. Want to be an Asian chef for Halloween? Here’s the perfect outfit you can order from Germany:

asianchefThe perfect disguise if you want to pass as Asian: