Behold the Meal of All Meals

These are Dog Haus’ Tae Kwon Dogs:


As the description says on their website, it is a hot dog that consists of “bulgogi glaze, kimchi, fried egg, Korean chili powder”.

This is how we eat at YOMYOMF. This is what we’re about—the genuine coming together of both East and West. This is indeed the culinary equivalent of different people from different cultures holding hands and singing as one.

And this is a friggin’ double burger with a hot dog, chili, cheese and onions:

McDonalds Gives You Crabs and It’s a Good Thing

McDonalds in Japan is now offering Crab Croquette Burgers with a patty made from snow crab and mushrooms served on Ciabatta bread.


The Japanese must have a thing for fast food crab burgers since this follows on the heels of Wendy’s Japanese snow crab burgers that were being served awhile back.


I Want to Go to There: The Burger with Everything


Behold Japanese fast food chain Lotteria’s zennose burger:


Zennose literally translates to “the burger with every damn thing you can imagine going inside a burger included”. But for those who prefer a more precise description of what makes up this magical creation, here it is:

Why Japan is Awesome #1,221: The Black Ninja Burger

I’ve previously blogged about how fast food items seem to be more “awesome” in Asia so it’s no surprise that Burger King in Japan is unveiling its latest creation—the “Kuro Ninja” or “Black Ninja” burger:


It’s allegedly based on an anime character and is comprised of two black buns, a hamburger patty, hash browns and a huge piece of bacon that serves as the ninja’s tongue—all for about $7 U.S.

While I’m generally open-minded about putting new and different things in my mouth, I can’t tell if this is cool or just…disgusting? Not sure how I feel about the whole tongue thing. Something about this burger makes me think of this:

Last Supper

While fellow offender Phil’s working on his Judgment Day booty call list , I am also thinking about how to spend my last moments of existence before the apocalypse descends. So naturally, these last few hours would be best devoted to doing the thing that has made my life worth living and that’s eating.  If I could have my version of the last supper, I’d have a mile long table with family, friends and some celebrity guests including masters of ceremonies Tina Fey, John Stewart, and Anthony Bourdain to keep the atmosphere upbeat.  Jonathan Gold will help curate the menu and tell us what we’re eating.  We’d have a massive multicourse meal and eat until the ground breaks wide open and consumes us.  All you yomyomf offenders, readers, and heathens are invited.  As I only have a few hours, logistically I’ll have to pull this off in LA but lucky for me, LA has lots of good ‘last meal’ choices.  Lots of gut-busting soulful stuff that will keep us happily filled up as we wait for the hellfire to engulf us.  Any suggestions welcome.

I’ll Have Fries With My McGangBang, Please!

bulgogiSince I am a connoisseur of both fast food and Asian cuisine, thought I’d share this piece my friend Michelle did for CNN GO on “10 Asian-inspired fast food menu items.” I’ve had the McDonald’s bulgogi burger as well as their kimchi burger which I believe is either seasonal or no longer available since I couldn’t find it on my last trip there a couple of years ago (though other places including the Lotteria chain carry this). Now, all of this looks great, so my question is—why can’t we get any of this stuff out here?!

Awesome Things I’ve Recently Put In My Mouth

food_titleMy fellow Offender Elaine is vacationing off in some remote corner of the world where the internet is still just science-fiction so I will be asking today’s “Around the horn” question of the day on her behalf. Since Elaine is one of our resident foodies (see here and here for proof), I thought I’d honor that by making today’s entry about food.

I’ll pretty much eat anything, but I usually tend to be a creature of habit and go for my comfort food fixes. But recently I’ve been trying some new places with very happy results. See below to read about what I’ve been eating and really digging here in L.A. these days—from my (mostly) new discoveries to my ultimate comfort food. All are highly recommended.