The Non-Engagement Strategy

Today, you create a work of art everyone laughs at. Fifty years from now, you’re a genius. Today, you’re a zit riddled teenager no one wants to sleep with. Fifteen years later, you have amazing confidence and can sleep with anyone. Today, you deal with a powerful enemy that humiliates you. Five years from now, that foe loses his ass in the stock market and is suddenly not so powerful anymore. You have them right where you want them. What do these scenarios have in common? Time. This is the only element that has more power than money, sex and power itself.

Because everything eventually changes. You just need to live beyond the terrible situation you’re in today. Not force anything and let nature take its course. Could any of us foresee the end of Blockbuster Video? Starbucks, Google, Apple seem powerful now, but one day, just like anything, they will be toppled and it will be someone else’s turn. You could be that someone else. The laws of nature finds its way into every facet of life, whether we recognize it or not. Understanding its mechanism could determine your fate.

Welcome back to THE 33 STRATEGIES OF SPORTS, a concoction of Robert Greene’s “The 33 Strategies of War” and sports history.

Favre’s Wish Came True

For you NFL football fans who know about Brett Favre’s consecutive start record in jeopardy because of last week’s shoulder injury, don’t worry, his prayers have been answered. First he was able dodge suspension for a few games with his penis text messaging to sideline reporter Jenn Sterger. I would assume just being “Brett Favre” would be enough. But with his shoulder injury needing a few more days rest, the big man up in the sky granted him another mulligan by postponing the game. A force majeure in action. Just stop the bleeding and retire Favre.