1,001 Reasons I Love Movies: (#21) ‘Footloose’

Twenty-seven years ago today on February 17, 1984, one of the greatest works ever committed to celluloid premiered…Footloose. Starring a young Kevin Bacon as a rebellious, dance-loving teen who moves to a small town that’s outlawed dancing, Footloose was my generation’s Rebel Without A Cause. Except this rebel had a cause…defiantly dancing in old barns while employing impossibly fly moves that no normal teenager could possibly pull off (well, unless that teenager had Chuck Gaylord, brother of Olympic gymnast Mitch Gaylord, as his body double).

And yup, I was there 27 years ago on opening weekend—begged my uncle to drive me to the theater to experience 107 minutes of pure Bacon-and-Loggins-inspired awesomeness. I can prattle on and on about what makes this film so glorious, but I think the following videos can make my point much better:


Total Eclipse of the Heart

As I stood in the express line tonight at Von’s picking up some milk and cereal, Bonnie Tyler’s classic song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” came on and it suddenly tickled my lungs enough to instantly belt out a few lines. My fellow shoppers and cash register girl thought it was 420 or I just went coo-coo for coco puffs. But no, Bonnie Tyler as well as other musicians have that power over me. I could be at a church or sitting on a crowded bus and still the lyrics will release from me. Once I got home, I had to youtube the music video of choir boys and glowing eyes for old times sake. But then I stumbled onto a new discovery called “Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Video Version”. It suddenly all made perfect sense. Or did it?


Taiwan’s Susan Boyle Croons It Up With William Shatner (really)

Ever heard of Lin Yu Chun?  He’s that guy from Taiwan that’s being labeled the “Taiwanese Susan Boyle” (except he’s a guy).  Offender Winston wrote about him 2 weeks ago when he busted out some saucy Whitney Houston on Taiwan’s version of American Idol called Avenue To Stardom.  Well, he’s here.  In America.  And singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” opposite William Shatner, tonight, on George Lopez.  Yes, Captain Kirk William Shatner.  Here’s the crazy ass duo doing serious justice to the great, Bonnie Tyler song.  Talk about East meeting West.  Thank you Henrik Meng (aka ultimate frisbee king) for bringing this amazing offense to YOMYOMF’s attention.


…sing Taiwan boy, sing.  your hair rocks.  here’s his most recent Ellen interview too (very funny and touching)