The Coolest Team Names

With both the NBA All-Star Weekend and the Academy Awards approaching, I am reminded of a common topic between the two worlds of sports and cinema: usually, the coolest concepts tend to come from the periphery. In the world of sports, I speak specifically with regard to team names. For the sake of simplicity (and in keeping w/ the topic of the NBA as initially referenced), let’s stick to basketball.

In the world of American basketball, the coolest team names don’t belong to teams in the NBA or in the popular universities of the NCAA. This is where style points and originality would score a zero or a one for most schools or cities. Seriously – how many more teams can we possibly have with the name “Tigers,” “Bears,” “Cougars,” or “Eagles”?

Now, granted, the majority of these common team names surface in the worlds of high school and college basketball, but when we look up to the professional ranks of the NBA, the cool factor increases only slightly – witness team names like the “Kings.” “Warriors.” “Bulls.”

But look at the periphery.