SNAPPED: Tiger Mom, You Better Watch Your Back!

This is simply insane! ┬áIs there something in the water down there in Florida? First, there’s the lady who attacked her roomie by biting her boob and now we have this strange story. According to MSNBC, an honors student pistol whipped her mother into submission, and at gun point, made her drive to a car dealership and co-sign papers for a sports car. Check out this news clip:

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17 year old Rachel Hachero’s mom has decided not to press charges against her own daughter because, “she’s an honors student and has been accepted to several Ivy League colleges.” Wow, this overachiever is obviously really spoiled or crazy, or both!
Could it be the media? Did little Rachel catch a screening of SUCKER PUNCH on opening weekend? Does she worship Go Go Yubari? Maybe Chiaki Kuriyama can portray young Rachel in the eventual Lifetime TV movie: [youtube][/youtube] I don’t know about you, but this could be a precursor to Tiger Mom’s two daughters. Amy Chua, you better watch your back! In the meantime, once Rachel matriculates to the Ivy Leagues, maybe she could date the next Mark Zuckerberg. Oh, never mind about Go Go Yubari. I’d rather cast Brenda Song in the Lifetime movie. She played psycho pretty well already.

3 thoughts on “SNAPPED: Tiger Mom, You Better Watch Your Back!

  1. Oh man, to have been a fly on the wall on the drive over to the dealership!

    “So was school today, honey?”

    “Boring. Why is your voice trembling?”

    “Can you hand me a paper towel? Can’t seem to stop my head from bleeding.”

    “What am I, bitch, your maid!!!”

  2. lol.. this story is very absurd… where did this honors student get the gun from? what did the mother do while the daughter fetched the gun? o_O

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