Heterosexual Women: Here’s What You Should Do if You Encounter a Lesbian (1988 style)

If you’re a straight woman and you don’t know the correct protocol regarding how you should behave when first encountering a lesbian, New York magazine’s Jody Rosen has dug up this list from a women’s studies class circa 1988 to guide you:


Clearly it provides many practical and helpful bits of advice including:

Do not run from the room. This is rude.


Do not assume she hates men. On the other hand, recognize that she may not want to attend an event where there will be men.

But I particularly like the experiment this professor suggests her students perform:

Pretend to be a lesbian for 24 hours. What kind of things do you notice about how different this feels?

Remembering Lewis

NAMEI first met Lewis Tice in 2005 when he was TLA Releasing’s national publicity liaison. Although we were just communicating online about my third feature Ethan Mao, I could tell Lewis was a tireless advocate for independent films and a mother hen for filmmakers. He made a filmmaker feel comfortable to approach him with any questions or problems about marketing and publicity.


A few years later, I finally met Lewis in person at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival when my feature The People I’ve Slept With was making the rounds on the festival circuit. He was at the press office and welcomed me with open arms. For a moment, being as ditzy as I am, I didn’t connect that this Lewis was the Lewis Tice I had been communicating with.

Around The Horn – Junk Funk

I am shocked how much junk food I eat nowadays.  When I was 21, I used to be a salad-eating, white-meat-only, brown-rice-lovin’, filtered-water-guzzlin’, healthy son of a gun.  So how I evolved into this processed-food-ingesting freak is beyond me.


But instead of feeling guilty about my culinary and dietary destruction, I would like to find the good in the bad, the happy in the sad, the chicken salad in the chicken shit if you will.  Indulge in my fatty indulgence…

I ate a lot of junk food as a child.  And now, I’m eating a lot of junk food as an adult.  What I find most fascinating is that much of the junk I was eating 30+ years ago is the same exact junk that I’m eating today.  It’s like a personal, nostalgic history of unhealthy food love.  Almost.  So the following are a few of my top, life-long crap food passion…

The ‘Goonies’ are Good Enough but Not for a Sequel

The Goonies director Richard Donner recently told TMZ that work was underway on a sequel to the 1985 adventure classic and that “hopefully” the original cast would all be back.


Now, I love this movie. One of the reasons for this was Jonathan Ke Quan’s Data. Yes, having the Asian kid be the one who’s good with gadgets could be construed as a stereotype, but damnit, if he wasn’t the coolest kid with the coolest gadgets! Between this and his role as Indiana Jones’ kid sidekick in the Temple of Doom, I was convinced at the time that he had to be the luckiest Asian kid in the world.


But with that said, I think the idea of a sequel is a bad one. For the same reason the long-talked of Ghostbusters 3 is a bad idea—its time has passed.

Original Offenders: Nobu McCarthy


Nobu McCarthy passed away on this day in 2002 at the age of 67 of an aortal aneurysm. She was a Japanese American actress whose career was launched in 1958 when she played opposite Jerry Lewis in The Geisha Boy. She went on to appear in film and TV projects like the western Walk Like A Dragon (alongside another pioneer, James Shigeta), the acclaimed TV movie Farewell to Manzanar (Hollywood’s first attempt to document the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII) and the adaptation of Philip Kan Gotanda’s The Wash, which earned her an Independent Spirit Award Nomination in 1989.

But of course the movie that I, and many of my generation, will always remember her for is The Karate Kid II where she played Pat Morita’s old flame.


I had the good fortune of meeting Nobu a few years before her death when I was invited to join a fundraising committee for East West Players, the oldest Asian American theater company, by one of the theater’s founders, Beulah Quo, and actor George Takei. Beulah (who sadly passed away shortly after Nobu) and George were the chairs of the committee, which was tasked with raising money for East West Player’s move from their 99-seat Silver Lake location to their much larger facility in Little Tokyo that serves as their home today.

SAF Seeking… A plate of Asian American please.

And thus race is still a pink elephant in the room.

And thus race is still a white elephant in the room.

It’s one of those touchy subjects: casting. Even more touchy when it comes to racial casting.

There is a play called Seminar by Theresa Rebeck. One of the roles was originated by an Asian American named Hetienne Park. In most productions thereafter, the role has had a history of being cast as an Asian American, with an occasional African American female once in a while.

Now the show is going to be produced by a local theater company here in the SF Bay Area and it has the acting Asian American community’s interest piqued. Because truthfully beyond a few phrases of “I have an uncle who lives in Shanghai,” there is no mention of the character’s ethnicity. If the script doesn’t actually specifically say “Asian American”, it doesn’t say “Asian American” in the script at all, does it HAVE to be played by an Asian American?

SAF Seeking… A Dull Moment


Annika is a 28 year old Cambodian Vietnamese Chinese French American who recently returned to school to finish a bachelor’s degree in computer science and linguistics. Her hobbies and interests include swimming, cooking, baking, writing, reading, math, symbolic logic, learning foreign languages, and drinking espresso – and of course, boys.

This is my romantic life for the past week.

This is my romantic life for the past week.

My social/romantic life has been a bit hectic post-Andreas. I have effectively moved on from my crush on CB and have wandered into other ponds, so to speak. I was so embarrassed about everything that had happened between all of us that I just fell off the radar on CB’s side.

I met a boy named “Jay” last weekend at Canter’s Delicatessen. Without going into too much detail, we said hi, winked, bonded over a bowl of matzo ball soup (he’s a conservative Jew who grew up in synagogue life), and ended up back at my place to roll around naked for a few hours – no sex, surprisingly. He came over again the next night for round two – and, again, no sex which is totally okay with me. We were both honest from the start: we’re both recently divorced and recently broken up and we just want to have fun. You know, “friends with benefits” although he has been making contact with me every day since we met (big FWB “no no”).

I Like Big Hamster Butts and I Cannot Lie…


If you like big butts and hamsters, this facebook page is for you. Yes, you can enjoy the many lovely pics of various hamster ass or upload your own.


It’s all to mark the publication of a new Japanese book entitled Hamuketsu (aka “Hamster Butts”). So yes, there is also a book devoted to hamster ass.


Hip Hop Awards China in Shenzhen


Before my trip, I started asking my friends on WeChat, the most important social networking and communications app in China, if they knew about the hip hop dance scene in China. Filmmaker Fan Popo hooked me up with a friend who then introduced me to Come Lee who said he was organizing the Hip Hop Awards China in Shenzhen. I had never been to Shenzhen before so I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to check out both the city and the hip hop scene there.

[I got to present an award to the ultra-talented Han Yu]

Custom Coffee

coffee (2) (480x640)

“If you have a minute, I have some in my car.”


That’s what my favorite bank teller (yes, I have a favorite bank teller), Eyasu “Josh” Felleke, told me, after we started chatting about coffee.  He had read a post I wrote about a latte I enjoyed at particular coffee shop in Berkeley.

“I know the Elmwood Café,” he said one day as he was waiting for my deposit receipt to pop up, “it’s one of my favorite places.”

“How can you not love it – they still have an old soda fountain like it was 1955.”

“I know, right?”

“Still can’t decide whether I like the taste – or the smell – of coffee better.”

Reason #886 Why White People Don’t Need to Worry about Affirmative Action: Teen who Sued Parents gets $56k Scholarship

WAH_WAHYou may remember 18-year-old Rachel Canning. Last month, she sued her parents to make them pay her for “child support and college tuition”. A judge denied her claim for immediate assistance, she moved back in with her folks and dropped the lawsuit. And that should have been the end of another story of a teen with entitlement issues bitch slapped back to reality by karma.


But, alas, karma obviously works in fucked-up mysterious ways because Canning has announced that she has received a $56,000 scholarship to attend Western New England University. That amount will most likely cover all her expenses for her first year.

So what lesson should we take away from this story?