8 Super Characters Who Are Women Or Recently Became Women, And Some Of Them Are Even Asian


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The best thing about this list is, it’s not even close to comprehensive. And BTW, it really bothers me when someone says something ill-informed like, “There are no female superhero characters.” This is, among other things, a slap in the face to the female writers and artists who have been working in comics, creating these characters (men created them too) since long before you learned to complain on the Internet. 


1) Thor
Thor was first re-imagined as a female in the Marvel maxi-series EARTH X, in which Loki tricked Odin into gender-reassigning the God of Thunder so he could learn some humility by walking the Earth as a woman. This is probably the most sensible and least evil idea Loki’s ever had.

Meet the Laziest Internet Star in Japan

And of course it’s a cat:


Meet 17-year-old Ura, a white Scottish Fold cat, who apparently has a large internet following in Japan for being “lazy.”

Basically, Ura just chills—sometimes in a costume, sometimes not—but…well, that’s about it. Isn’t that what cats do anyway?

Things I Can’t Sell In My Bar

As the owner of a bar, I am allowed to sell one of the last legal drugs out there: alcohol. Booze. Hooch. Juice. Suds. Road Soda. Lunatic Soup. Y’know, the Sauce.


And you don’t need a prescription to get it from me. You just need a valid I.D. proving you’re 21, and cash or a credit card that won’t be declined. So it was interesting to me to find out the other day what I CAN’T sell.


I had to drop by the local office of the ABC (state department of Alcoholic Beverage Control), the folks who regulate liquor sales, to take care of some paperwork, and there, in the waiting room, was a display case full of some very interesting – and scary – and confusing – and straight up baffling – things which I can not sell to you, no matter how good your fake I.D..

North Korea’s Kimchi Crisis


As if living in North Korea weren’t already bad enough, reports indicate that the country is suffering a kimchi shortage.

According to news reports, due to the double whammy of droughts and floods destroying cabbage crops, the ingredients that go into making kimchi are in short supply. This is usually the time of year when families make enough kimchi to store through the winter.

Now, some of our non-Korean readers might be asking, “so there’s no kimchi, what’s the big deal?”

Revisiting 0506HK with Artist Norm Yip


About a decade ago, I made an autobiographical feature documentary titled 0506HK about my feelings for Hong Kong, formerly the country and now a city of China where I was born and raised until a teenager. This week, I got to revisit my friends featured in my documentary and was pleasantly surprised to find out that artist Norm Yip has been painting more than ever. While pursuing his painting, he has also cut down on the commercial photography work that he was doing.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD — Season 3, Episode 7 — “Chaos Theory” Recap


As Daisy and the team try to protect Inhumans, a shocking truth is revealed about S.H.I.E.L.D.’s biggest enemy; with Fitz’s help, Simmons recovers information that could get them back through the portal.

Last night’s episode was called “Chaos Theory,” and it was a pretty jam-packed episode. We learn how Andrew became Lash (he was examining Jiaying’s
research and got exposed to some terrine mist, entombing him into a stone-like cocoon). He kept this secret from May and perhaps, this is what drove them apart, by his own doing. In the meantime, the entire episode was built on the debate if Inhumans are good or bad. On one end, there’s Lash and ACTU’s pursuit/hunt for Inhumans and on the other end, there’s Daisy and SHIELD, and their mission to teach and rehabilitate Inhumans to become active members of society or even on their team. It’s the age-old discrimination issue explored in comic books lore and even the X-MEN movies and you can replace any of these mutant or Inhuman allegories for people of color, or gay people, etc, etc.

Around the Horn: I Can Do It All by Myself!


I’ve been in the creative field for most of my career and no matter how much I collaborate with people in the beginning of a project, I always end up in a room with only my computer doing the work. This is the modern way of working. With Skype, email and the cloud we really don’t have to go anywhere. Why bring up a subject we know to be obvious? Because it wasn’t that obvious until I started my new venture with another like minded creative.

What’s true collaboration? Is it coming together and going our separate ways? Is it being in within arms reach with a partner who stays consistently by your side? I guess what was revealed to me was the fact I wasn’t alone in a vacuum. It’s tough working on a project you underbid so you can get the job knowing you can do it all by yourself and then suffering through it without any outside support. Ah… modern technology. It’s easier now to do everything, but should we? Sometimes there’s no choice. But as of now I feel joy in making decisions with another… especially if the work becomes better than what it was when you were on it alone.

What were some of your great collaborations?

The 9 Funnest Theories We Made Up About THE FORCE AWAKENS In A Bar Last Night (No Spoilers Whatsoever)


Psst! It’s really a remake of “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.”

A new Star Wars TV spot came out, so we gathered at the pub to figure out what the heck is going to happen on December 17. Here’s what we know SO FAR: 

Campaigning For Dead People

So you’re thinking about sending in $5 or $10 to Sanders, Cruz, Clinton, Fiorina, maybe even Malloy or Paul.




That’s easy. They’re alive.

The First Major Film to Star a Robot Actor is Here (and of course it’s Japanese)

Japan really loves its robots. And now one of them is starring in a major motion picture. Sayonara, which recently screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival, and is scheduled to open in Japan later this month is a drama set in the wake of a deadly nuclear power plant meltdown. One of the film’s lead actors (acting opposite Au Revoir, Les Enfants star Irène Jacob) is Geminoid F and she is a robot:


A robot designed to look like a real flesh and blood female human created by our old friend Hiroshi Ishiguro, a renowned robot designer at Osaka University.

Geminoid F isn’t able to walk by itself so spends the film in a wheelchair (Geminoid F also starred in the play which the film is adapted from), but can talk, sing and mimic facial expressions. Check out the film’s trailer:

THE WALKING DEAD — Season 6, Episode 5 — “Now” Recap


Since Offender David is on a Hawaiian vacation, I am going solo this week. Remember, spoilers ahead…

While Alexandria recovers from the Wolves’ attack, Maggie and Aaron set out on the search for Glenn. Meanwhile, the intimacy between Rick and Jessie grows, as the herd approaches. That’s the basic synopsis for episode 5 called “Now.” And well, it was a good run. After exploding out of the gate with the start of the season, the producers delivered 4 amazing episodes that really brought the action, pain, angst, and solemnity to our Bande à part.

It also set up a lot of cliffhangers with the major big one being the fate of Glenn Rhee. I want to note that this was the second episode in a roll that did not have Steven Yeun’s name in the opening credits. Also, last time (or two episodes ago), it looked like Rick was a goner, trapped in an RV with a horde trying to get in. But, since it’s fucking Rick Grimes, it’s revealed he just pulled a “Chariots of Fire” and ran his way back to Alexandria…. with a horde right behind him.