Sushi, Egg Roll & Tortilla Swaddles for your baby will make you want to eat them


And now for your “awwwwwww” moment on this Friday, check out these swaddles that can wrap your babies in three, delectable options — Nori (seaweed wrap), Egg roll, and Tortilla. First We Feast reports that these adorable swaddling sets are made by San Francisco-based Bon Vivant Baby. This definitely gives the definition of the “food baby” a new meaning.

Tura! Tura! Tura!



Shortly after her death in 2011, I blogged about Tura Satana and put forth the notion that the hapa star of Russ Meyers’ 1965 cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was as much of an Asian American pioneer and pop culture icon in her own right as Bruce Lee or Anna May Wong. I continue to stand by that statement and anything that helps to cement that status is something that’s worthy of support in my book. That’s why I wanted to give a shout-out about a group art show opening this Saturday night at the Lethal Amounts Gallery here in L.A. entitled Tura! Tura! Tura! III.

Over 50 artists were invited to create work inspired by Tura. You can see some samples of the pieces below but if you have no clue who Tura is, then go out immediately and rent Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!—the film Hairspray director John Waters called “The greatest film ever made. And the greatest film that will ever be made” (and click here to read my Tura tribute blog).

The T-1000 is now Asian in new TERMINATOR Reboot

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.06.51 PM

Well, the first trailer for TERMINATOR: GENISYS was just unleashed online today and it looks like the franchise is getting the good ole’ JJ Abrams STAR TREK reboot/alternate timeline treatment. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as the T-800 and just from what I gathered from the trailer, it seems he was another Terminator who was sent back in time and raised young Sarah Connor when she was a little girl, and waited until the evil T-800 from the original TERMINATOR film popped up in 1984 and took care of business and obliterated it, hence the new timeline, which I assume the year 2029 John Connor (Jason Clarke) and the rest of the resistance doesn’t know about, creating a time paradox when they send Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) back in time to “protect” Sarah Connor.

Flash vs Arrow Part 2: The Justice League vs the Suicide Squad

guest_offendersDominic Mah is a writer, filmmaker, erratic blogger at, and ex-professional gambler. Soon he will be premiering a reality show about Bay Area karaoke singers at He critiques popculture both as @dommah (normal dude) and@thorhulkcritic (Hulked-out Marvel rage-monster/god). He also will be responsible for #AvengersVsXmenTexting on the InstaTwitterSocialMediaSphere.


I mean, technically, it is the Justice League versus The Suicide Squad. it’s Green Arrow and the Flash versus Captain Boomerang. Arrow and the Flash may not be Batman and Superman, but they are O.G. J.L.A., to the bone. Boomerang’s beef is related to his tour with Task Force X, a.k.a. The Suicide Squad.

Cliff Curtis (aka the best actor working today) will star in THE WALKING DEAD spin-off


Now this is promising news. Although we’re huge fans of THE WALKING DEAD (resident geek David and I write about the show on a weekly basis in the YOMYOMF TV Showdown), we were pretty suspect of the long in the works spin-off show. Sure, it’s a cash grab for AMC with the current series generating monster ratings as the top show on TV, even beating Sunday Night Football.

Then news started to trickle this week with two actors signed on-board and the working title of “Cobalt.” Blah, blah, nothing major or enticing to whet our appetites. Even though we love THE WALKING DEAD, it is one of the most depressing shows ever. Who wants a double whammy of zombie apocalypse on a weekly basis? The show, at it’s best, can be so tense that our blood pressure rises because of all the stress!

Flash Facts: Flash vs Arrow, Part 1

guest_offendersDominic Mah is a writer, filmmaker, erratic blogger at, and ex-professional gambler. Soon he will be premiering a reality show about Bay Area karaoke singers at He critiques popculture both as @dommah (normal dude) and@thorhulkcritic (Hulked-out Marvel rage-monster/god). He also will be responsible for #AvengersVsXmenTexting on the InstaTwitterSocialMediaSphere.


So many Flash Facts to catch up on! Get it? Catch up? Ketchup? Anyways, here are more of THE FLASH’s maddening attempts to show all the cool things you could do if you had super-speed and lived in a TV world where there was only a little bit of physics:


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Season 2, Episode 9 — ‘Ye Who Enter Here’


(Major spoilers ahead)

SHIELD discovers the ancient city before Hydra, but uncovering the secrets may require one of Coulson’s team to make the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, May and Skye race to get to Raina before Whitehall takes her.

This episode was jam-packed with pure awesomeness. There was so many things happening in this episode that it’s best to convey what I liked about it in a list. Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Skye vs. Evil May aka Agent 33: What an awesome idea to have an evil doppelgänger of Ming Na Wen’s Melinda May character! Aside from her being the hottest 51 year old around, it also is a classic trope in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE or MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. vein. Plus Evil May has a robotic voice and a cool scar!

The Crossing


Yesterday, John Woo’s latest epic, The Crossing, opened in China. They even opened the movie ahead of Hong Kong, so my film critic friend had to make a trip to the neighboring city of Shenzhen, one of the youngest cities in China rivaling Hong Kong in both its economic progress and bustling population, to watch the movie in the theater. Naturally I had to tag along.

1,001 Reasons I Love Movies: (#37): The Joy of Gene Kelly on a Rainy Day


The first major rainstorm of the season is hitting Los Angeles today and most of us are welcoming the rain with open arms since we’ve been in the middle of a severe drought.

But no one has arguably been happier to splash around in the rain than Gene Kelly in the 1952 MGM musical Singin’ in the Rain. This is one of the most memorable numbers from what I, and many others, consider to be the finest movie musical of all the time. Take a look at the clip and see if it doesn’t make you want to go out and do some frolicking of your own while being pelted by precipitation:

Yummy Spam


I don’t think I’m quite yet old enough and I’m certainly not rich enough, but so much of my e-mail spam these days implores me to consider dental implants, yacht rentals and burial insurance.  Oh, and bath tubs that are easy to get in and out of.  Sigh.


And, of course, I can’t go a day – Sundays are no exception – without at least half a dozen e-mails from the Democrats begging me for money.  Donate once to and your in box will never be lonely again.

But occasionally I do get a few servings of spam that bring a smile to my face.

YOMYOMF’s TV Showdown — THE WALKING DEAD — “Coda” (Season 5, Episode 8)


(Major spoilers ahead)

Rick and the group go face-to-face against Dawn and her officers in an attempt to save both Beth and Carol without any more bloodshed.

Anderson: The midseason finale, entitled “Coda,” was an improvement from last week’s setup episode, having Rick and the gang infiltrate Atlanta, kidnap some of Dawn’s patrol officers and get ready for their plan to spring Beth and Carol out of hospital jail. But, when it comes to these midseason finales, I thought this one was pretty weak, especially compared to last season’s big time shootout with the Governor. It’s weird, I thought this episode seemed like things and events were moving quickly, but at the same time, it felt sluggish too. Pacing was a bit off, in my opinion, and everything seemed so rushed at the end.