5 Actors Besides Ashton Kutcher Who’ve Donned Brown Face to Play a South Asian

Ashton Kutcher stirred up controversy a couple of years ago when he appeared in an ad for Popchips looking like this:


But apparently the backlash from donning brown face to play a Bollywood producer in a TV commercial wasn’t enough to deter Kutcher from doing it again. Over the holiday weekend, Kutcher once again slapped on the brown face and Indian garb to perform a Bollywood-style dance number at the Italian wedding of a Google senior executive.

Now, obviously this incident is different from Kutcher’s first offense as this took place at a private event and not a public forum, but Kutcher of all people should know that in this age of social media, nothing is truly “private”. But the former That 70s Show star isn’t the only who’s gone the brown face/South Asian route. Here are five others:

Is It Art?

giantrobot (43) (480x640)

Hmm.  Okay.  A dorm room fridge with a Black Flag sticker on it.

giantrobot (44) (480x640)

Well, let’s see….

…it’s in a museum.

…it’s in a nice plexiglass box.

…a label describes the piece (Kaz Oshiro, “Small Fridge #5 (Black Flag)”, acrylic, bondo, canvas, 2005)

So, yes, it must be art…right?

Why Japan is Awesome #73: A Shrine for Hemorrhoids

Japan already has a festival honoring the penis and a temple devoted to the worship of boobs so why not a shrine for hemorrhoids?


The Kunigami Shrine in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture recently hosted a festival that was all about the hemorrhoids. According to tradition, those who washed their backsides and ate egg offerings would be cured of hemorrhoids. So to honor the tradition, the shrine provided a “butt washing stone”.


Around the Horn: Summer Music Edition

JAMWe’re in the full swing of summer. I’ve always loved summer because as a kid, it’s always meant no school, fun movies and, most importantly, music. There’s nothing like that perfect summer song or album that evokes good times and memories. I’ve already blogged about one of the best summers I had back in 1990 when I was just a kid enjoying everything that Santa Cruz had to offer.


That summer was filled with a lot of music but what I remember as dominating the airwaves that year was the B-52’s “Cosmic Thing” album. The album had actually dropped in 1989 and the big hit was “Love Shack” which is a great summer jam. But it got even more popular in 1990 with other hits like “Roam” which was huge that summer. When I think back to the summers I spent in Santa Cruz during school, the first things that come to mind are the beach/boardwalk, working at a record store and the B-52s.

What’s your quintessential summer jam (song or album)? And add a link to the video if there is one.

YOMYOMF’s Summer Blockbuster Showdown — MALEFICENT!


Select Offenders will be reviewing this summer’s crop of Hollywood tentpole films with a scientifically tested set of criteria that was vetted, nurtured, dissected and regurgitated through the pop-culture gadflies who have nothing better to do than annoy other productive people in the YOMYOMF office. So, we channeled their nitpicks of the incessant reboots, remakes and rehashes that are part and parcel with Hollywood summer movies into this ongoing summer blog series called the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SHOWDOWN. You can read previous roundtable reviews, which are all archived here

In this edition, we nitpick on Disney’s MALEFICENT starring Angelina Jolie. BTW, this roundtable review is chock full of spoilers. You’ve been warned!

SAF seeking… One small step

Is this coat not sexy?!?

Is this coat not sexy?!?

“I don’t know what to do with all this.” He motions to my furry coat, complete with sheep fur collar and cuffs. (I thought I was a vision in fluffiness; apparently I was a ball of cock-block.)

“But I’m cold,” I retorted as I looked around his room. (Hmm, he has a large collection of horror films.)

“I’ll keep you warm,” he protests.

“How?!?” I asked incredulously, pulling my warm coat closer around me. (Stupid rent-controlled SF apartments- they’re always drafty!)

“Just take it off.” I reluctantly remove my coat. He comes forward and gives me a full-body hug. It’s soft and warm. “Feel warm?”

I nod.

The Mighty Hello Kitty Avengers

Spaghetti and meatballs. Laurel and Hardy. Death and taxes. These are just some of the things that were meant to be together and now we can add to their ranks: Marvel’s Avengers and Hello Kitty.

Check out these memes that have been making the rounds online bringing these two worlds together:


Hellen Keller Sunglasses?


Check out this billboard advertising Helen Keller brand sunglasses (somewhere in Asia). Yes, there is a line of designer sunglasses named after the famous blind and deaf mute who overcame her disabilities to become an iconic figure and hero to millions. They even made a movie about her.

It’s like manufacturing a new line of running shoes and branded as Oscar Pistorius. OK, kind of a bad comparision, considering that the dude is on trial for the shooting murder of his girlfriend, but still, you get the gist….

(Via Crazy Rich Asians)

The Kobayashi Maru of Hot Dog Eating

FOURTHHere in the U.S., tomorrow is the Fourth of July aka our Independence Day and with that brings picnics and fireworks and the infamous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which is arguably the Super Bowl of competitive eating. But once again, the king of this “sport,” Takeru Kobayashi will not be “officially” competing.


For the past few years, Kobayashi has been “banned” from the event for refusing to sign an exclusive contract to be Nathan’s food bitch work for the folks who run the annual competition as their food bitch and apparently that’s a big no-no.

Now, some have said the real reason Kobayashi has refused this offer is because he’s afraid he will be dethroned by competitors like professional douchebag Joey Chestnut:

Abstinence Totally Works – If You Want To Get Pregnant

Question: what’s the connection between “abstinence only” sex education programs in high school and normal human behavior?

Answer: super high teen pregnancy rates, yay!


In Tunica, Mississippi (hey, it’s not my fault if Mississippi keeps walking into stereotypes), the sex ed lesson plan goes like this:

This Stop-Motion Transformers Short is better than any TRANSFORMERS movie by Michael Bay

Kotaku just posted an amazing stop-motion animation action scene that Malaysian-based filmmaker Harris Loureiro has posted online via his YouTube page. He uses modded Transformers toys (specifically a modded Laser Optimus Prime and a set of Make Toys’s custom Constructicons) as his characters and creates an action sequence that rivals anything that Michael Bay could CGI jizz on the big screen. You can read about our universal ire for TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION in our recent Summer Blockbuster Showdown roundtable review.

The Existentialism of a Japanese Junior High English Student

An English teacher in Japan asked his junior high students to write a response to the question: What would you do if you were shipwrecked on an island?

This was one student’s existential response, which the teacher posted on Reddit where it went viral:


If you can’t read the original, this is what it says: