Honolulu Museum of Art X GIANT ROBOT DAY Comtempo #Artshop


I’ll be blogging from Oahu, Hawaii mostly from the Honolulu Museum of Art – Spalding House. It’s the contemporary art branch of their three location museum that’s located in re-appropriated mansion that’s split up into many comfortable exhibition rooms, with a splendorous grass lawn, and a giant tree.


I’m here for a small series of events leading to a special engagement, “Giant Robot Day,” on Saturday June 20th 11-4pm with the attendance and live demo by Rob Sato, Luke Chueh, and Yoskay Yamamoto. Giant Robot Day in Hawaii is a “small” journey that opens up an art genre to new people.

YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown: JURASSIC WORLD


1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot or a “based on…” and how does it compare to the previous version, or the source material?
THORHULKCRITIC: ‘Tis Thor Odinson’s understanding that JURASSIC WORLD is a sequel to the previous trilogy of Jurassic Park films, all of which were shown every day during the week preceding on the Bravo, Syfy, E! and USA cable networks, sometimes simultaneously on all said networks.

Liz: Correct Mr. THORHULKCRITIC! It was indeed a sequel/reboot of the JURASSIC PARK franchise. They reference the older films and there was even a little trek into the original JURASSIC PARK. My favorite part of the movie was then we didn’t learn from the past (aka movies 1, 2, and 3) and decide to make a theme park of dinosaurs… cause no one got hurt the last time someone tried that.

Around the Horn: Transracial Edition


In light of the discovery of Rachel Dolezal being white and not actually black as she claims, a lot of questions of race come up. Well we now know she’s white but she seems to think and live her life otherwise. In terms of race, and looking at being Asian, do you actually have to be Asian to be an Asian? What does being Asian even mean? Can others represent us and/or understand us? Can they speak for us? And educate others about being Asian? Or is the Asian experience just being Asian? What does being Asian mean to you?

Asian And Applying For College? Don’t Include Your Picture!


In “Cracking College Admissions,” the handbook written by SAT test-prep company Princeton Review, Asian-American students are given this advice: “If you’re given an option, don’t attach a photograph to your application and don’t answer the optional question about your ethnic background.”

Now why would this be the case?

Many centuries ago, when I was a high school student, the common wisdom was to do anything you could – short of flat out lying or wearing black face to your college interview – to identify yourself as anything but Caucasian. Had a twice-removed aunt from Korea? Good. An African-American grandmother? Even better. Could you describe yourself as 1/16th Cherokee? Perfect!

Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters


Don’t You Hate When You Fall Off the Back of a Taxi Scooter While Watching Porn on Your Phone and Your Penis Breaks?

That’s what happened to a Mr. Yu of Guangdong, China. He was riding in the back of a taxi scooter, behind the driver and another passenger. Mt. Yu decided to pass the time by watching porn on his phone when he fell off the scooter and broke his penis i.e. crushed the spongy penile tissue through his erect penis.


So no matter how bad your weekend is going, think of Mr. Yu and his broken penis that will now bring him years of pain, deformation and ridicule and count your blessings. And remember the valuable life lesson here—if you’re going to watch porn on your phone while on the back of a scooter, make sure the throbbing piece of machinery your free hand is holding onto is attached to the vehicle.

The Daily Buzz at Cannes: Episodes 13, 14, 15 / DOPE, MADONNA from Korea and More Industry Buzz


YOMYOMF was at the recently concluded 68th Cannes Film Festival and we partnered with The Daily Buzz, a film festival podcast produced by Irene Cho. All this week, we’ll be posting episodes of the Cannes edition of The Daily Buzz, hosted by John Wildman and YOMYOMF’s Anderson Le. In today’s post, check out episodes 13, 14 and 15 of the 2015 Cannes edition:

Chinese Actress Zhao Wei Being Sued for Staring Too Intensely From TV?


Regular readers of this blog know that many of the Offenders worked on the upcoming Chinese feature Hollywood Adventures, which was produced by our own Justin Lin through his Perfect Storm shingle. The film stars Chinese actress Zhao Wei who is one of Asia’s biggest stars (often referred to as the Chinese Julia Roberts), but amidst promotional duties for the movie this week, she made headlines for another reason: a Chinese man is trying to sue her for “spiritual damages” claiming she stared at him too intensely through his TV while he was watching her show Tiger Mom.


The Shanghai Pudong new district court hasn’t decided whether it will hear the case, but it has raised new concerns over frivolous lawsuits in China in the wake of a new regulation that went into effect on May 1 making it easier to file frivolous lawsuits.

We Chinese Know Better… Getting Married is Not as Peachy as It Sounds?

Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 1.26.17 PM

After going to an event, sponsored by China’s giant Taobao, where the LA Gay Center invited ten LGBT couples who won a contest from China to get married in LA and threw a reception for them, I received an enigmatic message on a photo that I posted on my Facebook from a friend of a friend, who’s Chinese. gay and volunteers at the LA Gay Center, saying something like, “This is just for show. That’s why we real Chinese didn’t show up… because we know better. (A Tearful Emoticon).” This comment was up for an hour, and the author erased it.

For an event that was so highly publicized, I was surprised that when I showed up there were mostly friends I know and the turn out was low. In fact, my friend’s publicity agency, China Luxury Advisors, was the behind the promotion of it and invited me to attend the reception on Facebook. There were six couples instead of ten, as I was told that four from the Guangzhou area had problems getting visas from the American Consulate. The reception served two-buck Chucks and Costco meat-and-cheese plates and crackers.

Be a part of the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival Red Carpet Premiere of SEOUL SEARCHING!

SEOUL SEARCHING is having it’s LA RED CARPET GALA PREMIERE on Wednesday, June 17 at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival!

Based on filmmaker Benson Lee’s own experience, SEOUL SEARCHING is an homage to the John Hughes teen dramedies of the ‘80s. The story centers on a group of Korean high school teens from around the world during the summer of 1986. Students from the U.S., Mexico, Germany, and UK are forced by their parents to attend a government sponsored “propaganda” camp in Seoul to learn what it means to be Korean, but end up experiencing a wild journey that turns into the most important summer of their lives.

The Daily Buzz at Cannes: Episodes 10, 11, 12 / More Cannes Insights + A Talk with director Chloe Zhao about SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME

SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME Director Chloe Zhao with her executive producer Forest Whitaker

SONGS MY BROTHERS TAUGHT ME Director Chloe Zhao with her executive producer Forest Whitaker

YOMYOMF was at the recently concluded 68th Cannes Film Festival and we partnered with The Daily Buzz, a film festival podcast produced by Irene Cho. All this week, we’ll be posting episodes of the Cannes edition of The Daily Buzz, hosted by John Wildman and YOMYOMF’s Anderson Le. In today’s post, check out episodes 10, 11 and 12 of the 2015 Cannes edition:

Hey Brave Guy in White in the Middle of the Viral Korean Wedding Photo


This photo of a wedding in South Korea where all most of the guests are wearing surgical masks in light of fears over Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) has gone viral (pun intended) as an example of how fears of the disease have grown rampant.

I think this picture could just as easily be some sort of wedding prank, but assuming it’s a real reflection of these people’s real fears about MERS, I have to give props to the dude in the middle in the snazzy white suit who has decided to say screw it to the mask. He truly is a prime example of the brave and resilient soul of my people—a courageous rebel who refuses to bow to paranoia and peer pressure.

Either that or he is a prime example of another aspect of the soul of my people: someone who really, really, really likes to drink soju and just doesn’t give a fuck!