The YOMYOMF Network: HIFF New Media Camp 2014

HIFF NMC class of 2013

HIFF NMC class of 2013

For the third year in a row, YOMYOMF is back at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) to facilitate the New Media Camp (NMC) program for HIFF’s Creative Lab. This year’s week-long camp will end with a FREE New Media panel on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 2:15PM moderated by YOMYOMF’s Philip Chung and featuring a distinguished list of digital media experts including Greg Siegel (SVP Legendary Digital), YouTube beauty/lifestyle guru Weylie Hoang (who has over 1.2 million subs on her channel), Mylen Fe Yamamoto (CliqueNow) and Neil Sadhu (InterTrend). In addition to a lively discussion about the current state of digital media, the event will feature the premiere the short video produced by the NMC class of 2014.

YouTuber Weylie Hoang

YouTuber Weylie Hoang

HELLO KITTY CON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz Ho is a fortune cookie: a crispy-Asian-American-treat that will give you useless advice & lotto numbers. She loves Star Trek, Hello Kitty (OBVIOUSLY), reading, working on her YouTube Channel and taking daily pictures of her ewok of a dogs.

I had the delightful privilege of getting a VIP sneak peak at the first Hello Kitty Convention in the world. I have been to Comic Con, Star Trek Conventions, and Anime Cons, and I would have to say that the Hello Kitty Con 2014 is the cutest and friendliest convention I have ever been to. The whole experience was magical right from the start to the end.


The Con has two main areas: the Hello Kitty Sweet Happy Plaza (outside) and the Hello Kitty Con 2014. Side Note: Your ticket also gets you free admission into the JANM exhibit HELLO! EXPLORING THE SUPER CUTE WORLD OF HELLO KITTY. I adored the exhibit and it is definitely a must see for any Hello Kitty fan.


Before we get into the con, I must warn you that I will be overusing the word “cute” and all its iterations. I apologize in advance, but seriously, this stuff is just so FLIPPING CUTE. If you’d like, go ahead and make it a drinking game. Anytime you see the word “cute” here, go ahead and take a drink.

To See And Be Seen: Twenty-Six Asian Films Of 2014


Adam Chau is a blogger from the Midwest. In his spare time he likes to help publish books, post random musings, and consume as much media as he can.


A quick dab of films from this year that I’ve seen, or still need to see, that I now share in an old school non twitteresque type of way.

Buyer beware and no, I won’t do that because it’s my list.

Get your own list.

1. Aberdeen
Directed By: Pang Ho-cheung

Sometimes I just get attracted to a family drama with a darker edge and this seems to fit the bill. With Louis Koo, Eric Tsang, Miriam Yeung and Gigi Leung. Gives me kind of a Lost In Beijing feel when I watch the trailer even though I don’t think it’s going to be that dark.

FLASH FACT, Episode 4: You Would Be Naked All The Time


Dominic Mah is a writer, filmmaker, erratic blogger at, and ex-professional gambler. Soon he will be premiering a reality show about Bay Area karaoke singers at He critiques popculture both as @dommah (normal dude) and @thorhulkcritic (Hulked-out Marvel rage-monster/god). He also will be responsible for #AvengersVsXmenTexting on the InstaTwitterSocialMediaSphere.


FLASH FACT: The air friction created by running at supersonic speeds on Earth would burn off all your clothes instantly. Unless you’re the Flash.

In this week’s THE FLASH, Felicity Smoak from ARROW shows up, and Barry tries to woo her with super-speed DHV (Demonstrations of Higher Value). He zooms up to the top of a skyscraper and snaps a photo of her on street level, then zips back down to street level to show her the pic. (Not creepy at all.) Felicity notices that Barry’s shoes are smoldering, and he quickly stamps out the flame. #MeetCute

Teaching Asian Kids that Americans Can Be Bribed with Beer

I’ve already shared some examples of English language textbooks in Asia that are…interesting (see examples here and here), but this English lesson from what appears to be a Chinese textbook might take the cake:


In case you had trouble reading the dialogue in the pic, here’s the interesting part:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Season 2 Episode 6 — ‘A Fractured House’


The world turns against S.H.I.E.L.D. when Hydra impersonates them to attack The United Nations, and an unexpected enemy leads the charge to bring about their downfall.

A FRACTURED HOUSE was perhaps the best episode yet, this season. Opening with a bang, a UN meeting is ambushed by what look like S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who throw these Phantasm like discs that burrow into a victim’s body and immediately dissolves them into dust, as if Buffy was staking a vampire in the heart. This brings Talbot and his biggest backer, Senator Christian Ward (Grant Ward’s supposedly evil brother), to maximize the opportunity to get the public’s support in getting S.H.I.E.L.D. once and for all by passing major legislation that would allow any military in the world to hunt down and eradicate them.

YOMYOMF’s TV Showdown: THE WALKING DEAD (Season 5 Episode 3) — “Four Walls and a Roof”


Synopsis: As Bob fights for his life, Rick and the group take a stand to defend the church against Gareth and his gang of cannibals. This week’s episode, “Four Walls and a Roof,” is the episode where Rick Grimes and the gang strike back at the remaining Terminus gang. The title refers to a line from Maggie, when Father Gabriel, completely in shock, mutters “but this is a church” after Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Abraham and Rosita go full on Texas Chainsaw Massacre on the remaining Termites, with Gareth getting hacked to pieces with the very machete (with the red grip) that Rick picked out in the season premiere to kill him.

Oh Crape, Japan’s Got Crepe Vending Machines

Since I’ve been writing a lot recently about the gross bizarre wonderfully eccentric food choices in Asia, thought I’d continue that trend with a look at Japan’s crepe vending machines.


That’s right—you can now get crepes (or “crapes” if you will) from these vending machines for under $2 U.S. and supposedly they are very good.


SAF Seeking… Perfection in imperfection

This is a cleft lip.

And this is a cleft lip.

Hello! I see you too!

Hello! I see you too!

And this? Yup, cleft lip.

Good morning America!

Good morning America!

My daughter will be born with one. Possibly a cleft palate as well (see below) but the sonogram can’t confirm that although it is still a possibility for which I should brace and prepare myself.

If you look inside his mouth, you can see that the palate is split, therefore a 'cleft' palate.

If you look inside his mouth, you can see that the palate is split, therefore a ‘cleft’ palate.

AROUND THE HORN – Nearest Death Experience?

ROGER:  We will all die.  Eventually.  And hopefully our passing will be peaceful and in older age.  All that said, what’s the closest you’ve come come to your personal, mortal lights out?

What’s your closest close call?  Here’s mine…

plane crash

Ever since I was a child I wanted to learn how to fly an airplane.  It was just one of those things I couldn’t get out of my non-stop, daydreaming head.  So when I finally had enough money saved up to go to flight school, I jumped at the chance.  It was as thrilling as I had imagined.  And to my surprise, scarier than I had thought too.  But my life-long desire to become a pilot trumped my fear of dying in an airborne tin can.  Well, that was the case until flight hour 36 came rolling around…

Yellow Listed as “Color of Race” in 1950′s Birth Certificate

larry birth cert

This is Larry Furukawa’s birth certificate from 1952. He recently shared it with his fellow peers at Digital Histories, a filmmaking workshop that teaches senior citizens skills to make their own short films. It’s an ongoing program that Visual Communications has been involved with for a number of years.

Back to Larry’s birth certificate: Yep, it lists “Yellow” as a color of race for his birth parents. It’s pretty surreal to see that listed on an official government. Ahh, the 1950s, the land of Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver and when Asians were designated as “Yellow,” with the rest of the colored people, by the U.S. government.