Comic-Con The Final Thoughts


… and just like that, Comic-Con is over. The days blew by and blended together. During the day, we’ve had great crowds come by to check out our gear. Some stopped by to thank me for the hard work on Giant Robot magazine and to say how much they loved it. Our old friends are a year older and the happy hellos that we share spawn into ideas of meeting up outside of Comic-Con. It never happens and the cycle starts again. We see each other one more year later and perhaps that’s the extent of our relationship-I’m on one side of the table and they’re on the other.

Around the Horn: I’m Batman

San Diego Comic Con has just ended and I’m sure it was another memorable conference with really long lines for events. I myself have never been to Comic Con but I sure do look at all the pictures and videos that come out of the exciting week of geekery. I just read that Ben Affleck, who will be playing the new Batman in the highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, will be directing, co-writing, and starring in his own stand-alone Batman movie. Part of me cringes since he single handedly ruined my favorite Marvel character Daredevil. But since there have been so many actors who have portrayed Batman, anything is possible right? For me I would have liked to see Michael C Hall from Dexter play Batman. Tall, dark, mysterious, seems to have lotsa personal problems, probably can kick ass, and more importantly, embodies the character he plays. Plus if he did a little Dexter revenge killing on the side as Batman, that would be a pretty gnarly side story.

Michael C. Hall

Michael C. Hall

I know Anderson just mentioned the old Tim Burton’s Batman premiering in Hawaii and Phil about (Mis)cast but to bring up the Batman subject up again, if Ben Affleck could be casted as Batman, who else would you want to see play Batman?

YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown: MINIONS


1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot or a “based on…” and how does it compare to the previous version, or the source material?

Liz: MINIONS is a spinoff series of the popular little twinkie/tatertot characters from the DESPICABLE ME movie franchise. They speak gibberish that oddly sounds a lot like Spanish and their goal is to work for the most evil boss they can find.

SIDE NOTE: You should know, that I have a very particular sense of “cute.” I love Hello Kitty. If something is round and organic in shape, fluffy, cutely colored, and funny looking, I will probably like it and want to squeeze it to death (like my dogs). Technically, I should love the Minions! They’re roundish, funny, and have personalities. However, even in DESPICABLE ME, I just could not get behind them. I know that I should think they’re cute, and yet something about the combination of their primary colors (Hello Kitty is made of primary colors and I love her), their weird language (Stitch has an alien language and I love him), and their slapstick humor (I’m a sucker for any physical comedy) makes me just cringe when thinking about them. I just wanted to bring all of this up so that you are aware that I was not the happiest camper going to see this movie. However, I was pumped to see it theater filled with kids, so I could tell what made the kids laugh even if I didn’t find things particularly funny.

Standing In Line For The Measles


California state Senator Richard Pan is being hailed in the press as a hero for helping to pass Senate Bill 277, which tightens the state’s famously loose laws on vaccination rules for school children.


SB277 eliminates the “personal belief exemption” loop hole which had allowed parents to send kids to school potentially carrying, say, measles or the mumps, because some half-informed celebrity or left coast new age healer pronounced vaccinations inherently harmful, a government conspiracy, a big pharma money grab, or a combination of all three.


9 Quick Thoughts on Comic-Con 2015 From Days 2, 3 & 4

A few more very brief thoughts on Comic-Con 2015 in San Diego, to be wrapped up in a near-future blog:

1. This Asian Captain Eo guy.
photo (11)

2. The tone set by the Star Wars panel seemed to be “sentimental nostalgia-fest” and I’m totally okay with that. They revealed little except that everyone is totally geeked-out to be working on a Star Wars film again.
photo (10)

3. However, I got the idea in my head that they were going to show some more preview material of Episode VII at some secret screening somewhere, and was momentarily sure that it would be at the midnight screening of “Corvette Summer,” an unremarkable 70′s film starring Mark Hamill that otherwise seemed out of place at a Comic-Con film program. Unfortunately, it turned out to actually be just three dudes in a big ballroom watching “Corvette Summer.”

The Pizza/Fried Chicken Hybrid You Never Knew You Wanted is Here (If You Live in the Philippines)

Meet KFC’s Chizza—which is basically a pizza with a crust made out of fried chicken instead of bread:


This new creation is only available at KFC locations in the Philippines and the reaction seems to be mostly positive, once again giving credence to my theory that Asia gets the best most interesting fast food. Here’s an ad for the Chizza:

How to Keep Cool in a Heatwave the Chinese Way

When things get hot in the Chinese city of Sichuan, people go the local saltwater pool in Daying County to cool off (aka the largest indoor water pool in China). And when it gets really hot like it did this weekend, you have some 8,000 people getting in at the same time to cool off.


Who’s up for the ultimate pool party?


Comic-Con 2015 Notes From Preview Night and Day 1

photo 4

Everybody chill the F out. Galactus is here, and he’s eating the whole planet.

Quick notes from the first two days of San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

- We met Peter Capaldi, the current Dr. Who, at a restaurant in the Gaslamp. I am not a Dr. Who person but was with someone who is, and she freaked the frak out. He is a very nice fellow to let us interrupt his dinner to take photos with him.

So is Today ‘No Bra Day’ or Not?


So according to the internet, today, July 9, is No Bra Day. But also according to the internet, No Bra Day is October 13. So which is it, internet?! Because it can’t be both! That’s like saying you have two birthdays in one year or two Christmases or two Arbor Days—that’s just crazy talk and will lead to anarchy and the breakdown of our social order.

And yet, according to the internet, both days are designated as our official bra-free days. Here’s why it’s important to uncover the truth:

Comic-Con Set Up and Preview Night


Giant Robot is still at Booth 1729 and the days are already flying by. The toughest part is the set up and Preview Night. The simple booth is actually quite engineered. The poles which hold up the signs is a huge part of the booth. Without it, the booth would be merely a set of tables and us standing behind it. It’s the window dressing to make the booth look whole. The banners, the colors, and the items hanging from it, all lead people’s eyes in.


Now We are Six


Six years ago today, our YOMYOMF blog launched with this random but informative post about surviving plane crashes. And here we are. We have some major changes and announcements planned for 2015 so keep your eyes out for that. But to commemorate this birthday (since we can’t legally drink yet), here’s a poem by Winnie the Pooh creator A.A. Milne that seems appropriate: