The Daily Buzz at C3: An Interview with Randall Park

The 31st edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAPFF) presented by Visual Communications concluded last week and it was a blast to celebrate Asian American media and artists. This year was a banner year with highly anticipated feature films, documentaries and short films. Check out the Festival recap.

In addition to the Festival, VC also presents the Conference for Creative Content (C3), presented by Sony Pictures Entertainment. C3 is the premier entertainment media conference bringing together top industry and creative professionals, especially from Asian American content creators breaking new ground. Over two days, these esteemed panelists connect with the audience that include academics, filmmakers, new media creatives, industry executives and community organizations by not only speaking about their craft, but to reflect on the new directions in which creative visions are finding expression.

An Open Letter to the Entitled and, Yes, Racist White Woman who Didn’t Want to Pay $5 for Parking


Dear Entitled, Racist White Woman:

And yes, that’s what you are. Entitled and racist. I was in the car behind you in the parking lot of the Brentwood Countrymart a couple of days ago as you tried to exit the lot and witnessed your “interaction” with the parking attendant. Look, I get it, you’re from Brentwood—which has its fair share of entitled and racist white people—but at least those people usually try to put on a semblance of “liberalism” and “enlightenment” when they’re out in public, but you—nope, none of that seems to be in your DNA.

So here’s what I saw unfold before me: you drove up to the parking attendant to exit the lot and he asked for your parking ticket. You handed it to him and he pointed out that the ticket was not validated, therefore, you had to pay the rate of $5. This basically sent you into a rage where you spouted a whole litany of clichés like “I’m not going to pay for parking” and “It’s not my problem that my ticket wasn’t validated”.

This Week in Internet Cuteness: Owl Shits on Owl Friend & Then Flies Away


Yup, this video is exactly what the title promises. Some may say this is more “disgusting” than “cute”, but while it would not be adorable if one of your buddies were to shit on you and then run away, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is pretty priceless nonetheless. And what’s best is the reaction of the friend owl to both being shit on and watching the offender fly out of there as quickly as possible:

The Best and Worst Female Characters in FLASH and ARROW, by a Dude Who Watches This Stuff


From left: Black Canary, Merlyn, Made of Light, KATANA!!!, John Diggle

So, women in superhero movies and TV shows? Yeah there sure are. There was some hubbub this week about Joss Whedon possibly canceling his Twitter account because of complaints about the portrayal of Black Widow in the AVENGERS. (He didn’t, and really, are we blaming militant feminists now for mis-reported tweet-shaming? What the crap is that?) It is all part of a rich debate over gender and racial diversity in the comic-book-based entertainment that is taking over our lives. My basic feelings about this boil down to:

1) There are a ton of excellent female characters who are Avengers, X-People, and Justice Leaguers. They have existed for a lot longer and been through a lot more shit than Katniss.

Happy Condom Day!



Today, May 6, is Condom Day in Japan! Why? Well, here’s the official explanation:

In Japanese, the numbers “5” and “6” can be pronounced as “go” and “mu” respectively, resulting in “gomu” when read together. Gomu may refer to rubber, latex, or a slang term for condoms, but obviously more people would rather celebrate the latter. And it seems like one of they ways they observe this anniversary is by posting photos of themselves posing with condoms…

So take that condom selfie and post away—let the world know you’re all about that safe sex.

Mother’s Day: The Bullet Points


“For Mother’s Day, you can just get me another gift card from ‘Black Angus.’”

“Okay. Done.”


Thus began – and ended – the discussion my mom and I had regarding Mother’s Day festivities.

It’s how we roll.

We’re both actually very sentimental – we wax on about childhood Saturday nights spent eating grapes and watermelon together while watching sit-coms like “Three’s Company” and “The Love Boat,”…

…and we both shake our heads in disbelief and dismay at where the time has gone (I certainly don’t know – blink and a decade or two slip by) – but we’re also both very pragmatic about some things, and our irrepressible love of pared down emotional efficiency shines through: she is, after all, 100% German, and I’m 50%.

So, in keeping with the Teutonic spirit of efficiency, here is a bullet point list of some of the things that make me love my mother so deeply and so dearly.

Agents of SHIELD — “Scars” — Season 2, Episode 20


Much better than last week’s episode…. With the fallout of AGE OF ULTRON, we find out that Theta Protocol was a secret mission led by Coulson to retrieve a helicarrier for Nick Fury and hey, he did, with the help of the Koenig brothers. Also, it brought Coulson back into the good graces of the other SHIELD and Coulson also agreed to join forces as one and also run things by committee.

Hey, If You’re a Beautiful Woman who Resembles a Japanese Porn Star, Alibaba Wants You to Inspire Their Programmers

Last week, Alibaba aka our Chinese internet overlords, placed a job posting for a female to fill the position of “programmer encouragement specialist”. And what makes one qualified for this position? Well, you should resemble either Japanese porn star Sora Aoi or Korean actress Song Hye-kyo and be able to inspire the team of developers to do “excellent and lasting work”.

Sora Aoi

Sora Aoi

In fact, you don’t have to “be a peerless talent” as long as you possess “female beauty that exceeds nature itself”.

After much criticism, the posting was removed and Alibaba issued this statement: “We apologize to anyone offended by this ad and have taken it down. Alibaba is committed to providing equal opportunity and fair treatment to all employees on the basis of merit, without discrimination.”

YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown is back with AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


The summer movie season is upon us as we return with another edition of the YOMYOMF SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SHOWDOWN, where a bunch of Offenders pontificate about this year’s tentpoles. The first 2015 showdown out of the gate — Marvel’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!

1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot and how does it compare to the previous version?

Dom: The sequel to THE AVENGERS is as fun and pseudo-stupid as its predecessor, but not in exactly the same ways. The main improvement is that Captain America has learned a lot about fighting for film since the first AVENGERS, owing to the excellent WINTER SOLDIER, which, thus far, has gotta be the best Marvel movie for normal people.

AROUND THE HORN: Sunk Costs and Prices We Pay.

As I was in an introspective mood recently, a brutally honest assessment of my life so far guided me through a handful of situations where the Sunk Cost Fallacy threw a wrench into the clockwork of my life.

I distinctly remember dating someone that, once we passed a certain amount of time together, I found very hard to tear myself away from. It wasn’t healthy; neither of us was happy; but we both stuck it out until it exploded into a magnificent set of flames.

At least we didn’t get married.


What situations have you been in where the Fallacy has come into play? Are you in one right now?

PHILIP: I should start off by saying that I don’t necessarily subscribe to this idea that you invest so much into something that ends up being “negative.” I think even in the example of your relationship, as bad as that experience might have been, I’d like to think it led you to re-assess certain things about yourself and what you learn from that experience is just as valuable than if the relationship had turned out more positively.

Holy Shitballs, What Sort of Evil Bridge is This?

This is the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan. It’s the third largest bridge in the world and stretches about a mile long:


And as you can see from the picture above, it looks batshit crazy. Many have described it more like a roller coaster than a bridge that any sane driver would dare cross. Once again, take a look:

Hug a Filipino Today


Today is an unofficial day of mourning for Filipinos all across the globe. So if you come across a Filipino with a blank, zombie-like expression as if his or her very soul or reason for living had been sucked out of them…or a Filipino unable to even find the will to eat the delicious plate of Jollibee spaghetti and hot dogs laid out on the table…or a Filipino who can’t even respond coherently to your suggestion that you will treat them to a night of free karaoke…well, actually, there may be nothing you can do to truly help, but…

You can give that Filipino a hug.

Don’t be shy–unlike other Asians, Filipinos are cool with physical displays of affection. So don’t just make it a regular hug, but a passionate Floyd Mayweather hug. The type of hug that says, “yo, I’m a hugger not a fighter.” Well, “I’m an occasional runner too but still not a fighter” hug.