SAF seeking… The meaning of ‘Defect’

Celebrate or cry? (Btw: this is not my sonogram.)

Celebrate or cry? (Btw: this is not my sonogram.)

“We found…”

Not exactly the words you want to hear when you’re already having an unplanned pregnancy as a soon-to-be single mom.

My best friend had excitedly accompanied me to the 20 week sonogram. Life was looking good. I was finally over the first trimester of constant headaches and nausea. I had a little bit more energy. And I was slowly beginning to accept the decision to have a child at this point in my life.

Green Arrow & The Flash (Episodes 2) : No, the Asian Superhero hasn’t appeared yet

guest_offendersDominic Mah is a writer, filmmaker, erratic blogger at, and ex-professional gambler. Soon he will be premiering a reality show about Bay Area karaoke singers at He critiques popculture both as @dommah (normal dude) and@thorhulkcritic (Hulked-out Marvel rage-monster/god). He also will be responsible for #AvengersVsXmenTexting on the InstaTwitterSocialMediaSphere.


I bet some of you nerds thought ^that^ was the title for a BRAVE & BOLD movie, right? In yer dreams! Oh wait, Warner Bros. just announced that they will produce 10 DC movies from next year through 2020!

Suicide Squad? Seriously? Rad.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ‘Face My Enemy’ – Season 2 Episode 4 Review


This was a fun episode that was pretty self contained (well, aside for Coulson and May, who were in the field) and also provided some fun, undercover mission hijinks. In classic Star Trek TV terms, this was a “bottle episode”, where most of the main cast was confined to one existing set, which would be the Enterprise and in this case, the “boat” or the S.H.I.E.L.D. plane.

Coulson and May play a snotty rich married couple who tango their way into an exclusive party for high rollers thrown by some unknown dictator/crime boss. Their goal: to infiltrate his mansion and find a rare, hundreds year old religious painting that has the alien writing engraved on the back of said painting. But, Hydra is also on the hunt for it, as Daniel Whitehall is also looking into the alien writing as well, continuing Hydra’s mission to search for and harness the power of alien tech for world domination.

FLASH FACT, Episode 2: It Would Take 850 Tacos Just To Be The Flash


Dominic Mah is a writer, filmmaker, erratic blogger at, and ex-professional gambler. Soon he will be premiering a reality show about Bay Area karaoke singers at He critiques popculture both as @dommah (normal dude) and@thorhulkcritic (Hulked-out Marvel rage-monster/god). He also will be responsible for #AvengersVsXmenTexting on the InstaTwitterSocialMediaSphere.

In JLA #2, Flash talks to us about Flash Facts (I believe the great Grant Morrison coined this term). Flash Facts are little factoids relevant to having the power of super-speed, which Flash calls upon whenever he’s tearing the laws of physics a new worm-hole.


Ode to Nature


Nature works in beautiful and mysterious ways. Almost 8 years ago, I went into a pet store where a cockatiel jumped on my finger and refused to leave me. I took him home and named him Holden. A year later, I got him a companion cockatiel Toffey and a few years later they gave birth to Mochi. In a couple years, Holden, the father, began having sex with Mochi, his daughter. I was at first disapproving but then I realized that they were going to do what they would do with or without my approval… so I let it go but was hoping that they wouldn’t have children together.

The Other Non-Anderson Review: THE WALKING DEAD – Season 5 – Episode 1

TWD - SEASON 5 - EPISODE ONEDavid here! I’ll be expressing my thoughts about last night’s “The Walking Dead” season premiere.

My fellow offender Anderson has reviewed this too, but I’ll give my short version of how I felt about this premiere episode.

I have to say that this was an exceptional piece of zombie apocalypse goodness! Carol is fast becoming one of my favorite characters, she’s even more bad ass than Rick… so sad to say. Love to the writers who didn’t give in to the obvious of having another drawn-out “let’s stay here and get comfortable and see how we can screw up this place” plot… but hey, we still got a whole season to screw it up. But props to all who made Terminus just a short visit for the bigger show… and those who read the comics know what I mean… that better be the foul mouth, sarcastic, baddest moro at the end of this episode who’s named Negan (hopefully played by Kevin Durand). I only need his trusty sidekick Lucille to confirm that notion, but I’ll live with that dream for now.

Around the Horn: The Supernatural Edition


I love October because my favorite holiday falls in this month: Halloween. I don’t like dressing up in costume but I love scaring people and sharing “ghost” stories. I’ve shared a number of “true” ghost stories on this blog in the past like this and this.

I don’t know if I truly believe in the supernatural but I try to keep an open mind. What about the rest of you? Do you believe in the supernatural? Any stories of weird things that have happened to you or that you’ve heard? Let’s try to scare the hell our of our readers.

ROGER: When I was in preschool, I lived in Illinois. My neighbors had two young sons my same age. They were twins named David and Luke. Like most twins, they were very different – one was very outgoing and gregarious and another was very shy and hardly ever spoke. From preschool to first grade I played with the two boys just about everyday after school. We were the three musketeers. After that, my parents moved us to California. Fast forward about twenty years, I was in Chicago on business and decided to visit my childhood home. To my surprise, the same neighbors next door were still living there. Well, at least the parents were. So I swung over to say hello. It was nice that they remembered me. After a bit of polite chit chat, I asked them how David and Luke were.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Premiere — “No Sanctuary” Review


Well, that was a kick-ass season premiere! THE WALKING DEAD, the #1 TV drama in pretty much all the rankings, returned with a bang, immediately where we left our band of heroes last season — captured in Terminus, the so-called haven, which is actually a true terminus for people who end up there, because the people who run the place live with the motto of being the butcher to everyone else being cattle. Yep, they eat people. And not in a soylent green we pretend it’s not food made out of people, they go all out backyard BBQ as if its some Austin smoked beef brisket hot spot.

Annnnnddddd…Exhale! A Recap of the 2014 Consortium of Asian American Theatre Artists Conference/Festival


Roger Tang wears hats. Lots of hats. So many hats he needs to check them to see what he needs to do at any given moment. Last he checked, he wrote two scenes for Revealed, a site specific piece for SIS Productions. Next time he checks, he might be producing the Northwest premiere of Carla Ching’s Fast Company for Pork Filled Productions. And if he checks again, he might realize he needs to update the Asian American Theatre Revue with even more news and events in Asian American theatre across the country. Hats. Sigh.

kt Shorb, Kat Evasco, Viet Nguyen, Anu Yadav, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama

kt Shorb, Kat Evasco, Viet Nguyen, Anu Yadav, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama

EVENTThe book is closed on the 2014 Consortium of Asian American Theatre Artists Conference/Festival (that’s CAATA and ConFest for short), the fourth of its kind. Like other Asian American theatre artists, I leave feeling both drained and energized. Drained, because it was constantly go-go-go: watching panels, catching new pieces, networking with fellow professionals, etc. etc. etc. Energized because making art can be lonely, especially for Asian American artists; knowing that you’re not alone, that you have peers that support you is simply exhilarating.

I’ve been to previous conferences (plus the convening in Seattle in 1999), wearing many hats. I write, first with the Pork Filled Players, then with SIS Productions in Seattle. I’m also a producer/administrator, having served as a fundraiser for the late Northwest Asian American Theatre and as founder/Executive Director of Pork Filled Players/Productions. And finally, I am the editor of the Asian American Theatre Revue, the online calendar and news journal about Asian American theatre events that virtually binds, connects and informs Asian American theatre artists around the world (I’m literally the reason the conference knew some groups even existed).

Is Nickelodeon’s Commitment to Diversity “Exploitative and Predatory”?


Last week, Matthew Klickstein, the author of the book SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age, gave an racist “interesting” interview to flavorwire (you can read it all here). In the interview, Klickstein comes off as the grouchy old man who constantly talks about how great things were in the old days and how everything now sucks (and oh yeah, get off his lawn, kids!).

So when it comes to Nickelodeon’s programming, Klickstein is very adamant that the old Nick shows were much, much better than any of the shows the kids’ network currently has on. And why is that? Well, because white people worked on the old ones and they weren’t as “diverse” as the shows today and we all know diversity=suckiness. Check out this excerpt from his interview and enjoy your weekend dose of white privilege:

Hello! Exploring the Super cute world of Hello Kitty


Liz Ho (@elizabethhoacts) I am a fortune cookie: a crispy-Asian-American-treat that will give you useless advice & lotto numbers. I love Star Trek, alpacasso, Star Wars (IV-VI), makeup, reading, and taking daily pictures of my ewok of a dog named Cooper. I am also an actor. (Photography by Argeesht Mirzakhanian)


When I was asked by YOMYOMF to cover the first ever North American exhibit of Hello Kitty called HELLO! EXPLORING THE SUPERCUTE WORLD OF HELLO KITTY at the Japanese American National Museum (aka the homebase for the first ever HELLO KITTY CONVENTION, which will happen later this month), I about shat my pants. I. LOVE. HELLO. KITTY. I will full on admit to the internet that I am a huge fan and perhaps hoarder of all things Sanrio, especially Hello Kitty.