Facebook Doesn’t Think This Facebook Page That’s Racist Against Asians is Racist Against Asians

Hey, here’s some good news for you dumb American racist fucks: there are dumb racist fucks in other parts of the world too so 1) you’re not alone and 2) it must be nice to know others enjoy in-breeding too. Today’s example of this comes to us from Brisbane, Australia—specifically a suburb named Sunnybank and a Facebook page called “Humans of Sunnybank”. And apparently, the humans of Sunnybank all happen to be gross stereotypes of Asians. Like so:


The Global Asians for Action and Social Change (GAASC), an advocacy group, has asked Facebook to take down the page citing its xenophobia and racism against the community’s Asian population. Sunnybank is home to about 3,000 residents of Asian heritage or 35% of the population. But so far, Facebook has taken no action in the case, arguing the page does not violate its “community standards”.

So let’s take a look at what sort of material does not violate “community standards”. The “Humans of Sunnybank” page attempts to humorously speak in the voices of the area’s Asian residents. And apparently what those Asians spend their time discussing are such things as…how bad they are at driving:

Plates of Makoto Kagoshima


Woody stems lead to primitive flowers with inscribed details. Birds are regal, nearing religiousness and the occasional fish appear in mid glide. These examples are the works of Japanese artist, Makoto Kagoshima. The details are seldom minimal on the plates, bowls, and dishes. His work is primal and cute at the same time, and each piece has the perfect balance between color and negative space which gives each detail it’s own weight. I’m told that the edges are ribbed by the pressing of sea shells which are plentiful in his home area of Fukuoka, Japan.


The Daily Buzz at Comic-con 2015 — Podcast Episodes 6 – 12

The Daily Buzz, the film and entertainment news podcast produced by Irene Cho recently returned from Comic-con 2015 and we’re going to be posting the various podcast episodes straight from San Diego. Here’s podcast episodes 6 through 12.

Podcast Episode 6

Interview with Rod Roddenberry (CEO, Roddenberry Entertainment and son of Gene Roddenberry (STAR TREK).

Podcast Episode 7

The Daily Buzz spoke with Ryan Peterson (Brand Manager, Rainbow Six Siege-UBISOFT); Michael Kinney (Extra Life, Children’s Miracle Network Hospital); Laura Moberg Lavoie (Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, CA) at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp district across from the San Diego Convention Center at the 46th Annual Comic-con International San Diego 2015.

YOMYOMF Rewatch: A Majority of One (1961)


FILM: A Majority of One (1961)
DIRECTOR: Mervyn LeRoy
PLOT LOGLINE: An elderly Jewish widow meets a Japanese widower on a steamboat to Japan and the two fall in love despite their differences. But complications arise that puts their relationship to the test.

Leonard Spigelgass adapted his own hit Broadway play for the silver screen with Mister Roberts director Mervyn LeRoy at the helm. The film opens in the small Brooklyn apartment of Bertha Jacoby (Rosalind Russell), a recently widowed Jewish matriarch, who is awaiting a visit from her daughter Alice (Madlyn Rhue) and diplomat son-in-law Jerry (Ray Danton). Keeping Mrs. Jacoby company is her friend and neighbor, Essie Rubin (Mae Questal).

Alice and Jerry arrive, only to immediately get in an argument with Mrs. Rubin when she explains that she is considering moving out of Brooklyn because “that element is moving in” meaning “the colored and Puerto Ricans”. The young couple are shocked by Mrs. Rubin’s casual racism to which she replies, “It’s not a question of prejudice. I just don’t like to live with them.”

Have You Seen the Gay Thai Porn Version of ‘Jurassic World’?

Gay porn site GThai Movie released their porn parody of Jurassic World yesterday, cleverly titled Jurassic Porn.


As you can see from the following screenshots, they’ve gone to extensive lengths to re-create the icon moments from this summer’s big blockbuster including the “Chris Pratt tames the raptors” scene:


The “I’m being attacked by two super-realistic looking dinosaurs” scene:

The Daily Buzz at Comic-con 2015 Podcasts Episode 1 – 5

P1080621 (1)
The Daily Buzz, the film and entertainment news podcast produced by Irene Cho recently returned from Comic-con 2015 and we’re going to be posting the various podcast episodes straight from San Diego. Here’s podcast episodes 1 through 5.
In episode 1, the Daily Buzz at Comicon International San Diego spoke with filmmakers, Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne about their documentary, “The Death of Superman Lives”: What Happened?” on the patio of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, overlooking the San Diego Bay.
Directed by Jon Schnepp, this feature length documentary film focuses on the 1996
Warner Brothers’ “Superman Lives” which had Tim Burton attached to direct and Nicolas Cage as Superman. The film is packed with interviews including director Tim Burton; screenwriter Kevin Smith; producers Jon Peters and Lorenzo di Bonaventura; production designer Rick Heinrichs; special effects artist/designer Steve Johnson, and costume designer Colleen Atwood, just to name a few. “The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?” explores what could have been one of the most exciting Superman movies ever made.
Comic-con Podcast Episode 1:

I HATE It When My Favorite Bands Are Dismissed As “One Hit Wonders”


Here and there, on VH1, say, or the web, I’ll come across a “Greatest One Hit Wonders” type show and chuckle along affectionately when the videos to “Safety Dance” or “Walking On Sunshine” or “In My House” are shown – yes, I grew up in the 80′s – but when Devo’s “Whip It” or Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” or the Go Go’s “We Got The Beat” are included, my eyes bulge, I start to foam at the mouth, capillaries burst, and anyone within earshot is forced to hear me rant about “incompetent list makers,” “musical know-nothings,” “unheralded bodies of fine work,” “short sightedness,” “band wagonneering,” “complete lack of vision,” “underrated genius,” “the cold and vindicating eye of history,” and reams of unprintable vitriol.



YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown: ANT-MAN


1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot or a “based on…” and how does it compare to the previous version, or the source material?
DOMMAH: ANT-MAN is based on a superhero in the Marvel Universe, and is also a loose remake of WONDER WOMAN Episode 306, in which Wonder Woman battles Formicida, an insane chemist with the power of a human-sized ant.

Liz: Whoa DOMMAH. I had no idea that ANT-MAN was based on a WONDER WOMAN episode. #KnowledgeIsPower. I would say that ANT-MAN is a new branch in the Marvel Avenger’s movie universe that Disney hopes to make tons of money off of.

The Novel About a Female Half-Chinese Gender-Bending Ghost Whisperer Fighting a Mythical Monster Set in the American Old West is Finally Here


And that novel, released earlier this year, is Vermilion by Molly Tanzer. It’s true that the description of the book, which I feel I’ve captured fairly well in my headline above, should’ve been enough to pique my interest in reading Tanzer’s latest, but it was something the author said in an interview that really won me over. Tanzer said she set out to write a novel that took place “in the past of Big Trouble in Little China.”

For those not familiar with it, Big Trouble in Little China is the 1986 John Carpenter cult film starring Kurt Russell and Dennis Dun set in a mythical San Francisco Chinatown filled with magic, monsters and women with green eyes. It’s also a fun and subversive movie that takes a lot of the tropes of martial arts flicks and “Oriental” mysticism and turns them on their head. The idea that Tanzer was writing a story set in that same world—an unofficial prequel of sorts taking place some one hundred years before the events of Carpenter’s film–was intriguing.

Let’s Wish Our Japanese Friends A Happy Hand-Job Day!


Yes, tomorrow is Hand-Job Day in Japan–at least according to Japanese sex toy company Tenga. Why is tomorrow Hand-Job Day, you may ask? Well, here’s a handy explanation:

Japanese company Tenga, which makes a line of masturbation toys by the same name, is dubbing July 21 as “Hand Job Day.” The reason is that “masturbation” in Japanese is “onanii” (オナニー), which is a pun on 07.21 (“o” for “zero”; “na” for “seven” or “nana” in Japanese; “ni” means “two” in Japanese; and here, they’re making a pun on the long vowel mark “ー” by saying it refers to “一” or “ichi,” which means “one.”) So, “Jerk Off Day” is probably more accurate.

To commemorate this special day, Tenga has even come up with their own superhero named Tengaman and made this short film to introduce him to the world:

Around the Horn: Mixing Children into the Theater audience

More swords!  More blood!  We must entertain the CHILDREN!!!!

More swords! More blood! We must entertain the CHILDREN!!!!

I work at a fair-sized non-profit theater in the education department, and my goal is to bring the joy of live theater to kids in the public and private school systems. So today, I proudly led 60 enthusiastic student-actors and their families to our main stage show tonight to see a classic piece of Spanish theater complete with sword fights and classical text and fake blood! Huzzah!

I nervously stood to the side, gathering my courage to say the curtain speech -a duty given to all company members at some point- when I overheard one of the regular patrons grumble to her partner, “There’s kids in the audience.” The excited kids nearby got quiet and slumped in their seats.