So What’s Up with This ‘Black Person Toothpaste’?

Yup, this is a real thing in Asia:


I had previously heard about “Darlie (formerly “Darkie”) Toothpaste” or “Black Person Toothpaste” (i.e. the literal Chinese translation of the brand name) from friends who had grown up in Hong Kong and Taiwan. You’d think in this day and age such a product would’ve been, oh, I don’t know—discontinued or changed, but apparently, according to writer Clarissa Wei, it’s still being sold roughly as is.

Here’s some background on the product from Wei’s xojane piece:

Sold by an Asian company named Hawley & Hazel and partially owned by America’s Colgate-Palmolive, the brand was born after the founder had seen comedian Al Jolson in his 1920s blackface show. The whiteness of Jolson’s teeth reportedly impressed him and thus, a new product and marketing campaign.

If You Have $1 Million & Want a Japanese Giant Robot, You’re in Luck

Yup, a fully functioning mecha suit can be yours for the low price of only $1 million thanks to Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry which now has the Kuratas, the aforementioned mecha suit, for sale on Amazon.


It’s a five-ton, 13-foot robot with a cockpit that, among other things, can fire BB cannons (sold separately of course). Here’s a demonstration video from 2012 when the Kuratas was first introduced as an art installation project:

AROUND THE HORN: Juicy Fruit at the End of the World

I wanted to keep it light this week, so my question is: when the world ends, what’s the one tangible thing you hope will still be around?

Of course, it would be great if stuff like compassion for your fellow man and a working sense of humor still existed, but we all know those aren’t the important things. What we all want to know is where will we find the stockpiles of Shin Black microwaveable ramen; blue Monster; or – my personal favorite – Juicy Fruit?


Since I’ve already plugged Juicy Fruit three times now, I’ll share my only other obsession: Pringles. Yes, Sour Cream & Onions is a great flavor, but I’m thinking those containers could probably be fashioned as some sort of improvised weapon.

A Return to ’0506HK’


My ex-boss Director Peter Chan ruminated with me about my own future in 0506HK

My ex-boss Director Peter Chan ruminated with me about my own future in 0506HK

After almost 10 years since I started making my first documentary feature 0506HK, I was brought back to my little known and seen film by a festival in Kochi, India, which is showcasing it in their “Make Belong” program as part of Kochi-Muzuris Biennale. Right after Ethan Mao between 2005 and 2006, I picked up a prosumer HD camcorder and decided to make a film about my own search for identity. I had just turned 35 and I was wondering if I should return to my birthplace—Hong Kong—to live and make films.

Making Money In Havana

“Fredo, we gotta go to Cuba before it’s too late.”



My business partner Nick, who co-owns a dive bar with me, seemed genuinely worried.

“Now that Obama’s opened it up, there’s gonna be this tidal wave, and if we’re not surfing it, we’re gonna drown in the whitewash.”

Normally Nick is a man of few words: he lets his tattoos and notoriety as the president of a local motorcycle club do the talking for him.  So when Nick waxed poetic about the ocean, my ears were pricked.

Filipino MILF Hearts the Pope

The Pope is making a trip to the Philippines and it’s such a big deal in that heavily Catholic country that people are considering wearing adult diapers for the visit. But according to this Filipino newspaper, one particular group is definitely ready to embrace the Pope’s visit:


You go, MILF! If you weren’t already busy enough sending your children’s male friends into bouts of early puberty with your hot MILFness, it touches my heart that you’d take time out to welcome the Pope.

Marvel’s AGENT CARTER ‘Time and Tide’ Episode Review


As Agent Carter closes in on Howard Stark’s stolen technology, Peggy’s secret mission could unravel when the SSR arrests Jarvis and a secret is revealed. This week’s episode, titled “Time and Tide,” was more slower paced that last week’s back-to-back premieres of episodes 1 and 2. It explored more of the societal constraints of being a woman in 1946 with Peggy’s living situation at the woman’s dormitory where a tenant was kicked out because her boyfriend had snuck into her apartment the night before, to her covering up a crucial piece of evidence against Jarvis by perpetuating the fact that she misfiled something, which made the SSR’s case against Jarvis fall apart and all because she’s a stupid woman making her stupid woman mistakes.

10 Chopstick-Centric Episode Ideas for ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat’


The cast and producers of ABC’s upcoming series Fresh Off the Boat took to the stage in Pasadena today to talk about their show in front of 200 television critics at the TCA presentation in Pasadena and by all accounts, things got weird (read EW’s account of the event here). The first question asked of the panelists by a TV “journalist” was this: “I love the Asian culture. And I was just talking about the chopsticks. And I just love all that. Will I get to see that? Or will it be more Americanized?”

While it may be easy to dismiss the question as ignorant or racist, I’m going to stand by the philosophy that there are no stupid questions. So if idiotic white people want to see chopsticks when Fresh Off the Boat premieres in February, by jove, their desires should be accommodated because they’re white people. So to help the producers/writers in this endeavor, here are 10 suggestions for how chopsticks can be integrated into future episodes:

DeNiro, DiCaprio and Scorsese hawk new Macau casino

Remember back in the day, before YouTube, when Hollywood stars could make some extra bucks (or a few million bucks) by hawking wacky stuff in international commercials? They would keep their anonymity because these commercials were rarely seen in the States.

Well, those days are over. Case-in-point, this new $70 million casino ad starring Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio (still basking from his most amazing summer ever with his beard and sumo knot) and Robert DeNiro.


Men with Bigger Bellies Have Better Sex Because Science


So I want the ladies reading this to know that if I choose to eschew six-pack abs, I’m doing it all for you. According to a new scientific study, men with bigger bellies last longer in bed than those with the more traditionally thinner, washboard abs.

In fact, guys with guts are able to perform the nasty for an average of 7.3 minutes while those without guts only averaged 2 minutes. It seems that men with more belly fat produce more of the hormone estradiol which helps to inhibit orgasms because…science. Thus, leading to longer lovemaking.

So ladies, when you’re looking for a sex partner who will truly satisfy you, remember to just say no to this: