The Most Depressing Starbucks in America is Getting a Makeover

Last year, I blogged about the newly opened Starbucks in Highland Park, California, just miles from our YOMYOMF Office in South Pasadena—the one dubbed “the Most Depressing Starbucks in America”. Well, as I drove past it the other day on my way to the office, I noticed this sight:


It looks like that Starbucks is finally getting that makeover they promised the community. What the new Starbucks will look like remains to be seen, but I will be there the moment they open to check it out. The only question is—if they do indeed renovate the business into something aesthetically appropriate that the community is happy with, where will sad Keanu get his afternoon lattes?

Arrow “The Return”


Dominic Mah is a writer, director, erratic blogger at, and rock musical enthusiast. He recently co-wrote a feature film about superheroes and sidekicks. He is working on a startup comic book. He is often found in karaoke bars being @dommah and @thorhulkcritic.


This week’s ARROW is a two-pronged flashback: in the present, Oliver and Thea return to the prison island Lian Yu for some LOST-esque survivalizing. In the past, longhaired Oliver returns to Starling City for the first time since escaping Lian Yu (the first time) with his mega-improved archery skills.

Also we have the return of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, whom Malcolm Merlyn sets free to test the Queens’ killer instinct. The idea is that none in the Arrow gang will survive Ras al Ghul’s forthcoming wrath unless Oliver is willing to kill. Malcolm has these types of ideas because he’s an Evil Mastermind.

Why 80s Teen Movies were the Best

Why were 80s teen movies the best? With last weekend’s major milestone being the 30th anniversary of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, why does that film, as well as countless other 80s classics like PRETTY IN PINK, BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE GOONIES, DIRTY DANCING, FOOTLOOSE, WEIRD SCIENCE, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, STAND BY ME, SAY ANYTHING, THE KARATE KID and FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, among countless others, so timeless? If anything, they’re definitely time capsules and (some more than others) have not aged very well. For every SAY ANYTHING, there’s  a BETTER OFF DEAD, which is kind of a stupid movie, but it still works to this day.

Happy New Year! And What is This the Year of Again?

Want to wish our readers a Happy Lunar New Year (noticed I used “Lunar” instead of “Chinese” since a lot of non-Chinese Asians also celebrate the holiday)! And of course the big question is: is this the year of the goat or the sheep or the ram? Because it’s getting confusing seeing this:


And this:


And this:

Marvel’s AGENT CARTER “Snafu” Review

Peggy is cornered and more vulnerable than ever as Leviathan makes their move against her. As the SSR zeroes in on Howard Stark, they may pay the ultimate price as they find their true enemy is closer than they realized.

(Spoilers ahead)

Flash “Fallout”: Consensual Firestorming, Time Travel & Gorillas


Dominic Mah is a writer, director, erratic blogger at, and rock musical enthusiast. He recently co-wrote a feature film about superheroes and sidekicks. He is working on a startup comic book. He is often found in karaoke bars being @dommah and @thorhulkcritic.


Firestorm separates into his two component people, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, and they bicker about the inconveniences of sharing one body: hygiene, different haircut preferences, fractured personality, etc. Caitlin and Ronnie are reunited and make a lot of kissyface. (SPOILER: One of these days, Caitlin’s going to become Killer Frost, Firestorm’s complicated-villainess-relationship equivalent of Batman’s Catwoman.) Ronnie and Martin eventually reconsider the benefits of being one dude with the body of a hunky action star and the mind of a nuclear physicist. They figure out that Firestorm can function as an effective flamethrowing superhero if they perform the merger with full willing consent. They do this, some nuclear sparks fly as they trounce the bad guys, and then they de-merge to go back to their loving heterosexual relationships.

Hey Kids, Today is Krispy Kreme’s KKK Wednesday & You’re All Invited!

This week, students in the UK are celebrating what’s known as half term (which is basically a week off from school). So the Krispy Kreme branch in Hull, England is kind enough to offer activities for these children during their vacation time inviting them to such events as “Face Painting Thursday” and “Colouring Tuesday” (come on, Brits, everyone knows it’s spelled “coloring”) and today’s special event: “KKK Wednesday”.


So what exactly is KKK Wednesday? Is it similar to Dunkin’ Donut’s special “charcoal donut” promotion from a couple of years ago?


Or maybe it’s for the kids to get together and create special designs for their pastries?

Cats + Boobs = Awesome GIFs!


Apparently GIFs of cats and boobs are currently popular on the Chinese social media site Weibo. Since this is important news, I have no choice but to report it here because that’s the responsibly journalistic thing to do. And by report it, I mean post those GIFs of cats and boobs (I was going to do some clever wordplay about “pussies” and boobs, but, damn it, we’re much too classy for that).



Is It Too Late To Jump On The “Serial” Bandwagon?


I think Adnan did it.  I think he killed Hae Min Lee.  I mean, he had to, right?  Okay, I’m at least 90% certain.  Maybe 95%.  Well, I mean, it’s possible that he and Jay did it together, that Jay was minimizing his role by saying he became part of the scheme only after he saw Hae’s body in the trunk.  But why would he agree to help Adnan bury Hae in the first place?  They weren’t even that close, just smoked weed together occasionally. Why didn’t he run away from the car the instant he saw Hae’s lifeless body?  So it’s either Adnan with Jay as an after-the-fact accomplice, as Jay contends, or Adnan and Jay as co-murderers.  Because even after listening to all twelve episodes – that is to say, spending nine or ten hours of my life sifting through host and reporter Sarah Koenig’s interviews, the question remains: if Adnan didn’t do it, then who did?


The Walking Dead — “Them” (Season 5, Episode 10)


(Spoilers ahead)

Synopsis: Grieving from Beth’s and Tyreese’s death in different ways, the group faces the harsh road to Washington D.C. as they’ve run out of supplies, water and gas. Sasha and Maggie, in particular, are slowly grieving in their own ways. Trekking along a lone country road, they dodge walkers, and eventually, an incoming thunderstorm.

They seek refuge in an abandoned barn. As they make a campfire, Michonne assures the crew that DC is the right move, while Rick waxes philosophically that they need to do whatever it takes to survive, and declares that the living, are “the Walking, dead.”

Ten Reasons Why LA Zine Fest Rocks

James Chong and Jesse Fillingham of Never Press

James Chong and Jesse Fillingham of Never Press

1 Zines. LA Zine Fest is not a craft show disguised as a zine fest like A.P.E. It actually celebrates zines. In fact the organizers demand you show zines and not crafts, t-shirts, etc.

2 Power of Zines. LA Zine Fest has raised the bar for zines in LA. Where was the zine scene a few years ago before the LA Zine Fest? They lived in everyone’s bedrooms.

3 Low Priced Tables. Anyone can afford a table at the zine fest. You can also choose between a full table or a half table. We’re talking sub $100 and sub $50 to have perhaps a few thousand or more see your work.