Prison: Rehabilitation Or Retribution?

Locals call them “angels in orange.” Others might find the name “devils in jumpsuits” more apt.


That California has been devastated by a recent series of wildfires which have claimed both lives and property – the Valley Fire has claimed four lives and over 1200 homes – is no secret. That part of the fire crews battling the blazes is made up of felons might not be so well known.


The state’s inmate firefighter program begs a fundamental question about the role of incarceration: should prisons be the tool by which society punishes people for breaking the law, or should it be the tool by which they are given a chance to better themselves, or – and shades of gray can be very unsatisfying – both?


Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD — Season 3, Episode 1 — “Laws of Nature” Recap


And we’re back! After a five month hiatus, MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD returned last night with the season three opener entitled “Laws of Nature,” and as a season premiere, it was definitely a lot of fun. Picking up the pace where AGE OF ULTRON and ANT-MAN left off this past summer (thusly, ending Phase Two of the MCU), the team is somewhat back as Daisy (formerly Skye) is leading a team to retrieve and protect Inhumans who are popping up left and right. The alien chemicals that awaken dormant alien DNA in certain human beings has been introduced into the ecosystem and now more and more of these cases are popping up.

I’m Going to Cut ABC Some Slack for Mistaking the Indian Lead of Its New Show ‘Quantico’ for Another Indian Actress ‘Cause I Can’t Tell White People Apart Sometimes



ABC has received criticism for misidentifying Priyanka Chopra, the star of its new drama Quantico, with another Indian actress Yukta Mookhey in promos for an interview with the actress on Nightline that aired last night. ABC issued an apology after many pointed out the glaring error.

The Trombonist

He wore his hair cropped short and slicked back. His face was heavily pock marked, his shoulders rounded and thick. His name was John Kim, but I wouldn’t know that until the end of our conversation.

(not him, but…)


“It’s a long story,” he said to me, slightly exasperated.


Those were the first words out of his mouth, as if we had already been talking, as if I had just asked him to expand on the answer to a question I hadn’t yet posed. I was sitting at the bar during a fundraiser we were hosting, waiting to catch the bartender’s attention, when the man with pockmarked skin and a tight, thin smile turned to me.

Please Don’t Have Sex with This Robot

This is Pepper the Japanese robot:


Pepper is a four-foot, sixty-pound, $1650 robot that can talk, dance, tell jokes, but one thing it shouldn’t do is have sex with you.

When Pepper went on sale in Japan this summer, it promptly sold-out, but apparently the concerns that some customers would use it as a sex robot were real enough that Pepper came with a warning from its manufacturer: “the policy owner must not perform any sexual act or other indecent behavior.”

I’m not sure how this rule would actually be enforced, but, well, if this turns you on to the point where you want to fuck it:

Breaking Bad vs. Star Wars – A Cocktail Party Concept

blue milk

The Tatooinese Blue Milk Cocktail is a Star Wars-themed variation on a White Russian that we occasionally make at Star Wars Theme parties because that’s how we do. It’s a simple mix of kahlua, vodka, milk, and restaurant-grade blue food coloring. Also known as a Blue Harvest Russian. (BLUE HARVEST was the secret code-name for RETURN OF THE JEDI, which inspired that FAMILY GUY episode.)


Besides being a delightfully nerdy drink, it got me thinking (as one sometimes thinks under the influence of vodka).

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD — Season 1, Episode 5 “Cobalt” Recap


Now that’s more like it, but is it too little too late? The fifth and penultimate episode of FTWD’s first season, entitled “Cobalt,” was what I was waiting for. No more moping. No more weird time jumps where Ophelia is humping Sean Hatosy’s soldier or Travis being the mayor of his neighborhood or that douchebag army commander is hitting golf balls, like all evildoers do in movies. And for a second time in a row, this was a walker free episode, yet, it was perhaps the best most taut episode so far. It also showed how FTWD is and can be distinctly different from the mothership by pointing a mirror at humanity itself, at a moment in time when civilization was about to get lost.

Around the Horn: Parenting Advice

HARVESTThis is probably the most selfish ATH, but I really want to ask all of you, as I’m going through surrogacy and am—what they call—“ an intended parent.” Congrats again to Offender Beverly’s baby girl! As some of you are parents already and others have experience with children or have close family members who are parents, what would be the one advice you’d give to an expecting single parent like me?

Offender Beverly, can I steal a baby picture from you for this ATH? Thanks!

Quentin's request is granted.

Quentin’s request is granted.

PHILIP: I’m not a parent so not sure I’d have any practical or realistic advice. Uh…maybe don’t feed them after midnight, don’t get them wet…wait, think that’s the rules to take care of Gremlins. Maybe make sure he or she learns Mandarin to prepare for a future where we’ll be living under our Chinese overlords? Yeah, I got nothing.

This Week in Internet Cuteness: 6-Year-Old Tells It Like It Is About Her Parents’ Divorce


I know this video has already been making the rounds of the internet, but not only is it too darn cute not to share, but the wisdom that 6-year-old Tiana lays out for her mom after witnessing her divorced parents argue may just hold the key to living a happy and meaningful life.

So try your best, don’t be a meanie, find balance, smile and make everything as good as possible—nothing else.

Passive-Aggressive Awesomeness, Presidential Style


Do you ask other people if they’re hungry when you’re hungry? When you want to criticize someone, do you claim merely to be passing on criticism you overheard from someone else? “Look, I think you’re restocking the office supplies just fine, but Doris in accounting said something to me the other day about us running out of staples.”

Do you allow the U.N. to scold you on your antiquated, pointless Cuba embargo, just to piss off the Republican opposition?

Well, that’s just what the Obama administration might be doing….and I love it!