On Memorial Day


Mo Okita is a family man, fisherman, and a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy. He loves to take pictures of what he eats (or doesn’t eat) as he has lost 30 pounds in the last few months. Although he is a “lifer” in the military, he’d rather be the captain of a fishing boat than a naval ship.

Memorial Day is observed annually on the last Monday in May. Following the Civil War it commemorated those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the country. It wasn’t until 1978, after many cultures, demographics, and neighborhoods started to celebrate their own version of Memorial Day that it finally was observed as a National Holiday.

Each and every one of us have some military history in our family. Just as the history of Memorial Day came about, we all feel the need to commemorate military members that have passed. We all have a story of struggle, of opposition, of fighting for what is right, of sacrifice.

On this day, take the time to remember in your life and family history those that have served their country for a greater good. That characteristic is indescribable and yet each country has a small group of citizens who will be a part of something larger than their own self. From the Road to Burma, to Manchuria, to Hiroshima, to 38th Parallel, to Taiwan, to Vietnam, Remember. There are stories of immigrants enlisting in the US forces against their old country fighting against their own family. All for this country that you live in today. Of all the things you complain about, cars you cut off, deals you find on the internet, which one thing would you give up to spend the rest of your life in another country under their rules? Not a vacation for 1 week, but forever.

This is a day to remember how inter-related we all are, how cause and effect joins us all as the human race. We forget this through our ego and desire to be unique. To show people how green and small our carbon footprint is by driving our hybrid cars to the coffee shop and purchasing a ceramic coffee cup manufactured and capitalizing on “green” consumers. Everyone in the world hates you except your 2 friends and that’s only because you drive an AUDI. We go around unappreciative of what we have; showing our arrogance. I too love the American culture and what it produces, and get angry at how spoiled some of us are. Stop being such an arrogant American. Instead of talking today, just take a moment and reflect.

4 thoughts on “On Memorial Day

  1. My husband retires next month…after giving 20 years to the Navy..after many sacrifices..and many deployments away from us. I’m thankful for him…and the many others that have served!

  2. Thank you and your family for your service and sacrifices.

    Check this:
    It is a charity organization run by one of my oldest/dearest friends. They help to support US military servicepersons (all branches) that are deployed by sending care packages and other requested items.

    Stay safe.

    Very Best Wishes…

  3. Wait, so the arrogant ones are the people driving hybrid cars? There is no reason in the world for driving a hybrid other than showing off? What started out as a nice post memorializing the fallen suddenly takes a left turn onto Environmentalist Contempt Blvd.

    As you said, cause and effect joins all of us in the human race. Using oil like us arrogant Americans is causing havoc on the environment (see BP oil rig), the average working man (see Louisiana fishermen), and has been the cause of our last two wars (see installing Saddam Hussein and cozying up to Osama Bin Laden in order to protect our interests in the Mid East).

    I feel for the losses that the FAMILIES of our troops have sustained. And for the servicemen who may BELIEVE they are doing the right thing (even if I may disagree about what that right thing is).

    But true American arrogance is believing America can do no wrong and is the world’s great defender of liberty.

    And no, I don’t drive a hybrid. I like my cars fast, powerful and carbureted.

  4. i think he meant if you got so much time to think about the Earth, use a fraction of that time to think about the servicemen who gave you that time to think.

    i don’t think we’ll ever see world peace in our life time. so that means we’ll always have brave men and women protecting us. Thanks!

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