I Covered My Wall With Pokémon Cards.

Some of you probably read my blogs and think, “There’s no way this guy is that socially inept or weird or geeky.”  And while my lawyer won’t permit me to show any photographs of the bodies for legal reasons, she is allowing me to post a different bit of proof here instead.

Yes, those are Pokémon cards and yes, I made a wall out of them.

I’d tell you that it was out of pure love for the franchise that I did this, but part of it was that I have OCD and once the idea entered my brain, acting the desire out was the only way to purge it from my system.

How did I have enough cards to carry this out?  Well, truthfully, I had more than enough.  I have more than enough to cover that wall thrice over and then do your house too.

This is because, unsurprisingly, I was pretty obsessed with the Pokémon trading card game.

I spent an embarrassing amount of money on those cards (and other Pokémon merch, of course), more than I’d care to admit even to myself.  I still remember being coaxed into selling them when they were still worth a pretty penny.

Did you know one of those cards – a First Edition Charizard from the Basic Set – used to be worth $120?

My collection actually included two card worth upwards of $45 each by themselves.  And now no one gives a piss.

Today, you’ll see these same cards going on eBay for under a fiver.

It’s agonizing really – that’s my childhood!  And I could’ve made a mint off it if I was a tad less sentimental growing up.  But no – I had to be a big softie.

So these cards sat around at the ‘rents’ house for a while, in a box in their garage.  One time when I came to visit them, my mother got on my case about clearing out some of my stuff.  I tend to do things in installments, so the first thing I took out was the box of Pokémon cards.

I couldn’t very well just toss them out – what a friggin’ waste! – so I decided I had to transform them into something else.

And so the wall was born.  It took me about three days, with a total work time of about ten hours or so, to complete the piece.  Trust me: it actually does take that long if you’re a perfectionist and you want everything absolutely even.

If you’re wondering, yes – I do sometimes look at the wall of cards and think, “I’ll never get that time back.”  But hell – what a beautiful waste of time that was.

Now here’s a picture of me in front of that wall:


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4 thoughts on “I Covered My Wall With Pokémon Cards.

  1. I got my little sister a deck when I was in college and then got hooked. I got two of my buddies into it, and one of them ended up escalating by using his adult-job money (he worked at a bank in the summer) to buy loads of foil cards and destroy 8 year-olds at weekly tournaments at the local store. So when he came back in September with a jacked-up deck, me and my other buddy took it to the next level by reading strategy guides, using our own adult-level money, and rationally constructing killer decks. A “league” of three people is unstable: in any given game, two would gang up on the weak one and someone would go home angry.

  2. Those cards are at a slight angle. Barely noticeable, though, so don’t worry about it.

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