14 thoughts on “gender mechanics…

  1. I believe men are deeper than that a well. I’ve had some very meaningful conversations with my husband, as well as male friends. I think women (well, my friends and I, anyway) just tend to talk more, so it SEEMS like there is more going on in our heads.

  2. My impression is this picture/joke isn’t about depth, it’s about the factors and complexity of getting a man or woman “in the mood.”

    It’s like the old joke: how do you seduce a woman? Compliment her, caress her, make her laugh, look sharp, be well-spoken, set the right mood, make her feel special, etc. How do you seduce a man? Show up naked, bring beer.

  3. LOL @ Philip. Men are simple- and this does not mean I think men are simple minded, quite the contrary- I think guys are just less complicated.

  4. may i also go on record along with Phil that i, too, do not need nor require beer.

  5. Bev, it’s not the size of the switch but the power that flows through it that counts. At least that’s what I’ve been told by electricians. Female electricians.

  6. In that case, shouldn’t there be a latex cover on the switch to catch all that power?

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  8. not only does every woman have a dozen switches, but every woman’s got a different set of switches. If only there was a single off-switch to reboot them. That’d come in handy during arguments.

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