Fast Food is More Awesome in Asia

I’m always up for trying something new especially when it comes to food. So when I heard about Taco Bell’s latest creation–the Beefy Crunch Burrito, I knew it was destined to meet my lips (you can read Guest Offender Michelle’s take on the burrito here). Basically, it’s a beef burrito with Flaming Hot Fritos tucked inside (a.k.a. the “Crunch”). And it’s only 99 cents! There’s no way that can be anything but awesome.

Now, this is just the sort of “outside the bun” thinking that the American fast food industry needs. ‘Cause if you look at the fast food selections in other countries, you’ll find some creative menu items. And some of the most interesting creations are Asian. Check out some of them below and, if you’re like me, lament the fact that we can’t get any of this here in the U.S. Boo! Hiss!


Fried pork filled with cheese smothered in tonkatsu sauce.


A meal consisting of fried chicken, buriyani rice and curry gravy.


It’s a tortilla filled with Szechuan beef, chips, vegetables and mayonnaise. Far as I can tell, no chicken.


Egg custard cups. 

MEGA TOMAGO (McDonald’s, Japan)

A double Big Mac with bacon and egg. Damn!

GOLDEN FORTUNE (Pizza Hut, Malaysia)

Shrimp, crab, fish, pineapple, lime and cheesy dough bites. Now that’s a pizza!


A sandwich with a fried chicken patty stuffed with shrimp.

SEPTUPLE WHOPPER (Burger King, Japan)

A seven patty Whopper (released in conjunction with Windows 7). Double damn! There is a God.

And if that last item wasn’t proof enough that the Japanese love their hamburgers big, the Guinness Book of World Records just certified that a giant hamburger created last year in the Japanese city of Miyazaki (it took 15 people one week to make the burger) was the largest in the world.

OK, time to get some food…

(via Buzzfeed)

10 thoughts on “Fast Food is More Awesome in Asia

  1. How the hell do they get the shrimp into the chicken?! My God we live in a glorious age!

  2. read up on mechanically separated chicken.

    and going by the “imitation crab meat” i dare say it’s probably not real shrimp either.

  3. I miss Korean KFC’s Shrimp burger.. I had it once when I was little…

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