David Shrigley

Some images by David Shrigley, an artist based in Glasgow.

I’m a big Shrigley fan.  Here’s a link to an interview with him (I should write my own article, but the only thing I could tell you is that he’s 6’7″, has 2 studios and organizes his albums by color)(and I got that info from that interview).  There’s also much more work at his website.

5 thoughts on “David Shrigley

  1. Hahahahaahhhhaaa…..luv the “Executioner & Man’s Best Friend” and the “3-1/2 inch floppy”. Thanks!! :-D

    Sony Corp. just announced they are stopping production of those discs. Better get them “transferred” if you’ve got any around… :-o

  2. they’re still making that shit?? 1.44 MB?

    Oh wait – my mom uses those. Amazing. I better go tell her.

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