COMMUNITY QUESTION: What do you do when people make out in public?

Life is quite the adventure.  You never quite know where it will take you or what trite observation it will cause you to make.

One day, you’re in a local bookstore buying a coffee table books featuring puppies.  The next, you’re in a bar you’ve never been to before with people you’ve only just met and the individuals in the booth next to you are feverishly making out with each other.

Yes, I’m getting straight to the point this week.  I figure I’d give concision a go ’cause why the hell not?

So last week, I found myself in – well, I don’t really remember technically where I was.  But it was – oh yeah!  It was by Hawthorne, around there – yeah!

Anyway, I had just made some new acquaintances and we all went out to this bar in this trendy island of shops and restaurants.  You know it’s trendy when all the places around have curtains on the outside.

Soon after we had arrived and settled into our seats, a older couple entered and snuggled into the space right beside us.

Mind you, this wasn’t one of those establishments with tall, tall booths obscuring the affairs within from each other – they were as open as this couple was in showing their affection.

I always thought those sort of hyperbolic moments in movies were just that – hyperbolic.  But there I was, sipping a soda water, with only the loud sounds of Lady Gaga protecting my ears from the amorous noises of these strangers.

Up until that night, I’d never thought to liken making out to a car accident but this experience brought this connection to mind in two ways:

1) Their faces crashing up against each other in the most violent way.


2) The compulsion to watch the entire thing happen.

Don’t misunderstand me: I wasn’t trying to get my jollies off or something.  But unfortunately for me, from where I sat, these two remained in my peripheral vision.

Is that weird?  How can I help it?  I’m not gonna position myself a certain way just to avoid being ‘rude.’  If they didn’t want to be seen, maybe they should have done it elsewhere.

It was pretty hot though.


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7 thoughts on “COMMUNITY QUESTION: What do you do when people make out in public?

  1. Curiosity gets the best of me everytime. I’ve watched but not to get my rocks off. It’s hilarious and hard not to watch people passionately/sloppily going at it.

  2. Even though I complain about it, I myself tend to do it myself. It still makes me uncomfortable thinking about it.

  3. It is uncomfortable sitting next to those people but I usually just move away.

  4. You and your companions should’ve scrunched yourselves up as close to their booth as possible and stared at them like they were animals in the zoo, complete with pointing, laughing and picture-taking, and maybe throwing food in their pen even though the sign clearly says not to feed the animals.

  5. I own bars. I recuse myself completely. I’d lose half my income if I started to get judgmental here.

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