True Equality: Gay People Can Be A%*holes, Too!


In an era of increasingly progressive attitudes toward homosexuality, it saddens me that former San Francisco 49-ers and Oakland Raiders’ lineman and all around assmunch Kwame Harris didn’t feel comfortable revealing his sexuality until it was revealed for him when he beat the shit out of his ex-boyfriend, Dimitri Geier.


It’s all part of the equality package: gay marriage, gay divorce, gay domestic abuse.  Equal rights for everyone, huzzah!

And it all came down to soy sauce and underpants.

Harris and his ex Dimitri Geier weren’t even an item when it happened.  According to Craig Charles, Geier’s attorney, “They’d broken up and gotten back together a couple times.  It was not a formal relationship.”  I believe that’s code for “fuck buddies,” no?

Harris, 30, lives in the Bay Area, and Geier, 36, lives in Los Angeles, but when Geier would come to the bay area on business, he would stay with Harris.

In any case, on August 21, 2012, the two were having dinner at Su Hong, a Chinese restaurant in Menlo Park.  During the meal Geier tried to pour soy sauce onto Harris’ rice, naturally incensing Harris (nothing to do with roid rage, I’m sure), according to San Mateo county prosecutor Al Serrato.

At that point an argument ensued, and Harris accused Geier of stealing his underwear.  Then he tried to pull down Geier’s pants.  “I guess he was trying to prove that he was wearing his underwear,” speculated Serrato.


Harris also withdrew his offer to drive Geier to the airport.  Geier felt this was unfair – cab fare from San Mateo to SFO is ridiculous – and expressed his displeasure over Harris’ decision.

The 6’ – 7”, 240 pound ex-lineman then resolved his dispute with Geier by pinning him against a plate glass window and beating him to the point that his cracked skull required the surgical implantation of a metal plate.



Last month felony charges against Harris were dropped, and instead he was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, and could face up to one year behind bars.

Geier filed a lawsuit over the incident but subsequently dropped it.  No mention of a settlement.  Guess they made up.  But probably best that they avoid Chinese restaurants in the future.



One thought on “True Equality: Gay People Can Be A%*holes, Too!

  1. Uh-oh. You know what that means? Time for a gay Asian actor to fill in one of the roles in the movie adaptation. And they can film the scene in the notorious fictional “Chinese restaurant” from Men in Black 3. $$$$$$$

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