Hackers Blast Billboard in Hong Kong with “What’s Up Hong Kong?”


Admist the Umbrella Movement protests and world wide exposure on every network, Hong Kong’s skyline is as dense as mankind can build. The electronic “noise” of the landscape is on max, which makes Hong Kong the perfect place to hack. Although this video was shot most likely, long before the current news amalgamation, the release couldn’t be better timed. The news of the Umbrella Movement seems to be “last week” thanks to the current news maker, Ebola. Yet know that the movement continues with or without the cameras. Shot more like a skate video, the creeping on building rooftops, drone camera shots, and changing of clothes, this mission runs like an action sport. Finally the message of “What’s Up Hong Kong?” couldn’t be more pertinent. Hong Kong Building

More Proof Asian Americans Rule the Digital Space

Not that we needed more evidence that Asian Americans rule the digital space, but the Nielsen company released its secondquarter 2014 Cross-Platform Report and much to no one’s surprise found that young Asian Americans watch more videos on computers and mobile devices than any other demographic group (and also to no one’s surprise, we watch the least amount of content on traditional TV).

asian computer

Asian Americans ages 18-34 spent on average 51 minutes a day consuming online and mobile content up from 38 minutes during the same period last year. In comparison, African Americans in the same demographic spent 48 minutes per day watching online content while Hispanics clocked in at 35 minutes a day.

When it comes to mobile devices, 82% of Asian Americans has smart phones capable of streaming video compared to 78% of African Americans, 79% of Hispanics and 68% of Whites.

(Other) Americans Trying Hawaiian Food

Ah, you mainlanders. You don’t know what you are missing. How can someone diss the yin and yang elegance of a spam musubi? It’s the perfect balance of salty and glutinous, wrapped in seaweed, and is perfect to have after a long day of surfing, hiking, or drinking. It’s great anytime of the day or night!

Therefore, I chortle at these Buzzfeed videos that have mainlanders taste Hawaiian food, even though they are using the term correctly. Whenever you refer to “Hawaiian,” it’s in reference to the Native Hawaiian culture and customs. When it comes to “Hawaiian food,” it is usually referred to Hawaii local cuisine, which is a hodge podge of Asian and Pacific influences, hence the spam musubi or the loco moco. But, I am a stickler when it comes to that kind of stuff.

The Woman with a 36-Year-Old Baby Skeleton Inside Her Stomach

When 60-year-old Kantabai Thakre went to the hospital after experiencing stomach pains, doctors discovered a lump in her abdomen and feared that she might have cancer. But the truth, as they say, turned out to be much stranger. For what they found inside her was this:


The skeleton of a 36-year-old baby.

Apparently, Thakre had gotten pregnant in 1978 at the age of 24, but the chances of survival for the unborn child were slim when it was discovered that the fetus was growing outside the womb. Fearing an operation, Thakre went to a neighboring health clinic to take care of the problem through alternative methods. She returned to her Indian village without having the fetus removed and the rest is…well, the remains of your dead baby that’s been in your stomach for the past 36 years.

Another Thai commercial that will make you cry

Man, I swear that Thai commercials are the new K-dramas. They’re short and sweet but packed with tons of heartfelt, heart-tugging stories that will squish your insides and make you do the ol’ waterworks on the eyes. This latest commercial from Thai Life Insurance is definitely up there with the one about the good samaritan who does good deeds, and the other one about the young beggar who becomes a doctor and saves the life of the street merchant who gave him a break years ago.

I particularly like this commercial, entitled “Street Concert,” because it’s simpler and isn’t necessarily a tear-jerker, but it’s definitely feel good for sure. And to think these commercials sell life insurance! Well played, Thais. Well played.

Japanese Schoolgirl Ninjas are real!

The best thing you’ll see online all week. This amazing POV video of two Japanese schoolgirls involved in an epic chase around their school and town, is death defying, dizzying, and one of the most badass things I’ve seen in a long time. Going the “found footage” route by just using a GoPro, this awesome action chase scene is the production of Bijin Tokei, which is a modeling agency, best known for their digital clock where cute photos of Japanese girls cycle every minute (the girls pose as if they’re holding a clock that displays the time).

Has Anyone Seen a 1 Ton Rubber Duck?

Some of you may have heard that a giant 59-foot rubber duck weighing 1 ton created by Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman has been floating around the globe this past year. Despite hitting some snags, including mysteriously exploding during a visit to a Taiwanese port last December, the rubber duck has been holding up pretty well considering it’s a friggin’ rubber duck.


But all that changed last week as the duck was making its way down China’s Nanming River and a torrential flood washed it away. As of today, the duck has yet to be found so if anyone in southwest China comes upon an 18 meter tall giant duck, please let the local authorities know, won’t you? Do it for the children or at least…uh…whatever Ernie is supposed to be:

Why Japan is Awesome #73: A Shrine for Hemorrhoids

Japan already has a festival honoring the penis and a temple devoted to the worship of boobs so why not a shrine for hemorrhoids?


The Kunigami Shrine in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture recently hosted a festival that was all about the hemorrhoids. According to tradition, those who washed their backsides and ate egg offerings would be cured of hemorrhoids. So to honor the tradition, the shrine provided a “butt washing stone”.


Hellen Keller Sunglasses?


Check out this billboard advertising Helen Keller brand sunglasses (somewhere in Asia). Yes, there is a line of designer sunglasses named after the famous blind and deaf mute who overcame her disabilities to become an iconic figure and hero to millions. They even made a movie about her.

It’s like manufacturing a new line of running shoes and branded as Oscar Pistorius. OK, kind of a bad comparision, considering that the dude is on trial for the shooting murder of his girlfriend, but still, you get the gist….

(Via Crazy Rich Asians)

Check out these viral photos from Japan


Now, these photos don’t all originate from Japan, but they’ve gone viral on many Japanese social media sites. Some of these photos are actually quite old and have been floating around the ‘Net for years, but there’s a a revolving cycle for many things in the Internet nowadays (the GAME OF THRONES VHS intro, for example, has been getting major traction this past week, but it popped up on the Internet months ago as the 1995 intro).

Anyhoo, here’s what’s popping up in other social media feeds from the Land of the Rising Sun: