25 Dreams


Twenty one year old nursing student Kristina Chesterman, of Chico, California, has given the gift of life to five others, from an ailing infant to a 63 year old woman.  As a teen, Kristina wrote down 25 dreams she wanted to realize – saving a life was one of them – but she never intended to accomplish it this way.  Her organs were donated last week after she was struck and killed on her bicycle by a 19 year old drunk driver.


But this isn’t about the tragedy of a young woman being robbed of her life.  It’s about the beauty and exuberance of a young woman who dared to dream without restraint.

Perhaps the greatest photo meme ever


Ah, you unsuspecting young parents who post baby photos on social media. That’s what exactly happened in the case of the photo above, where a young dad posted this photo on his Facebook feed. He also made a joke by adding the caption, “Look, tell Clyde that he’s a dumbass… and then fire him!”

Soon enough, one his friends posted the photo on Reddit and the rest his history. People laughed and caused a meme barnstorm. Business Baby was born! Some of the captions are priceless, like the following:

SAF Seeking… People over the age of 25.

Honestly, how the hell am I here?

Honestly, how the hell am I here?

Where are all the people my age? Where are you?

Granted, no one’s age is anyone’s business. (Well, maybe your doctor should know.) But sometimes I want to make a reference to -I dunno, a Big Sister commercial- and it makes me feel like a relic when all I get are a crowd of blank stares.

1. The hottest guy at the table, yeah? You could have given birth to him.
2. The conversation steers towards how much they’ve outgrown partying since they left college… 3 years ago.
3. Everyone’s done Cochella and Burning Man… but have only a vague memory of Lollapalooza.

1991 cool status meter.

1991 cool status meter.

You Know Those Scary Craigslist Urban Legends?

Is it just me, or does she look more like a junior librarian than a satanic cult killer who trolls craigslist for victims?

Is it just me, or does 19 year old Miranda Barbour look more like a junior librarian than a satanic cult killer who trolls craigslist for her victims?

You know those stories about kids selling tennis shoes on Craigslist who somehow end up murdered, and how they just seem like stuff made up by worried parents to scare their kids?


Well, you might accuse me of being a helicopter parent, but when my 13 year old son tried to sell some of his old video games on Craigslist and the buyer, who said he was local, wanted to meet my son in a mall parking lot to make the transaction,

I love being a dinosaur


No, I don't!!! Argh!!!

No, I don’t!!! Argh!!!

I double-space after a period. Yup. I love my double-spacing.

I didn’t even notice when double-spacing went out of vogue; and yet I’m a stickler for knowing when to use “your” and “you’re” or “were” and “we’re”, and don’t get me started on hanging prepositions.

But apparently, we only need one space after the period!!!!

This is where I show my age: I learned to type on a (gasp!) typewriter. I freakin LOVED the typing class!!!! It was at an all-girls school in San Francisco, and imagine 25 girls banging away at typewriters!!! It was FREEDOM!!!! We could be as loud as we wanted! Our teacher had to yell for us to stop.

The REAL Cost Of Joining MoveOn.org

Donate just ONCE and you better clear out your e-mail in box.  You will need the space. Here’s what I received in one day.

moveon (6) (480x640)

Least they come right out and admit it.

moveon (2) (480x640)

What?  What?!  What is amazing???  ….oh, you need $981 bucks. That’s it?  That’s what you call amazing?  That’s what I got my heart rate up for?

Around the Horn: It smells like Buyer’s Remorse!

Would YOU buy it?!?

Would YOU buy it?!?

Okay, I’m in escrow. Yay? NOOOOO!

I have never been in escrow, nor have I ever written a check out for thousands of dollars and not sweated it. I am a first-time home buyer and I have not slept since I signed the offer papers! I don’t make a lot of money (I make so little, I actually qualify for low-income programs believe it or not) and buying in the SF Bay Area is ridiculously expensive (probably only second in unaffordability next to NYC’s crazy prices) and I’m now a single person buying it all alone so no one to help me out if the stove blows up or if the toilet flows into the neighbor’s bathtub… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! But I was lucky to find a very small studio condo in an amazing vibrant neighborhood of Oakland (a safer part of Oakland!) with a great walk score in my miniscule price range! With parking! 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes, from my work! I could even bike to work! Of course I made an offer!

Georgia Lawyer’s Local Superbowl Commercial Blows All Those National Ads to Smithereens


OK, this has been making the rounds on the internet today. The general protocol for commercial breaks during the Superbowl is that there are some breaks that are reserved for local commercials (the rest obviously go to national commercials that buy a :30 spot for $4 million each). These Superbowl ads have become even bigger than the actual game, as millions of viewers wait with bated breath to see which commercials are inventive, cool etc. Usually, like the big game, many of the commercials were a major letdown (I personally loved the RadioShack and Doritos ones).

Stay in School, Kids… Or Die!!!!

Is this a real PSA? And what is the Learn for Life FoundationWA (WA stands for Western Australia)? This “organization” actually has a website with photos of kids and old people smiling and the mission statement: “The Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia is a non-profit organisation promotion the importance of education for people of all ages.”

Our Dog Is Racist

And it’s really, really embarrassing!

ozzy (1) (480x640)

I know he doesn’t look like a racist – no shaved head, no swatiska tattoos – but when we pass a black person on the street, he runs toward them barking.


And there’s nothing I can do about it.  What am I supposed to say?  ”Don’t worry, it’s not you, he just hates black folk in general.”  Instead I yell at him, “no!” pull on his leash, and try not to make eye contact with the poor pedestrian.

ozzy (4) (480x640)

The best thing I can say about Ozzy is that he’s prejudiced not just against blacks, but against people who wear hats and people who ride skateboards, too.  He’s just a skittish, bigoted dog.