This Week in Internet Cuteness: Tian Tian in the Snow

The recent extreme weather in the U.S. may have sucked for most, but without it, we wouldn’t get absolutely adorable scenes like this:

That’s Tian Tian, the 19-year-old giant panda who currently calls the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. home and he’s apparently enjoying the blizzard and cold more than most of us would or should.

If you want to see more of Tian Tian and his furry friends, you can check out the Smithsonian Zoo’s channel here. And in the meantime, can we all say:

Why Japan is Awesome #1824: Floating Bonsai Trees

This is the Air Bonsai:


And yes, it’s a real bonsai tree that apparently really floats. Designed by Japan’s Hoshinchu Team, it consists of two parts: the “energy base” which is the foundation and the “little star” which is the floating ball with the bonsai tree (or any other plant you’d prefer to replace it with). Both halves contain magnets which is what allows the “little star” to float.

Kick off the New Year by Finding These Pandas

If you were one of the folks who thought it was too easy to find the panda in the pic with the snowpeople, try these–first find the panda within 10 seconds amongst this crowd of Star Wars Imperialists:


And if that’s still too easy, you got ten seconds to find the panda among this crowd of junior achievers circa 1978:

This Week in Internet Cuteness: Motherless Baby Polar Bear Sleeps with Stuffed Moose While Making Adorable Noises


This baby polar bear, currently housed at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, was abandoned by her mother who was depressed after the death of her other cub. So in the meantime, the zoo’s staff is taking care of the 5-week old which apparently consists of letting it sleep next to a stuffed moose:

‘Nuff said.

We Are All Jews Here

*COMPOSITE* Master Sgt Roddie W. Edmonds-WWII-Field Pic with Men.jpg

The date: January 27, 1945

The setting: German POW camp Stalag IXA, near Ziegenhain, Germany.


What happened: 1000 American POW’s stand at attention. The German commander of the camp, speaking in English, orders Jewish American soldiers to step forward. It is late in the war – by now the American troops know what is at stake. They know their Jewish comrades will be whisked to an uncertain fate, most likely death in a slave labor camp. At that moment Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, the highest ranking noncommissioned officer held in the camp, turns to the rest of the POW’s, and says, “We are not doing that, we are all falling out.”

We are not doing that, we are all falling out.

The German commander turns to Edmonds and says, “They can not all be Jews.”

Edmonds replies, “We are all Jews here.”

The Nazi Officer presses his pistol to Edmonds’ head and offers him one last chance to give up the approximately 200 Jews in his group.

Fighting ISIS

I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty mad at ISIS these days. But what to do about it?

We can vote for politicians whose terrorism policies are to our liking.


We can secretly funnel money from our Cayman Islands bank accounts to help arm Syrian locals who are also disenchanted with Isis.


We can curl up on the floor and watch Sponge Bob Square Pants reruns until we get back to our “happy place”….


or…or….we can look for stores with the word “Isis” in their names and vandalize them.


The Perfect Sleeping Bag for Hibernating This Winter


If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift this year that will keep your loved ones nice and warm as they hibernate away the cold winter nights, Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa has created this bear-inspired sleeping bag:


Actually, it was inspired by one particular bear: Bruno the Italian bear who was “put to sleep” when he wandered down from the Alps into Bavaria and was labeled a “problem” bear.

And Now For Something A Little Lighter, A Little Higher…

File under “Did anyone not see this coming?”


Snoop Dogg has finally done the obvious: launched his own line of marijuana, “Leafs By Snoop.” As far as the quality of the product goes, I have complete confidence in the rapper who penned such classics as “Vapors” and “Too High.” I mean, he’s like Pig Pen, only it’s a cloud of weed smoke, not dust, which follows him everywhere.