Dog Stuck in Bush Teaches us How to Live Life

Japanese twitter user @yamamochi223 came upon this sight while taking a walk:


It’s a Shibu Inu stuck in a bush. Eventually, the dog was rescued, but not before the images went viral. Sure, any picture of a dog stuck in a compromising position has entertainment value, but I believe this Shibu Inu has touched a nerve because of what he or she is teaching us about life. Just look at that expression:

South Korea’s ‘Shitty’ Coffee Shop

FANTASTICWhat is it with my fellow Asians and their love for seemingly inappropriate shit-themed businesses? Among other things, South Korea has a theme park dedicated to toilets and Taiwan has a chain of toilet-inspired restaurants. Now, comes word of the Poop Café in Seoul, which appears to be a trendy coffee shop devoted to all things…shit—including the decor:



And the cups:

The Best Way to Teach Kids About Bodily Functions is to Let Them Walk Into a Giant, Inflatable Anus

An exhibit geared toward teaching children about bodily functions has opened in Saitama City, just outside of Tokyo. Entitled Karada no Fushigi Daibouken (Mysteries of the Body Adventure), the exhibit is drawing criticism from some for what they consider to be inappropriate elements. Specifically, this giant, inflatable anus that kids and adults alike can walk through:


It’s unclear what visitors will actually encounter once they enter that opening—hopefully, it’s not 100& scientifically accurate. But frankly, I don’t see what the big deal is.

Korean girl does shot-for-shot remake of JURASSIC WORLD trailer

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.55.28 PM

I know this is old news, but I can’t get enough of this. A young Korean woman, who goes by the YouTube name Hozzah2 uploaded a shot-for-shot remake of the gargantuan box office hit JURASSIC WORLD trailer and she did it all in the comfort of her bedroom. It’s super lo-fi, but she totally commits to the various roles, including playing Chris Pratt (with moustache) and Bryce Dallas Howard with a coffee cup always in her hand. She even does a mean velociraptor too with a fierce facial expression, a hair clip and a hoodie.

This Week in Internet Cuteness: 10 Cats Lick Ice Ball


YOMYOMF has been around since 2009 and I don’t think we’ve posted a cute cat video yet. Well, all that changes today! This particular cat video comes from the 10 Cats YouTube channel out of Japan. As its name suggests, the person posting the videos lives with 10 cats and they apparently do things like lick giant ice balls:

Or get stuck in a cardboard box maze:

The Daily Buzz at Comic-con 2015 Podcasts Episode 1 – 5

P1080621 (1)
The Daily Buzz, the film and entertainment news podcast produced by Irene Cho recently returned from Comic-con 2015 and we’re going to be posting the various podcast episodes straight from San Diego. Here’s podcast episodes 1 through 5.
In episode 1, the Daily Buzz at Comicon International San Diego spoke with filmmakers, Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne about their documentary, “The Death of Superman Lives”: What Happened?” on the patio of the Hilton Bayfront Hotel, overlooking the San Diego Bay.
Directed by Jon Schnepp, this feature length documentary film focuses on the 1996
Warner Brothers’ “Superman Lives” which had Tim Burton attached to direct and Nicolas Cage as Superman. The film is packed with interviews including director Tim Burton; screenwriter Kevin Smith; producers Jon Peters and Lorenzo di Bonaventura; production designer Rick Heinrichs; special effects artist/designer Steve Johnson, and costume designer Colleen Atwood, just to name a few. “The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What Happened?” explores what could have been one of the most exciting Superman movies ever made.
Comic-con Podcast Episode 1:

I HATE It When My Favorite Bands Are Dismissed As “One Hit Wonders”


Here and there, on VH1, say, or the web, I’ll come across a “Greatest One Hit Wonders” type show and chuckle along affectionately when the videos to “Safety Dance” or “Walking On Sunshine” or “In My House” are shown – yes, I grew up in the 80′s – but when Devo’s “Whip It” or Blondie’s “Heart Of Glass” or the Go Go’s “We Got The Beat” are included, my eyes bulge, I start to foam at the mouth, capillaries burst, and anyone within earshot is forced to hear me rant about “incompetent list makers,” “musical know-nothings,” “unheralded bodies of fine work,” “short sightedness,” “band wagonneering,” “complete lack of vision,” “underrated genius,” “the cold and vindicating eye of history,” and reams of unprintable vitriol.



Standing In Line For The Measles


California state Senator Richard Pan is being hailed in the press as a hero for helping to pass Senate Bill 277, which tightens the state’s famously loose laws on vaccination rules for school children.


SB277 eliminates the “personal belief exemption” loop hole which had allowed parents to send kids to school potentially carrying, say, measles or the mumps, because some half-informed celebrity or left coast new age healer pronounced vaccinations inherently harmful, a government conspiracy, a big pharma money grab, or a combination of all three.



Start thinking now.


You’ve got a mere five years until the face of a prominent female figure adorns the $10 bill, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. The Treasury Department is seeking input from the public via their website,, and social media, #TheNew10. The department’s only requirements: that the candidates directly reflect the theme of democracy and that they no longer be living.


Seven Signs You’re Okay With The Coming Apocalypse

1. You weren’t actually sure the Apocalypse was coming, but then you remembered that both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s “fake” news shows were going off the air…IN THE SAME YEAR.


2. You’re not worried about global warming because you genuinely believe today’s teenagers will figure out a way to put a giant plastic air conditioned biodome around the planet.