Book to Screen: “Operation Marriage”


After I returned from China this past January, I made a short PSA called Wedding Plan and it got circulated on Youtube. A friend, Howard Fong, ended up passing my short to author Cynthia Chin-Lee who turned me onto her children’s picture book Operation Marriage illustrated by Lea Lyon. After I read it, I immediately wanted to make it into a film.

A Summer with Children and a Chimp


This past summer was one of my most memorable summers as I got to work with both animals and children. First, I got to direct a commercial for ACME Bail Bonds. Thanks to my producer and friend Anzhelika who got me the gig. And guess what? They wanted a chimp as the main star.

Paul McCartney. @Candlestick. #TheEnd.


Dominic Mah is a writer, director, rock musical aficionado, and ex-professional gambler. He can be found on the internets as dommah,, and @ThorHulkCritic. He was also a part of our YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown. His personal heroes are Stan Lee, Bruce Lee, Annabel Lee and Barbara Lee.


It was 20ish years ago today…

The first pop music I ever heard clearly was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and if your experience is the same, then you scarcely need read this preamble. The vinyl record belonged to my father. I was very young and had only a vague concept of music being in two categories: 1) All my father’s classical records, in which I had begrudging compulsory interest, and 2) something called rock music, which was on the radio. Self-image having formed well before musical vocabulary, I knew that rock was the cool category, and that I could not possibly belong to the cool category. In terms of “having musical taste,” I mainly knew the opening theme to the Battle of the Planets cartoon. Bach and Brahms and Beethoven were things that happened in an adult world: pleasant, settled, defined. But next to these 3 big B’s in my dad’s record collection, there was this one record by the Beatles.

Let’s Make “Operation Marriage” Together!

Mindy Cohn & Tamlyn Tomita for “Operation Marriage”

Mindy Cohn & Tamlyn Tomita for “Operation Marriage”

When I was 16, I was an aspiring children’s book writer and I went to a children’s book conference in Chautauqua. I wanted to write the first gay novel for teens… and everyone was dumbfounded when I told him/her my aspiration. “Gay novels are not for kids,” they all told me flat out. “Why not? Judy Blume is my favorite children’s book author and if she wrote about masturbation and divorce… why can’t I write about homosexuality for kids?” Even then in the late 80s, no one could argue against a 16-year-old aspiring writer who wasn’t even sure of his own sexuality.

Bill Murray’s Marriage Advice

Hey, it’s as good as any I’ve heard.


The comedic god was in a steakhouse in Charleston, South Carolina last weekend when a young patron attending a bachelor party noticed that the star of SNL, Meatballs, Stripes, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Lost In Translation, Broken Flowers, Rushmore, The Life Aquatic, etc., etc., etc – good lord, what a resume – reportedly turned down a request to visit the party.


Giving it a second thought, though, the twice married, twice divorced Murray approached the table of young men and dispensed this advice:

Odd Couple Gives Birth to Comedy Ninja

From Comedy Ninja’s closing film Blissfully Unmarried

From Comedy Ninja’s closing film Blissfully Unmarried

There are many ways filmmakers can collaborate other than working on a movie together. For example, we can create film festivals together! That’s exactly what my longtime director friend Chuck Parello and I did. We are starting the first annual Comedy Ninja Film & Screenplay Festival that runs from May 30th until June 1st this year at the Japanese American National Museum in downtown Los Angeles!

Come to think of it, Chuck and I are really an odd couple. Chuck is a true crime horror filmmaker who grew up in the Windy City. And I’m this queer artsy fartsy filmmaker who grew up in Hong Kong and Montreal. I first met Chuck and his wife at the European Film Market in Berlin in 1999 where we were both hustling our first features. I showed up at his market screening and he showed up at mine… and since then, we’ve been hanging out, partying together, and bitching about filmmaking from New York to Los Angeles for the past 15 years.

Throwback Thursday: The Time Roger Fan Left ‘Sex’ for a Better (Luck) Tomorrow

"Laughter joy..." publicity still courtesy of Shane Sato.

“Laughter joy…” publicity still courtesy of Shane Sato.

Working on my new play last week for the Pasadena Playhouse’s Hothouse Development Series reminded me how much I enjoy the process of theater—being in a room with a good director and good actors and just exploring the script. I’m definitely looking to do more theater this year, but the experience also brought back memories of the production of my very first full-length play Laughter joy & loneliness & sex & sex & sex & sex (the line is from the Rolling Stones’ song “Shattered”) back in the spring of 2000.

The play was produced by the Asian American theater company I co-founded—Lodestone Theatre Ensemble—and it was only our second mainstage production following our very successful debut with Judy Soo Hoo’s texas just a few months prior.


Cira Felina Bolla: An Appreciation

It is my terrible and humbling privilege to write a few words about Cira Felina Bolla, who succumbed to cancer two days ago, at the age of 41.


I met Cira two years ago, and in that time, we became collaborators and friends.  We worked together on three projects and multiple martinis – she was my cinematographer – and I got to know something of her personality and character.

I would like to share with you a few moments spent in her company.


Why I’ll be Busy Time Traveling This Week

I apologize in advance if my posts for this week turn out to be lighter than usual. I wrote at the end of last year that one of my resolutions for 2014 was to get back to doing more theater again and it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.

In rehearsal, day 1.

In rehearsal, day 1.

Started rehearsals today for the reading of a new play I wrote entitled Come Down in Time which is being presented as part of the Pasadena Playhouse’s Hothouse Development series so that’ll keep me busier than usual for the rest of this week.

It’s great to jump back into the world of live theater and a reading is the perfect way to do so—the purpose of a reading is to develop a new work so there’s no pressure to be “perfect”. It’s more about the exploration—the journey rather than the result. And what’s even better is I get to work with talented friends like my director Jeff Liu (who directed our YouTube adaptation of Offender DHH’s play Yellow Face which you can watch here) and my fellow Offender Sung Kang aka Han from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift as well as other friends/colleagues, new and old, that make up the cast—Michelle Krusiec, Aly Mawji, Kim Miyori and Jully Lee.

Secrets and Toys

Dalila Ali Rajah and Shelli Boone in “Secrets & Toys”

Dalila Ali Rajah and Shelli Boone in “Secrets & Toys”

It was about a year ago when Dalila Ali Rajah, a young charismatic African American actress, approached me outside the Fusion Lab in East LA. We started chatting, each with a drink in our hands. We had met over the years at Outfest and Fusion and had been talking about doing something together.

“I’m serious. I really want you to make my short. Let’s do it this year,” said Dalila.

“Sure,” I said. “And let’s just make it with whatever budget you have and not wait for that ten thousand dollars.”

An Unlikely Friendship

UnlikelyFriendshipI previously wrote about ex-campus-shooter Wayne Lo who dedicated a piece of art to Jason Tobin, lead actor of Chink, the movie that I produced. Little did I know, I already befriended Wayne on Facebook after seeing his art when we were shooting at Hyena Gallery. I became fascinated with Wayne’s story after Wayne dedicated his art piece to Jason Tobin, and we became friends and started chatting weekly on the phone.

It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how the system worked. They make you jump through hoops to connect with an inmate in America. I wanted to do a documentary on Wayne, but I realized that it would be impossible as Wayne told me flat out that his facility has banned all recording equipment after Columbine. The best I could do was to talk to him on the phone and visit him at his facility in Massachusetts.

Temporary Layout or “Why Does the Site Look Weird?”


Hey YOMYOMF readers, you may notice that our site looks different. This is actually a temporary layout that we’ll be using for the next two weeks or so, as we work on some maintenance under the hood.

And although we are not ready to announce yet, but we’re going to launch “phase two” of our site, which means basically, a revamped site with some new fangled thing-a-ma-bobs, bells and whistles, and some hootin’ and hollerin.’ We’re still in the final stages of planning but 2014 is definitely going to be a year of recharge, a redirection… a Regeneration for YOMYOMF.

First off for new changes, will be a new layout in a couple of weeks! Stay tuned and mahalo (thank you) for sticking with us!