YOMYOMF Challenge: We Need Your Help to Rename Sung Kang’s Show

07/08/11 Update: Keep them comments going! Some of the suggestions are really good, but we could use a few more! Also, we’re going to implement a deadline for this contest to win a) Respect, b) Spam, c) Sung’s undying love so we’re going to accept all suggestions by Sunday, 07/10, 12pm PST.

Everyone knows “Sung Kang, star of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT,” the venerable and legendary host of CAR TALK DISCUSSION w/ Sung Kang.  If you haven’t seen it yet, then this is your last chance, in it’s unadulterated form (we’ll get to the adulterated part later in this blog). [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgVYSCoF17k&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Although we’ve only produced two episodes, and people are digging Sung as the egomaniac that he really is, we’ve hit a little wrinkle.

Mailbag: ‘Tell the Truth Day’ Edition

Independence Day isn’t the only major national holiday this week. Today, July 7, is Tell the Truth Day. This means that you must go through the whole day without telling a single lie. That’s right—every word that comes out of your mouth must be 100% true. So in honor of this day, I thought I’d respond to some of the questions submitted by you—our readers—with complete and utter honesty. These are the questions that don’t fit into our normal mailbag format and would usually fall through the cracks so here we go…

1) Can you guys do a feature on Asian Elvis impersonators?

No. Unless the Asian Elvis impersonator decides to offer free sex to Chinese students as compensation for WWII Japanese war crimes, enters the masturbate-a-thon and hot dog eating contests, blows farm animals and invents a life-like Japanese robot for “scientific purposes” (i.e. you can dress it up in a lab coat and fuck it).

2) You’re always writing about Asian guys and their dicks, is it because you have a small dick? I bet it is. I bet you have a little, tiny Asian dick.
–You have a small Asian dick

Is your name really “You have a small Asian dick”? ‘Cause that is so awesome! You know what’d be even more awesome? If your last name was Mann.

Mailbag: (Non-Asian) Women Who Love Asian Men

A few weeks ago, we received the following email from a reader named Alessandra:

I’ve heard a lot of Asian guys complain that “non-Asian girls aren’t into them”, and they often blame emasculating stereotypes for this phenomenon. However, I’m a non Asian girl (white/Dominican) and I feel that when I flirt with Asian guys, they are unresponsive. I’m pretty and have a good sense of humor, so I’m puzzled as to why this is happening. This doesn’t happen to me when I flirt with boys of other races. In fact, I’ve heard this from other non Asian females as well. Philip has given much advice to Asian guys on how to get non Asian girls, but I think non Asian girls need a manual on getting Asian guys. Seriously, the most harmonious of unions can be created between Asian guys and non Asian girls…we just need a lot of help getting there.

This is a topic that I’ve certainly written about more than once on this blog, but Alessandra’s right in that my advice has tended to be directed more at helping the brothas (see examples here and here). I’ve told Alessandra that I’ll try my best to address this issue in the future so to start me off on this endeavor, I asked our non-Asian female readers, via our Twitter and Facebook pages, who have a thing for Asian men to share their thoughts. But before we get to a few of those responses below, here’s some context on this subject:

Mailbag: Sex, Relationships & Playboy Playmate Grace Kim Edition


Welcome to a special Guest Offenders/Valentine’s Day edition of our mailbag feature. We put out a call to our readers for sex and relationship-related questions via our Twitter and Facebook page and picked a few to respond to below. Joining Offender Philip to dispense advice to the lovelorn is the lovely Grace Kim a.k.a. Playboy’s Miss November 2008 a.k.a. Playboy’s first full Korean Playmate. So without further ado…

Question #1
“My boyfriend won’t make love to me unless all the lights are out. Is there something wrong? I’d like to do it with the lights on or in the daytime once in awhile.”

Mailbag: Sucking it, Making it, Smoking out, and Porn star numbers

Thanks for all the questions. Keep ‘em coming!

Question #1
“Why do Asian American films suck so much? They usually look like shit, the writing sucks and the acting terrible. They keep telling us we have to go support them because they’re Asian but why should I pay for shit?”
– Martin

Mailbag: “Who are you people?”

Since we’ve been getting quite a bit of email asking us questions about almost everything and anything, I figure I’d use this opportunity to introduce our new feature on yomyomf: Mailbag.

Feel free to keep sending us questions and we will try our best to get through all of them (what am I talking about? We’re just going to pick the ones that we have smart ass answers for.) Here’s the new address: mailbag@yomyomf.com
Here we go–

Question #1
“What is this site? Who are you people? At least show your faces.”
- Randy

What do you mean “you people”?
We’re like the Harlem Globetrotters, except we’re yellow and can’t dunk.
Thanks DC for the above pic.

As for our faces, we’d actually prefer to use our McFly’s. Here’s the Offenders family: