Sushi for Those Who Really, Really Don’t Like Carbs

If you enjoy eating sushi but could do without the carbs or you’re looking for something a little lighter, sushi chef Hironori Ikeno at Sushiya no Hachi in Asakusa, Tokyo has the perfect culinary creation for you. It’s really tiny pieces of sushi with only one grain of rice each.


That’s right! Only one—

Red Hot Chili Pepper Kit Kat: It is Real & It is in my Stomach

FERTILEIn the past, I’ve blogged about the many wonderful snack items that seem to be available in Japan and cursed the gods bemoaned the fact that I could not enjoy these treats here in the U.S.

Well, no more. Today, I have tasted one of these seemingly out-of-reach treats and it is as wonderful as I could have imagined.


It is the chili-flavored Kit Kat and as the packaging and name suggests it is a Kit Kat chocolate bar with a chili pepper twist. Now, I must admit that at first there was a touch of apprehension about trying this. While some of the Japanese Kit Kat flavors I’ve written about previously—like cream cheese and salty watermelon—sound like a more natural fit to go with chocolate, I wasn’t sure about red hot chili peppers.

You Too Can Dream of Sushi with These Pajamas

Had a productive and busy weekend and almost time for some well-deserved sleep so can’t think of anything more appropriate to post than this pic of sushi pajamas:


Yes, they’re a real thing (which you can purchase here) and with these on, like Jiro, you too can dream of sushi (sorry, I’m tired, couldn’t think of anything wittier).

And as today is also St. Patrick’s Day, if you want to talk appropriate, these also come in wasabi green:


Why Japan is Awesome #1009: Spaghetti Popsicles

I didn’t realize there was a demand for ice cream treats that tasted like Italian pasta but Japanese company Gari-Gari Kun obviously thinks so. Behold the spaghetti popsicle:


Gari-Gari Kan is no stranger to “unique” flavored treats such as the corn porridge popsicle:


I Want to Go to There: Cream Cheese Flavored Baked Kit Kat

Not only can you buy cream cheese flavored baked KitKats in Japan…


But there’s apparently these places called “KitKat Chocolatory” in Japan that sells all varieties of KitKats including the aforementioned cream cheese flavored KitKats (available only until March 15).


This Japan really must be a magical place like Willy Wonka’s factory or the Wonderful Land of Oz or Narnia or the Playboy mansion.

L.A. Rainpocalypse & Pho

Yes, it’s raining and raining hard here in L.A. and as we’re in the midst of this bad drought, any sort of wetness is welcome.


But you know what—all those stereotypes of Angelenos and rain are pretty much true. Everything from how we can’t drive in the rain (yes, I saw at least three accidents coming into the YOMYOMF office) to how even a little bit of rain leads to major freak-outs:

Ruta del Vino


Little did I know, Mexico produces quite tasty wine. I went on a cruise to Ensanada , a little town in Baja with little expectations. At the risk of being a dumb American tourist, I literally followed a friend onto a cruise with no idea where I was actually going. We docked in Ensanada and got off… and my friend suggested visiting a couple of wineries on Ruta del Vino (the “wine route” in Baja).

Twisted Bottles in Ensanada

Twisted Bottles in Ensanada

Can’t help taking a picture of Hotel Foxy.

Can’t help taking a picture of Hotel Foxy.

Girl Scout Cookies+Marijuana Dispensary=Asian American Ingenuity

13-year old Girl Scout Danielle Lei apparently sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in two hours by setting up a table in front of The Green Cross, a marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.


If this isn’t the most brilliant business decision ever made by a 13-year-old, I don’t know what it is.

And yes, there was apparently another photo of a Girl Scout selling cookies in front of a dispensary making the internet rounds that turned out to be a hoax, but Lei appears to be the real deal.

The Ramen Taco or What a Wonderful World

First, we had the ramen burger and now there is this:


Courtesy of the Vulgar Chef, it is what may be the world’s first ramen taco. Is it any good? Hell if I know, but the fact that such a creation exists—once again, I am reminded that this can be a wonderful world indeed.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s Some Chocolate Mixed with my Menstrual Blood

This is probably one of those online stories that’s probably bullshit, but the fact that it’s become a trending topic in Japan suggests that even if it started as a hoax, I have a feeling some people are going to think it’s a good idea and give this a try.


And what is the “this” I’m referring to? Women giving chocolates mixed with their hair, spit and/or menstrual blood to their men for Valentine’s Day.

Because what else says “I love you” more than homemade chocolates literally made from your blood, sweat and tears. And other bodily functions.

The Great Boba Milk Tea Swindle

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you’d remember a show called “Fight Back with David Horowitz,” where he would spotlight products from current commercials, then prove or disprove of what was advertised.  For example, “Is Heinz’s ketchup really as thick as it was advertised” or a popcorn test that says “Orville Redenbacher’s pops more than the other brands” and so forth.

Well… I decided to make my own test from one of my favorite boba tea houses… “Half & Half” in Southern California.  They advertise drinks at a regular size and offer to supersize it for .85 cents more.  I always do the supersize (they call it Supercup).  As I was drinking the Supercup sized drink, my friend and fellow offender said that the Supercup is almost the same size as the regular.  I said “No WAY!” Thus, this test was the result.

This Lunar New Year Give the Gift of Delicious Spam

Unless you’re from Hawaii, I don’t think many Americans truly understand how special Spam is. I don’t mean the junk email we receive informing us how happier we’d be if we enlarged our penis or the riches that could be bestowed upon us by a Nigerian prince, but the real Spam. You know the yummy…er…”meat” product:


There are even people right here at YOMYOMF who mistakenly think that Spam is gross or low-class or disgusting. To which I say—whatever! Some people just don’t get it.

If you have never known the pleasure of a plate of delicious Spam fried rice:


Or some Spam musubi: