South Koreans Love Ramen More Than Anyone Else in the World


According to a study released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the World Instant Noodles Association, South Korea leads the world in the consumption of ramen per person. According to the report, the average Korean eats 74.1 servings of ramen per year, In second place, the Vietnamese with a meesly 60.3 servings per person.

Firstly, holy fuck there’s actually a World Instant Noodles Association?! Secondly, it doesn’t surprise me that my peeps lead the world in this field. We do eat a lot of that shit which isn’t surprising considering the best instant ramen in the world is a Korean brand:

A Love Affair with Spam

Hawaii loves spam. I love spam. YOMYOMF loves spam. But, why is this canned meat so popular in the 50th state? Zagat explains it all in this informative video, interviewing historians, local chefs and food writers. It’s a fun mini-doc and yes, it makes me want to eat some spam. And eggs. And rice. Time for a midnight snack….

McDonalds Gives You Crabs and It’s a Good Thing

McDonalds in Japan is now offering Crab Croquette Burgers with a patty made from snow crab and mushrooms served on Ciabatta bread.


The Japanese must have a thing for fast food crab burgers since this follows on the heels of Wendy’s Japanese snow crab burgers that were being served awhile back.


A Hawaii Thanksgiving Revisited

THANKSI’m back in Honolulu for the holiday season! I also want to update how my family celebrates Thanksgiving like any red-blooded Hawaii locals. I wrote about Thanksgiving in Hawaii years ago and how it’s very similar to an Asian American style Thanksgiving meal, except that even non-Asians from Hawaii eat like this too.

For this year (and luckily), with a successful chef for a brother, we had some very ono kine grinds (delicious food), which as always, a mishmash of East and West.

First up, the beautiful table spread:


Looks “traditional” enough, right? We’ve got our carbs, we’ve got our proteins, we’ve got our fiber and foliage here. We definitely stepped it up as a family and moving it up as a lunch, instead of dinner, and hosting it at my brother’s restaurant. Here are the highlights:

Just in Time for the Holidays: Sriracha Beer

No joke, Oregon-based Rogue Ales has plans to release Sriracha Beer sometime next month because apparently nothing says “Happy Holidays” better than alcohol that tastes like hot sauce.

10407208_744220762319696_3899039205524910429_nI’m usually pretty open to trying anything new that can go in my mouth, but I have to admit this…well, this sounds like more of a prank you pull on someone at the bar—“let’s throw some of this spicy shit in Billy’s beer while he’s taking a pee.”

Still in the YOMYOMF spirit of exploration and adventure, I’m ready and willing to give this a shot. Stay tuned for the results but it can’t be worse than this:

Goldfish in your Tea

The weather’s finally starting to chill out and feel more Autumn-like here in Southern California which makes it the perfect time for a cup of tea. But if you’re tired of the same old tea bag, how about this:


They’re goldfish-shaped tea bags from the Taiwan-based Charm Villa and these tea bags supposedly come in Oolong and rose tea flavors.



In recent years, we’ve seen everything from ramen burgers to ramen pizza, but now comes the ramen hybrid that may just top them all in sheer awesomeness…or sheer grossness, it’s hard to tell. Behold the Ramnut:


Though it sounds like something you’d find in a sex toy store, it’s actually a hybrid of ramen and donut, two things you’d normally think wouldn’t do well hanging with each other, but I’m up for trying anything once.

8 Hawaii Meal Jaunts


Whether you’re into surfing, non-stop shopping, or peeping at a beach, you still need to eat. Food in touristy Waikiki is a greater challenge than you think. Places are everywhere, surrounded by every luxury brand and corporate restaurant battling for your bandwidth by advertising.

I’ve been to Hawaii over a dozen times and although I’m always on the search for new experiences in food, I’ve visited most of the stalwarts where Hawaiian cuisine can be had. In Waikiki, where most visitors stay, there are plenty of five star restaurants with four “$” prices. There is a Nobu that’ll surely cut local fish well, Ruth Chris will butter up a beastly steak, and Roy’s can cook an Opah perfectly. I understand the folks who want to visit each of these, especially when they’re on vacation. After all, Hawaii is all about luxury eating that’s belt loop pushing. Being from Los Angeles, I can eat at each of these places within a short drive, hence the challenge to find anything dynamic.

Oh Crape, Japan’s Got Crepe Vending Machines

Since I’ve been writing a lot recently about the gross bizarre wonderfully eccentric food choices in Asia, thought I’d continue that trend with a look at Japan’s crepe vending machines.


That’s right—you can now get crepes (or “crapes” if you will) from these vending machines for under $2 U.S. and supposedly they are very good.


KFC Korea Unleashes New Burger with Fried Chicken for Buns

Just a few days ago, I blogged about the cranberry and apple-filled cheese crust pizzas being served up at the Pizza Huts in South Korea. As if that weren’t enough fast food awesomeness for one country to claim, South Korea now has this:


It’s the Zinger Double Down King available exclusively at KFCs in South Korea. And this is what it consists of: a hamburger patty with special sauce, cheese and bacon wedged between two slabs of fried chicken. So it’s literally a bacon burger with fried chicken as buns.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the future of obesity cardiac arrest fast food:

I Want to Go to There: Cranberry or Apple Stuffed Crust Pizza

File this under “even more evidence that fast food in Asia is much more interesting than here in the U.S.” Now, Pizza Hut in South Korea has the Star Edge Pizza which is topped with bacon, beef, sausage, calamari, shrimp, broccoli and cheese. If that doesn’t already make it more interesting than your typical fast food chain pizza here, it also has this: your choice of a cranberry or apple cheese filled crust.


Look, I get it—maybe I am romanticizing that which I cannot have. The truth might be this is just as unappetizing gross bleh as the fast food pizza here (save for my precious Round Table), but damnit, I don’t care. Just take a look at this:

What is it with Japan and Black Burgers?


Earlier this month, Burger King introduced its black cheeseburger in Japan. The Kuro Burger, with its black buns, have already been on the menu since 2012, but this is the first time black cheese has been added.


Not to be outdone, the Japanese McDonalds has just announced it is also serving its own black burger—the Halloween-themed ikasumi or squid ink burger—although this appears to have the less disgusting more traditionally colored cheese.