The Great Sriracha Giveaway


Remember that 80 million dollar idea you had, the one you forgot to trademark, the one that everyone and their great auntie are ripping off and making a fortune on?  And remember how you had to spend most of your waking hours tamping down wrathful urges which swung from the homicidal to the suicidal and back again, with hours of tearful recriminations and broken dishes and waterfalls of foul verbiage in between?

Me too.

But not so for David Tran, the Vietnamese refugee who invented the original Sriracha sauce….

Taco Bell + Cap’n Crunch = Sophie’s Choice

Look, I don’t know what Cap’n Crunch berries cereal has to do with tacos or other Taco Bell-related foods either, but the fact is—this now exists:


And this is Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Delights—which is a new “top-secret” dessert that the fast food chain plans to release at…some future date? The details are vague unless you happen to live in Bakersfield, California, where some of the Taco Bells there are already selling these puppies for the low price of $4.49 for a dozen. And herein lies the Sophie’s choice dilemma, which I will elaborate on in a second.

These treats are essentially deep-fried balls of sweet, sweet dough filled with some sort of sugary cream and dusted on the outside with the aforementioned Cap’n Crunch berries-flavored cereal.

Hey, You Can Also Get Armadillo at That Temple City Market

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the woman who freaked out when she saw raccoon for sale at a Chinese market in Temple City, a suburb of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley which is home to many Asians. Well, my colleague Jimmy happened to be shopping at that very market back during the holidays when he came upon this and took a pic:


It’s a real, previously alive armadillo bagged, tagged and ready to be bought and eaten. Like the raccoon, the armadillo is also available in the “fish dept” for some reason and at $17.99 a pound, that meat better be tasty as shit.

The Cockroaches are the Stars at This Vegan Restaurant

The motto of Kingsland Vegan restaurant in Australia is apparently: “Be Vegan. Make Peace.” And while I am an avowed carnivore, I have nothing against my vegan brethren. But it appears that Kingsland owner Khanh Hoang might be taking his “make peace” motto a little too far especially when it comes to cockroaches.


It seems that ACT health inspectors found both “live and dead cockroaches” in the restaurant. According to Hoang, he knew about the cockroach infestation but did nothing about it because he didn’t want to kill any living thing. Or as Hoang’s lawyer stated: “(Hoang) had passionate vegan values but accepted, in hindsight, that his morals had been misguided.”

So let me get these “vegan values” straight: it’s not OK to kill cockroaches because they are living things, but it’s completely OK to serve your vegan food with cockroach remains, droppings, etc… in them.

The Double Down Dog or Things That Will Give You a Heart Attack

For those of you whom 1) a regular hot dog just isn’t enough or 2) fried chicken has become blasé or 3) having a heart attack is one of your life’s goals, KFC has introduced the Double Down Dog in the Philippines:


It’s a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken instead of a bun. Plus it’s slathered in cheese. And if the thought of putting this in your mouth gets you all hot and bothered, unfortunately, you’re out of luck as this was a limited promotion that ended today. But perhaps if it was popular enough, it’ll come back and not just to the Philippines. One can dream, right?

Bon Appétit!

Oh, the Humanity! (Ramen Edition)

I was greeted by this disturbing news headline when I went online earlier today:

Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 5.18.07 PM

In what can only be described as tragic news out of North Carolina (though isn’t everything out of North Carolina automatically tragic?), truck driver Larry Scholting fell asleep behind the wheel of his big rig early this morning and crashed his vehicle on I-95.

Luckily, neither Scholting or anyone else was hurt in the accident, but that’s not to say there were no casualties. Behold:

South Koreans Love Ramen More Than Anyone Else in the World


According to a study released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and the World Instant Noodles Association, South Korea leads the world in the consumption of ramen per person. According to the report, the average Korean eats 74.1 servings of ramen per year, In second place, the Vietnamese with a meesly 60.3 servings per person.

Firstly, holy fuck there’s actually a World Instant Noodles Association?! Secondly, it doesn’t surprise me that my peeps lead the world in this field. We do eat a lot of that shit which isn’t surprising considering the best instant ramen in the world is a Korean brand:

A Love Affair with Spam

Hawaii loves spam. I love spam. YOMYOMF loves spam. But, why is this canned meat so popular in the 50th state? Zagat explains it all in this informative video, interviewing historians, local chefs and food writers. It’s a fun mini-doc and yes, it makes me want to eat some spam. And eggs. And rice. Time for a midnight snack….

McDonalds Gives You Crabs and It’s a Good Thing

McDonalds in Japan is now offering Crab Croquette Burgers with a patty made from snow crab and mushrooms served on Ciabatta bread.


The Japanese must have a thing for fast food crab burgers since this follows on the heels of Wendy’s Japanese snow crab burgers that were being served awhile back.


A Hawaii Thanksgiving Revisited

THANKSI’m back in Honolulu for the holiday season! I also want to update how my family celebrates Thanksgiving like any red-blooded Hawaii locals. I wrote about Thanksgiving in Hawaii years ago and how it’s very similar to an Asian American style Thanksgiving meal, except that even non-Asians from Hawaii eat like this too.

For this year (and luckily), with a successful chef for a brother, we had some very ono kine grinds (delicious food), which as always, a mishmash of East and West.

First up, the beautiful table spread:


Looks “traditional” enough, right? We’ve got our carbs, we’ve got our proteins, we’ve got our fiber and foliage here. We definitely stepped it up as a family and moving it up as a lunch, instead of dinner, and hosting it at my brother’s restaurant. Here are the highlights: