I Want to Go to There: Ramen-Flavored Ice Cream

The Cup O’Noodles Museum in Yokohama, Japan is celebrating a milestone of 4 million visitors by offering ramen-flavored soft serve ice cream.


Let me repeat lest you think you read that incorrectly: there is ramen-flavored ice cream! And not just one, but two different flavors: soy sauce and curry!


Yes, Marilyn Monroe GIF, we do indeed live in a wonderful world.

The Pizza/Fried Chicken Hybrid You Never Knew You Wanted is Here (If You Live in the Philippines)

Meet KFC’s Chizza—which is basically a pizza with a crust made out of fried chicken instead of bread:


This new creation is only available at KFC locations in the Philippines and the reaction seems to be mostly positive, once again giving credence to my theory that Asia gets the best most interesting fast food. Here’s an ad for the Chizza:

Yes, It’s a Dick-Shaped Ice Cream Cone & It’s Apparently Awesome

Meet the J-Cone, an ice cream cone shaped like…well, you can fill in the blank, courtesy of New York-based Korean ice cream truck PlayJscream.


Not only is this apparently yummy and fun, but you can use the cone to do other things:

Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 5.43.31 PM

So when is this coming to L.A.?

15 Spots – Hawaii Food Tour

Okinawan croquette from Pioneer Saloon. The sweet potato is a wonderful purple hue. 

Okinawan croquette from Pioneer Saloon. The sweet potato is a wonderful purple hue.

Hawaii is famous for food. Every plane leaves heavier than it arrived. Here’s yet another low down of what I thought was the best on the island of Oahu. This time, I cheated. I had a food tour guide unlike most others and his name is Lofa! He knows the backroads and the main spots and he’s responsible for most of this list, sans a few improvised items.

1) The myth of Pioneer Saloon is growing. It’s my favorite restaurant in Hawaii. On a given trip if I don’t make it three times, then something went wrong. In one week on this trip I did make it three times. Tell owner Nori (who could be sporting a GR cap) that I sent you. Pioneer Saloon 3046 Monsarrat Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815 Phone: (808) 732-4001

KFC Japan Really Wants You to Ogle…er…Buy Its Breasts

KFC Japan has created a mascot to promote its new line of boneless chicken pieces which appears to basically be a piece of female chicken meat with big boobs:


You know ‘cause breasts sell…breasts, right?

And I always thought there was something a little off about the Colonel and seeing this marketing artwork, I finally figured out what it is…the Colonel is a perv:

Going Vegan in Japantown

A bottle of Dassai 50 sake.

A bottle of Dassai 50 sake.

One night, my friend and I were downtown in the historic Little Tokyo Marketplace that is now Korean owned. We were going to an Izakaya there but the wait was simply too long… so we decided to try Shojin instead, a Japanese vegan haut cuisine restaurant.

I’ve often enjoyed vegan cuisine even though I’m an omnivore. The atmosphere was decidedly pleasant and tranquil as we entered the dining area… and there was a nice crowd on a Friday evening.

First we ordered a bottle of Dassai sake to wind down our week paired with our appetizers:

More Proof There’s a God: McDonalds’ Fried Pies are Back

Tragedy struck back in 1992 when McDonalds made the unfortunate decision to no longer serve their fried pies and switch to the baked version, which, let’s face it, sucks ass. So imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks ago, I found this staring back at me:


Yes, sometimes miracles do happen and that wish you wished upon a shooting star does come true. McDonalds has brought back their fried pies in all their flaky, crunchy, tongue burning/piping hot (yes, the filling is indeed hot as the warning on the box says unlike in the bland baked versions) goodness.

Here’s a Shrimp Burger Minus the Shrimp


Asia has its fair share of cool but bizarre fast food items and fast food chain Lotteria is no exception. But this might be the most bizarre creation so far. It’s the Ebi Nashi Baagaa or “the Shirmp-less Burger”. In short, it’s a shrimp burger minus the shrimp being served in Japan.


Yup, no shrimp whatsoever:

To Live and Eat in Los Angeles

The flavorful amuse bouche at Tangine, Beverly Hills.

The flavorful amuse bouche at Tangine, Beverly Hills.

I’ve been to many cities in the world from Hong Kong to Tokyo to Paris to Berlin to New York, but none have international cuisines more diverse, more authentic, and more affordable than Los Angeles. I’m conjecturing that it’s all due to this metropolis’ amazing diversity in population and affordability of space. Even an incredibly specialized ethnic cuisine can afford to open up a little shop that local residents will champion. From haut cuisine in Beverly Hills to a mom-and-pop shop in Koreatown, LA has nothing short of good eats.

My aunt took me out for her birthday at Beverly Hills’ Tagine, a Moroccan haut cuisine restaurant. “It used to be impossible to get hummus in the 80s,” reminisced my aunt over the six course tasting menu with wine pairings, “And now it’s everywhere with all different flavors.”

Why Japan is Awesome #3355: Kit-Kat Sandwiches

Apparently, Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen now has these on their menu:


It’s a Kit-Kat sandwich comprised of a Kit-Kat bar, whipped cream and orange peel between two slices of white bread. And this isn’t your ordinary Kit-Kat bar, but a special “krispier” version made to be dipped into your hot beverage.

And once again, Asia has upped the fast food stakes by creating another WTF wonderful creation that puts American innovation to shame. Come on, American fast food companies, what’s up?! Where’s that good ole ingenuity and creativity? This is a start, but we can and must do better if we’re going to compete with this:

Behold the Meal of All Meals

These are Dog Haus’ Tae Kwon Dogs:


As the description says on their website, it is a hot dog that consists of “bulgogi glaze, kimchi, fried egg, Korean chili powder”.

This is how we eat at YOMYOMF. This is what we’re about—the genuine coming together of both East and West. This is indeed the culinary equivalent of different people from different cultures holding hands and singing as one.

And this is a friggin’ double burger with a hot dog, chili, cheese and onions: