Is Pope Francis The Real Deal?


On Thursday, in Rome, Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 disabled and elderly people – women and non-Catholics among them – in a pre-Easter ritual emulating the gesture of Christ washing the feet of his apostles.


“Jesus made a gesture, a job, the service of a slave, a servant,” said the pontiff.  “And he leaves this inheritance to us we need to be servants to one another.”


Fine.  Sounds good.

Traditionalist Catholics disapproved of the gesture, noting that the ritual is typically performed only on men, in an attempt to mimic Christ washing the feet of his male disciples.

I wouldn’t presume to answer the question “WWJD,” but I seriously doubt JC would be so petty as to care about the gender of those whose feet Francis is washing.  Didn’t Jesus hang out with tax collectors and prostitutes?

Make $175 Sitting in a Bathtub of Ramen Noodles in a Bikini


Are you:

A) A woman who lives in New York City?
B) Looking to make a quick buck this holiday weekend (or 175 bucks actually)?
C) Cool with sitting in a bathtub full of ramen noodles for 30 minutes in a bathing suit?

Well, Craigslist has the perfect gig for you:


And this is where I’d normally try to write something funny or witty about the listing above, but…I think in this instance, I can genuinely say I’m speechless. Although if this intrigues you, you can check out the full ad here.

East Coast Easter Eye Candy


One World Trade: the new world trade center.

newyorktrip (39) (480x640)

Rockefeller Center, as in….

newyorktrip (52) (480x640)

…you’re not the only one hearing the “Thirty Rock” theme song right now.  Okay: I know there’s nothing more tedious than asking strangers to look at your vacation pictures, BUT, I just think these are gorgeous.  Am I biased?  You bet.

Yes, Stephen Colbert is Replacing David Letterman but Stop with the #CancelColbert Quips

NAMEThe announcement came this morning that The Colbert Report host has been named as the replacement for David Letterman when he retires from The Late Show next year. And already, I’ve been seeing dozens hundreds thousands millions of posts on social media like this:

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 10.44.29 AM

And this:

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 10.45.25 AM

And this:

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 10.45.43 AM

Remembering Lewis

NAMEI first met Lewis Tice in 2005 when he was TLA Releasing’s national publicity liaison. Although we were just communicating online about my third feature Ethan Mao, I could tell Lewis was a tireless advocate for independent films and a mother hen for filmmakers. He made a filmmaker feel comfortable to approach him with any questions or problems about marketing and publicity.


A few years later, I finally met Lewis in person at the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival when my feature The People I’ve Slept With was making the rounds on the festival circuit. He was at the press office and welcomed me with open arms. For a moment, being as ditzy as I am, I didn’t connect that this Lewis was the Lewis Tice I had been communicating with.

I Like Big Hamster Butts and I Cannot Lie…


If you like big butts and hamsters, this facebook page is for you. Yes, you can enjoy the many lovely pics of various hamster ass or upload your own.


It’s all to mark the publication of a new Japanese book entitled Hamuketsu (aka “Hamster Butts”). So yes, there is also a book devoted to hamster ass.


Reason #886 Why White People Don’t Need to Worry about Affirmative Action: Teen who Sued Parents gets $56k Scholarship

WAH_WAHYou may remember 18-year-old Rachel Canning. Last month, she sued her parents to make them pay her for “child support and college tuition”. A judge denied her claim for immediate assistance, she moved back in with her folks and dropped the lawsuit. And that should have been the end of another story of a teen with entitlement issues bitch slapped back to reality by karma.


But, alas, karma obviously works in fucked-up mysterious ways because Canning has announced that she has received a $56,000 scholarship to attend Western New England University. That amount will most likely cover all her expenses for her first year.

So what lesson should we take away from this story?

Do I Really Need to Write About This? (Stephen Colbert Edition)


Yes, I am aware of the controversy that flared around a tweet sent out by the Colbert Report yesterday. Here’s the “offending” tweet in question if you don’t know what I’m referring to:


The tweet was taken from a piece that Stephen Colbert aired on his late night show Wednesday night poking fun at Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder on the controversy over his team’s name. Of course, some folks were outraged by the tweet in question and that was enough to let fly accusations of racism and a call for Colbert’s show to be cancelled, which led to a backlash against those who were outraged with more racist and sexist tweets and…yes, I’m bored of it already.

Oh, did I also mention our favorite “I can be Asian when it suits my purposes” pundit Michelle Malkin even got in the act, in support against Colbert:

Around the Horn: The Mystery of MH370

HYSTERIAThe missing Malaysian Airline MH370 has captured the imagination of the world. I was mesmerized by the idea that some of the passengers’ relatives still think their loved ones are alive after they tried calling their phones… I was brought back to a fascinating but not-so-successful sci-fi movie from the late 80s called Millenium. The movie has aliens or people from the future time travel back to rescue passengers right before a historical plane crash so they will populate the future. What is your theory or fantasy theory behind the missing airplane?

Red Hot Chili Pepper Kit Kat: It is Real & It is in my Stomach

FERTILEIn the past, I’ve blogged about the many wonderful snack items that seem to be available in Japan and cursed the gods bemoaned the fact that I could not enjoy these treats here in the U.S.

Well, no more. Today, I have tasted one of these seemingly out-of-reach treats and it is as wonderful as I could have imagined.


It is the chili-flavored Kit Kat and as the packaging and name suggests it is a Kit Kat chocolate bar with a chili pepper twist. Now, I must admit that at first there was a touch of apprehension about trying this. While some of the Japanese Kit Kat flavors I’ve written about previously—like cream cheese and salty watermelon—sound like a more natural fit to go with chocolate, I wasn’t sure about red hot chili peppers.

Happy Pi Day!


Today is Pi Day and you know what that means. Every American is required by law to eat 3.14 pieces of pie.


Hey, I don’t make the law but as a law-abiding American citizen, I clearly have no choice but to observe the law and the law requires consumption of at least 3.14 slices of delicious pie. So damnit, I’m going to do what’s expected of me.

Who’s with me?


I Want to Go to There: Cream Cheese Flavored Baked Kit Kat

Not only can you buy cream cheese flavored baked KitKats in Japan…


But there’s apparently these places called “KitKat Chocolatory” in Japan that sells all varieties of KitKats including the aforementioned cream cheese flavored KitKats (available only until March 15).


This Japan really must be a magical place like Willy Wonka’s factory or the Wonderful Land of Oz or Narnia or the Playboy mansion.