A Majority of South Koreans Want to Leave South Korea but Boy are They in for a Surprise if They Do

INANEAccording to a recent survey of 1,655 South Korean men and women by the website Saramin, a majority of respondents said that they wished to move out of South Korea. 78.6 percent said they’d leave South Korea if they could and 47.9 percent of those wishing to move said they were already making plans to do so.


The desire to leave is even stronger with the younger generation: 80% of those in their 20s wanted to bail as opposed to 72.4% percent of the forth-somethings and 59 percent of those over 50.

And why did respondents say they want to move? Here are the top seven reasons:

It’s Great #OscarsSoWhite has Sparked More Talk of Diversity in Hollywood but Can We Include Asian Americans?

CIVILWhile it’s great that the lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominations has revived the conversation on this topic, when people talk about the absence of minorities they’re often referring to African Americans with the occasionally Latino shout-out included. But what about Asian Americans?


Take the statement released by Oscar winner/traditional white movie star George Clooney today, where he said:

If you think back 10 years ago, the Academy was doing a better job. Think about how many more African Americans were nominated. I would also make the argument, I don’t think it’s a problem of who you’re picking as much as it is: How many options are available to minorities in film, particularly in quality films?

Nikki Haley=Ventriloquist?


Hey, did you see last night’s State of the Union rebuttal by Republican South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley? If not, you can catch it here:

Did you notice something strange/odd/amazing/disturbing about the way she talks? Well, so did a lot of other people.


Apparently, Gov. Haley has the ability to talk without actually opening her mouth. And while it’s unclear how she learned this impressive skill, folks on twitter have their theories:

How Bowie Saved The Word “Chameleon”



In musical circles, the word “chameleon” is a slam. It’s what you say when an artist has lost his or her way, when they are trying to chase trends, to revive stalling careers. And it usually involves some shark jumping.


Does anybody remember when Vanilla Ice attempted to go heavy metal?


Best Way to Get Out of a Car Accident You Caused? Be a Famous Porn Star

AU_COURANTWe recently shared the sad news that Japanese porn superstar Maria Ozawa was retiring from the industry and moving to the Philippines. Well, it appears that is indeed the case as evidenced by the fact that she recently got into a minor fender bender while driving in that country.

Screen shot 2016-01-07 at 2.10.49 PM

Apparently, the accident was her fault and the driver of the other vehicle was upset and pissed until…he saw that it was Maria Ozawa who had hit him. The very Maria Ozawa, who according to news reports, just happened to be that driver’s favorite porn star. Not surprisingly, his attitude changed once he realized who he was talking to and as you can see from the video below, Ozawa was very apologetic and turned on the charm (and physical contact) as well:

Mochi: The Silent but Delicious Killer


Who knew something so yummy could be so deadly? Take a good look at the face of a killer:


Mochi is a glutinous rice cake that is traditionally eaten in Japan around the holidays especially to ring in the new year. It’s soft and sweet and yummy and, apparently, also dangerous.

Nine people in Japan died from eating mochi this holiday season by choking on the chewy cakes with 13 more hospitalized in serious condition. This is a sharp increase in fatalities from years past—last year, four mochi-related deaths were recorded and only two in 2013.

Around the Horn: 2016 Resolutions

LASTLooking ahead to the new year, what are your resolutions for 2016? Or if you don’t make resolutions, what do you hope to see/happen/experience in 2016 whether in your own life or in the world at large?


PHILIP: On a personal level, there are a couple of ideas for projects I’ve had for the past 20+ years and it looks like 2016 may be the year that those ideas will finally get a chance to potentially be realized. Who knows if they’ll actually happen but at least will get as good a shot as any to make them a reality. It’s too early to talk about what they are publically, but the great part is they are both YOMYOMF projects (one of which we’ve been developing with my fellow Offender DHH which has been exciting).

On a more macro level, the big thing I wish for, even more than peace on earth and an end to global warming, is that Donald Trump not get elected President. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I will gladly take anyone else over Donald Trump. I would rather have the bowel movement I shat out this morning be the next President than Trump. Come on, America, I have faith in you in 2016 to do the right thing.

Miss Colombia—er—I Mean Miss Philippines is Crowned Miss Universe

BALLYHOODid you hear that the Miss Universe pageant was tonight? And that the event’s host Steve Harvey announced that Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez won the coveted title. They even put the crown on her head until…Steve Harvey realized he had made a mistake and read the incorrect name.

The real winner: Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach

The real winner: Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach

The real winner was actually Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach. So they did what anyone else would do in that situation: immediately snatch the crown and title away from Miss Colombia while on live TV to hand over to Wurtzbach:



10 Excuses You Can Use on Your Boss to Get Out of Work Tomorrow to See ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

BALLYHOOYour boss should totally understand that you most certainly cannot be expected to come into work tomorrow when the new Star Wars is opening (and even if you were lucky to get ticks for screenings tonight, come on, you know you have to watch it a few more times tomorrow). Calling in sick will be too obvious so here are ten excuses you can use to get the day off to do what Jesus, Buddha, Yoda and Mace Windu intended everyone to do on December 18, 2015.


1) My heater’s broken and I have to slice open a tauntaun to keep my family warm.


2) I’m mourning the millions of voices silenced and lost on Alderaan. #AlderaanLivesMatter

China Hearts Bottled Fresh Air

BALLYHOOEarlier this month, the first ever red alert for pollution was issued in Beijing. The smog and air pollution in China’s capitol is already pretty bad so for a red alert to shut down a chunk of the city is…well, it’s very bad. The air quality index reached 250, which the World Health Organization classifies as “very unhealthy’ and is 10 times higher than recommended levels.


So it shouldn’t be a surprise that bottled fresh air is the new best-seller in China.

Canadian company Vitality Air is selling bottles of clean and fresh Canadian air to the Chinese at $46 U.S. a pop and apparently, sales have been skyrocketing in the past couple of weeks.