Adventures in Filmmaking: The Golden Horse Film Project Promotion


The Motley Crew: Producer Aaron Shershow, I and Producer Robert Wei

The Motley Crew: Producer Aaron Shershow, I and Producer Robert Wei

I’ve been hearing about the Golden Horse Film Awards since I was growing up in Hong Kong, and this year was its 51st edition. I met Christy from the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion at the NAFF project market at Puchon and pitched her my Chinese romantic comedy project Morning, Paris! Two months later, I got an invite to participate in the Film Project Promotion which, for years, my filmmaking colleagues have been telling me great things about.

Walking the Golden Horse Film Awards Red Carpet!

Annnnnddddd…Exhale! A Recap of the 2014 Consortium of Asian American Theatre Artists Conference/Festival


Roger Tang wears hats. Lots of hats. So many hats he needs to check them to see what he needs to do at any given moment. Last he checked, he wrote two scenes for Revealed, a site specific piece for SIS Productions. Next time he checks, he might be producing the Northwest premiere of Carla Ching’s Fast Company for Pork Filled Productions. And if he checks again, he might realize he needs to update the Asian American Theatre Revue with even more news and events in Asian American theatre across the country. Hats. Sigh.

kt Shorb, Kat Evasco, Viet Nguyen, Anu Yadav, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama

kt Shorb, Kat Evasco, Viet Nguyen, Anu Yadav, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama

EVENTThe book is closed on the 2014 Consortium of Asian American Theatre Artists Conference/Festival (that’s CAATA and ConFest for short), the fourth of its kind. Like other Asian American theatre artists, I leave feeling both drained and energized. Drained, because it was constantly go-go-go: watching panels, catching new pieces, networking with fellow professionals, etc. etc. etc. Energized because making art can be lonely, especially for Asian American artists; knowing that you’re not alone, that you have peers that support you is simply exhilarating.

I’ve been to previous conferences (plus the convening in Seattle in 1999), wearing many hats. I write, first with the Pork Filled Players, then with SIS Productions in Seattle. I’m also a producer/administrator, having served as a fundraiser for the late Northwest Asian American Theatre and as founder/Executive Director of Pork Filled Players/Productions. And finally, I am the editor of the Asian American Theatre Revue, the online calendar and news journal about Asian American theatre events that virtually binds, connects and informs Asian American theatre artists around the world (I’m literally the reason the conference knew some groups even existed).

What is it with Japan and Black Burgers?


Earlier this month, Burger King introduced its black cheeseburger in Japan. The Kuro Burger, with its black buns, have already been on the menu since 2012, but this is the first time black cheese has been added.


Not to be outdone, the Japanese McDonalds has just announced it is also serving its own black burger—the Halloween-themed ikasumi or squid ink burger—although this appears to have the less disgusting more traditionally colored cheese.


Guys, I Finally Watched the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie & Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me Screech’s Asian Friend was so Evil?

SIMULACRUMAfter I previously lamented that the universe was conspiring against me from watching Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, the universe has decided to give me a break and one late night earlier this week (i.e. late last night), I finally had the time to fire up my DVR and spent almost two hours in fake, cheesy biopic heaven.

Yes, the movie isn’t what I’d consider “quality entertainment” but give me a flawed recreation of the Saved by the Bell years over anything that Michael Bay gets paid billions to pull out of his ass every summer movie season. And while Lifetime didn’t surprise me with anything I didn’t already know about the show, there was this:


Yes, it’s the Asian guy who allegedly turns Screech the actor who plays Screech (hereafter to be known simply as Screech) onto booze and weed after a particularly bad day on the set. Now, I already knew this dude was going to be in the movie based on reviews and social media feedback I had seen, but why didn’t anyone tell me that he played such a vital and, yes, evil role in the story?

Not only is he the guy who gives Screech his first taste of alcohol—via vodka from a flask–but the dude goes on to blackmail Screech to get a role as Tori Spelling’s boyfriend on the show. And that is just all kinds of awesome!

Around the Horn: Time Oh Give Me Time



Loving what you do even when you’re not doing it all that much.

Times in the film industry are tough in LA.  So, I’ve made the decision to go from freelance videographer and visual effects artist to doing corporate work for the litigation industry.  Seems sad that I wouldn’t be doing what I love on a day to day basis.  Now, that I’m starting my journey into the corporate work force, I find myself more… creative?  What?  How can that be?

Funny how when you know you have a lot of time to do something, you don’t utilize that time well, for me anyway.  I sit in my office and say, “Look at all this time I have to be creative, I’ll make something awesome… one day.”  For years, I’ve been saying that, but all I do is prep the ideas and leave things undone.  But, now my time is limited and I see only short windows opportunity to do something… anything creative.  So, I went back to my roots as a graphic artist and did something I loved within films and the poster art arena… so, that’s what I went with.  Finally, I made something I liked and that I knew I could finish within the time allowed.  I definitely felt my love of creation more because I made time for it.

Pikachus on Parade

DOG_DAYSI’ve been blogging about the lead-up to the big Pikachu event in Yokohama, Japan, this month (click here and here) because damn it, even one with a blackened heart like mine can’t help but think these Pikachus are the cutest thing this side of a puppy eating ice cream. So to brighten up our otherwise dog days of summer, I give you the Pikachus on parade:


Yup, the Pikachu event officially kicked off last Friday with a parade, but if you missed it, never fear, the parade will take place three times a day until August 17 at Yokohama’s Landmark Park so you still have time to book your flight.

For everyone else, let your Monday cuteness overload commence:

DRUNK HISTORY Retelling of Daniel Inouye and the 442nd

GUARDIANSDRUNK HISTORY, currently on Comedy Central, has a brilliant but simple concept — Drunk comedians retelling a historical event. Most of it is accurate, some of it is not. And man, some of these guys are so drunk, they’ll have to take some puking breaks to get a tad sober to finish their tale. Reenactments are filmed to accompany the drunk retelling and usually, the results are pure hilarity.

It’s cool that DRUNK HISTORY is doing a Hawaii episode, with one of the stories about the late Senator and WWII hero Daniel K. Inouye and his experiences serving in the 442nd regiment, the most celebrated regiment in US military history. Steve Yeun of THE WALKING DEAD, portrays a young Inouye and James Hong plays his dad.

Star-Lord was co-created by Filipino-Chinese comic book artist Steve Gan


GUARDIANSAs GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY rakes in $94 million in its opening weekend, garnering the third best opening of 2014 and the best August opening ever, most comic fans are pretty happy with this adaptation of what many critics are calling Marvel’s answer to STAR WARS.

However, in our final YOMYOMF’s Summer Blockbuster Showdown, we all generally enjoyed the film but lamented that the film did not cast any Asian actors in the film, and hey, everyone knows that Asians make the best alien species, because frankly, some white people think we’re aliens already (we were once called “celestials” in the 19th century). But to our surprise, we were informed that WWE wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer) is, in fact, half Filipino! Well, tying into the Filipino connection, the co-creator of Star-Lord aka Peter Quill is none other than Filipino naturalized citizen of Chinese descent, Steve Gan, who co-created the character with writer Steve Englehart. The character first appeared in the January 1976 issue of MARVEL PREVIEW #4. Check out a page from that issue:

YOMYOMF’s Summer Blockbuster Showdown — GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!


GUARDIANSSelect Offenders will be reviewing this summer’s crop of Hollywood tentpole films with a scientifically tested set of criteria that was vetted, nurtured, dissected and regurgitated through the pop-culture gadflies who have nothing better to do than annoy other productive people in the YOMYOMF office. So, we channeled their nitpicks of the incessant reboots, remakes and rehashes that are part and parcel with Hollywood summer movies into this ongoing summer blog series called the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SHOWDOWN. You can read previous roundtable reviews, which are all archived here

In this final edition of our summer-long SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SHOWDOWN, we review the latest contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. BTW, this roundtable review is chock full of spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Shoplifting While Topless


My fellow Offender Justin sent me this article about 45-year-old Alhambra, California resident Jeannie Hua who turned herself in to police yesterday after an alleged shoplifting incident back in June.


But what makes this story different are the circumstances of the alleged shoplifting incident. Specifically, Hua committed the crime while topless.

Supposedly, during this shoplifting incident, which took place at the Santa Anita mall in neighboring Arcadia, Hua got into an altercation with a security guard, somehow lost her shirt and bra, and ran topless to her Mercedes-Benz before driving off.

So the mystery remains: how did this alleged thief lose her top and bra during the course of her crime? So far, the details remain sketchy, ergo let me offer some possible explanations.