Flash Fact: It would still take you 22 years to confess to the woman you love



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In this week’s THE FLASH, Barry finally kokuhakus Iris. Kokuhaku is a wonderful Japanese term I learned from the DVD extras of the Japanese film LINDA LINDA LINDA (an excellent Japanese-schoolgirl-rock-band film, if you’re into that sort of thing). Means roughly, “sudden confession,” with the implication that it is a confession of long-held unrequited love.

This Week in Internet Cuteness: Korean Golfer Boy Throws Tantrum



After all the sad and depressing news these past couple of weeks, we’re overdue for a shot of internet cuteness to get us through the day. So meet this 2-year-old Korean golfer who definitely knows how to throw the most adorable tantrum when his second putt fails to make it into the hole.

Harvard Business School Professor Shows us the Proper Way to React When You’re “Overcharged” $4

RIGHTTen years ago, I was overcharged 25 cents when I bought a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I’m pretty sure it was an honest mistake and not intentional, but damnit, it’s an injustice that haunts me to this day! Instead of doing what I did—just let it go as a minor mistake and continue with my life—I should have followed the example of Harvard Business School associate professor Ben Edelman.

Ben Edelman, righter of wrongs.

Ben Edelman, righter of wrongs.

When Edelman was recently overcharged $4 on a $53 take-out order from a mom-and-pop Chinese restaurant called Sichuan Garden, he wasn’t going to take this injustice lying down. So he sent a series of emails to Sichuan Garden’s Ran Duan. Did he politely ask for a $4 refund? Hell no, this is a wrong that he had to right–there was much more he needed to do.

So as you’ll see from the emails below, not only does he evoke some obscure Massachusetts law. Not only does he demand that he be refunded $12 instead of the $4 owed him. Not only does he claim he contacted some vague authorities to take care of the problem. But he strikes a blow against injustices on behalf of all privileged, Ivy League white men everywhere who’ve been wronged. Hallelujah, White Baby Jesus!

An Open Letter to Mark Wahlberg Regarding Atoning for His Racist Past



Dear Mark Wahlberg:

You made news this past week by formally applying to the Massachusetts Board of Pardons to have a 1988 “incident” erased from your record. The incident in question involved a then 16-year-old you beating a Vietnamese man, Hoa Thrinh, to the point where he lost sight in one eye and referring to him as a “gook” and “slant eye” (this immediately following another incident where you stole beer from another Vietnamese man, Thanh Lam, and hit him as well).

You said you are seeking the pardon to show other at-risk youth that they can turn their life around and that “since that time, I have dedicated myself to becoming a better person and citizen so that I can be a role model to my children and others.” Oh, and something about it being harder for you to get a liquor license to expand your businesses with your past criminal record.

Now, many have attacked you for your request arguing that you haven’t taken full responsibility for your past actions and considering you also chose the worst possible time to ask to be forgiven for beating a man in what’s essentially a hate crime, the outrage is justified. But let me make a suggestion that I think can be the first step toward reconciliation and winning your critics over to your side.

Tura! Tura! Tura!



Shortly after her death in 2011, I blogged about Tura Satana and put forth the notion that the hapa star of Russ Meyers’ 1965 cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was as much of an Asian American pioneer and pop culture icon in her own right as Bruce Lee or Anna May Wong. I continue to stand by that statement and anything that helps to cement that status is something that’s worthy of support in my book. That’s why I wanted to give a shout-out about a group art show opening this Saturday night at the Lethal Amounts Gallery here in L.A. entitled Tura! Tura! Tura! III.

Over 50 artists were invited to create work inspired by Tura. You can see some samples of the pieces below but if you have no clue who Tura is, then go out immediately and rent Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!—the film Hairspray director John Waters called “The greatest film ever made. And the greatest film that will ever be made” (and click here to read my Tura tribute blog).

A Hawaii Thanksgiving Revisited

THANKSI’m back in Honolulu for the holiday season! I also want to update how my family celebrates Thanksgiving like any red-blooded Hawaii locals. I wrote about Thanksgiving in Hawaii years ago and how it’s very similar to an Asian American style Thanksgiving meal, except that even non-Asians from Hawaii eat like this too.

For this year (and luckily), with a successful chef for a brother, we had some very ono kine grinds (delicious food), which as always, a mishmash of East and West.

First up, the beautiful table spread:


Looks “traditional” enough, right? We’ve got our carbs, we’ve got our proteins, we’ve got our fiber and foliage here. We definitely stepped it up as a family and moving it up as a lunch, instead of dinner, and hosting it at my brother’s restaurant. Here are the highlights:

Happy Thanksgiving!



While recent events have reminded us that there is still a lot that’s troubling in the world from all-too-familiar injustices to the unmasking of previously comforting icons to, damnit, the shocking suggestions of cannibalism every time the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special comes on and there once again is Woodstock sitting down to feast on a turkey…it’s that time of year when we all take a moment to remember what we’re thankful for.

Adventures in Filmmaking: The Golden Horse Film Project Promotion


The Motley Crew: Producer Aaron Shershow, I and Producer Robert Wei

The Motley Crew: Producer Aaron Shershow, I and Producer Robert Wei

I’ve been hearing about the Golden Horse Film Awards since I was growing up in Hong Kong, and this year was its 51st edition. I met Christy from the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion at the NAFF project market at Puchon and pitched her my Chinese romantic comedy project Morning, Paris! Two months later, I got an invite to participate in the Film Project Promotion which, for years, my filmmaking colleagues have been telling me great things about.

Walking the Golden Horse Film Awards Red Carpet!

Annnnnddddd…Exhale! A Recap of the 2014 Consortium of Asian American Theatre Artists Conference/Festival


Roger Tang wears hats. Lots of hats. So many hats he needs to check them to see what he needs to do at any given moment. Last he checked, he wrote two scenes for Revealed, a site specific piece for SIS Productions. Next time he checks, he might be producing the Northwest premiere of Carla Ching’s Fast Company for Pork Filled Productions. And if he checks again, he might realize he needs to update the Asian American Theatre Revue with even more news and events in Asian American theatre across the country. Hats. Sigh.

kt Shorb, Kat Evasco, Viet Nguyen, Anu Yadav, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama

kt Shorb, Kat Evasco, Viet Nguyen, Anu Yadav, Traci Akemi Kato-kiriyama

EVENTThe book is closed on the 2014 Consortium of Asian American Theatre Artists Conference/Festival (that’s CAATA and ConFest for short), the fourth of its kind. Like other Asian American theatre artists, I leave feeling both drained and energized. Drained, because it was constantly go-go-go: watching panels, catching new pieces, networking with fellow professionals, etc. etc. etc. Energized because making art can be lonely, especially for Asian American artists; knowing that you’re not alone, that you have peers that support you is simply exhilarating.

I’ve been to previous conferences (plus the convening in Seattle in 1999), wearing many hats. I write, first with the Pork Filled Players, then with SIS Productions in Seattle. I’m also a producer/administrator, having served as a fundraiser for the late Northwest Asian American Theatre and as founder/Executive Director of Pork Filled Players/Productions. And finally, I am the editor of the Asian American Theatre Revue, the online calendar and news journal about Asian American theatre events that virtually binds, connects and informs Asian American theatre artists around the world (I’m literally the reason the conference knew some groups even existed).

What is it with Japan and Black Burgers?


Earlier this month, Burger King introduced its black cheeseburger in Japan. The Kuro Burger, with its black buns, have already been on the menu since 2012, but this is the first time black cheese has been added.


Not to be outdone, the Japanese McDonalds has just announced it is also serving its own black burger—the Halloween-themed ikasumi or squid ink burger—although this appears to have the less disgusting more traditionally colored cheese.


Guys, I Finally Watched the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie & Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me Screech’s Asian Friend was so Evil?

SIMULACRUMAfter I previously lamented that the universe was conspiring against me from watching Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, the universe has decided to give me a break and one late night earlier this week (i.e. late last night), I finally had the time to fire up my DVR and spent almost two hours in fake, cheesy biopic heaven.

Yes, the movie isn’t what I’d consider “quality entertainment” but give me a flawed recreation of the Saved by the Bell years over anything that Michael Bay gets paid billions to pull out of his ass every summer movie season. And while Lifetime didn’t surprise me with anything I didn’t already know about the show, there was this:


Yes, it’s the Asian guy who allegedly turns Screech the actor who plays Screech (hereafter to be known simply as Screech) onto booze and weed after a particularly bad day on the set. Now, I already knew this dude was going to be in the movie based on reviews and social media feedback I had seen, but why didn’t anyone tell me that he played such a vital and, yes, evil role in the story?

Not only is he the guy who gives Screech his first taste of alcohol—via vodka from a flask–but the dude goes on to blackmail Screech to get a role as Tori Spelling’s boyfriend on the show. And that is just all kinds of awesome!