“Fair is Foul, and foul is fair” at the Chinese Box Office



Just after this weekend, my friend Raman Hui’s debut feature Monster Hunt has become the top grossing Chinese film in China, grossing over 1,277 million RMB (approximately over USD$206 million) and beating the previous box office record set by Lost in Thailand. Ironically, the same movie opened to number 4 with a tepid 3.41 million HKD (approximately USD$43,991) compared to Minions, Ant-man and Terminator Genisys that all opened above Monster Hunt with respective grosses of 24.7 million HKD (approximately USD$318,644), 17.4 million HKD (approximately USD$224,470) and 3.58 million HKD) approximately USD$461,840).

YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown: JURASSIC WORLD


1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot or a “based on…” and how does it compare to the previous version, or the source material?
THORHULKCRITIC: ‘Tis Thor Odinson’s understanding that JURASSIC WORLD is a sequel to the previous trilogy of Jurassic Park films, all of which were shown every day during the week preceding on the Bravo, Syfy, E! and USA cable networks, sometimes simultaneously on all said networks.

Liz: Correct Mr. THORHULKCRITIC! It was indeed a sequel/reboot of the JURASSIC PARK franchise. They reference the older films and there was even a little trek into the original JURASSIC PARK. My favorite part of the movie was then we didn’t learn from the past (aka movies 1, 2, and 3) and decide to make a theme park of dinosaurs… cause no one got hurt the last time someone tried that.

Chinese Gunther’s Life is a Recreation of the TV Show ‘Friends’



I already knew that the TV sitcom Friends is huge in China, but one Chinese man has taken his love of the show to obsessive levels.

He calls himself “Gunther” and like his TV counterpart, he runs a coffee shop named Central Perk except this one is located on Beijing which is an embodiment of all things Friends. In fact, all of Chinese Gunter’s life seems to be an embodiment of all things Friends.

It all started when the heartbroken Chinese Gunther was dumped by his girlfriend and a friend suggested he watch Friends as a way to cope with his loss. Luckily, his friend didn’t suggest he watch Breaking Bad to cope with his loss.

Sorry, but I Can’t Help You Become a Japanese Porn Star


Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 3.27.19 PM

Two months ago, I posted a blog entitled “Asian American Men: The Japanese Porn Industry Needs You!” where I discussed that country’s shortage of male porn stars and encouraged my Asian American brethren to consider pursuing a career path in Japan considering the prospects for Asian male porn stars in the U.S. aren’t what you’d consider too bright.

As I write this, there are almost 80 comments on that blog—almost all of them from Asian men asking for help in finding a job as a Japanese porn star. It’s clear some of the comments are jokes and in the same spirit as the blog was meant to be taken in, but more and more, it’s becoming clearer that people are dead serious.

Mother’s Day: The Bullet Points


“For Mother’s Day, you can just get me another gift card from ‘Black Angus.’”

“Okay. Done.”


Thus began – and ended – the discussion my mom and I had regarding Mother’s Day festivities.

It’s how we roll.

We’re both actually very sentimental – we wax on about childhood Saturday nights spent eating grapes and watermelon together while watching sit-coms like “Three’s Company” and “The Love Boat,”…


…and we both shake our heads in disbelief and dismay at where the time has gone (I certainly don’t know – blink and a decade or two slip by) – but we’re also both very pragmatic about some things, and our irrepressible love of pared down emotional efficiency shines through: she is, after all, 100% German, and I’m 50%.

So, in keeping with the Teutonic spirit of efficiency, here is a bullet point list of some of the things that make me love my mother so deeply and so dearly.

YOMYOMF at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2015



It’s that time once again to join our friends at Visual Communications for another edition of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival (#31 for those keeping count) running from tonight until April 30 at various locations around L.A. This year, the fest is under the leadership of new Executive Director Francis Cullado and features a number of programs featuring members of the YOMYOMF family. Check out all the full list of programs here and the following YOMYOMF-flavah-ed events:

Queer Positive Moments in This Week’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’


Dominic Mah is a writer, director, erratic blogger at dommah.com, and rock musical enthusiast. He recently co-wrote a feature film about superheroes and sidekicks. He is working on a startup comic book. He is often found in karaoke bars being @dommah and @thorhulkcritic.

FLASH's David Singh

FLASH’s David Singh

Y’know, those superhero shows may uphold some ideas which are of questionable value in real-world application — vigilanteism, duplicity, the solving of almost every problem with violence, the unlawful imprisonment of misfits whose main crime is that they can shoot electricity from their hands — but juvenile hero fantasies aside, they are also pretty supportive of gay people.

In this week’s FLASH, we meet, for the first time (I think), Central City Police Captain David Singh’s boyfriend, Rob. Captain Singh is hospitalized after Weather Wizard attacks the police station. The nurse hesitates when Rob wants to see David, saying that visitation is only for “family.” Joe explains that being Singh’s fiancé qualifies Rob as family. Ooh! A future same-sex marriage episode of FLASH seems inevitable! Pied Piper (Flash’s resident queer Rogue) will probably attack the wedding.

AROUND THE HORN: Money Saving Strategies


Let's go!!!

Let’s go!!!

I have now moved three times in less than 2 years. Most of it for ‘unusual circumstances’: death, childbirth, a fresh start. This last move required me to somehow pack and clean my condo while post-partum: which meant dealing with sutures in my genitalia, a doctor’s orders not to lift anything above 10 lbs, dealing with milk-engorged breasts, an inability to control my pee AND poo, and oh yeah, a newborn baby. Although the baby daddy is involved, he doesn’t live with me and helping me pack doesn’t necessarily come in the co-parenting packet. So even with two people, it’s really only one person moving stuff since one person’s whole job is to ‘watch baby from having meltdown’.

I don’t think moving is fun for people after the age of 24. (At 24 it seems exciting to move to bigger digs!) I find as I get older, I am reluctant to ask for help moving. It seems gauche now. Or more appropriate, it tells too much about my income, that I don’t have the money for movers and need to rely on family and friends. So believe it or not, I did move a lot of the stuff myself while baby daddy cried learning how to feed a fussy baby while I drove the car back and forth. I really was too ashamed to ask for more help. But at the same time I know my parents would be proud that I saved a few dollars!! (I still hear my day’s voice, “Don’t spend all your money in one place!!”). Moving is not “splurge-worthy”. Taking a trip to visit friends backpacking in Hawaii is “splurge-worthy” and I will drop dollars on that. :)

What ways do you try to cut corners in order to live within your means? And if you don’t cut corners, what money advice still rings in your head or that you would like to pass on?