The Latest Must-have Accessory Out of Beijing? Sprouts Growing Out of Your Head


When I first heard about this story, I thought it was one of those fake stories that occasionally pop up on the interwebs, but alas looks like it’s the real deal. Apparently, folks in Beijing are wearing these fake sprouts on their heads:


No one’s really sure why people started doing this, but one theory is that it’s inspired by a character in a popular Chinese animated TV show entitled Pleasant Goat and the Big Bad Wolf. Assuming they’re referring to the old dude with the sprout on his head/helmet:

Careful Where You Walk or Stand

WHYSo it appears that walking or just standing around and minding your own business in China can be a dangerous thing. First there was that escalator incident in Jingzhou last month where the ground at the top of a shopping mall escalator literally caved in and killed a woman in the process and now this–folks just minding their business at a bus stop in the Chinese city of Harbin when this happened:

Luckily, in this case, none of the five people who fell into the 10 foot sinkhole died or sustained life-threatening injuries, but damn!

Kick Ass Diplomacy



Three young twenty-something Americans have done for our standing in Europe what 8 catastrophic years of Bush and 8 more meh years of Obama could not do: regain the region’s respect, trust and admiration. Today U.S. Airman Spencer Stone (23), National Guardsman Alex Skarlatos (22), and their friend, college student Anthony Sadler (23), will be meeting with French president Francois Hollande to receive the prestigious Legion of Honor medal for their ridiculous heroics on board a French train.


(22, 23, and 23! For chrissake, these boys probably still have baby fat and pimples! And the goddamn hearts of lions!)

By now the world knows they jumped 26 year old Ayoub El-Khazzani (what is it with today’s youth, good and bad?) on a French bullet train, subdued the assault rifle enthusiast, got a little cut up in the process, hog tied the bad guy, took a quick breather to render medical help to a wounded passenger, and saved hundreds of lives in the process.

I’ve only ever pumped my fist and chanted “USA! USA! USA!” ironically.

Not today.

This Week in Internet Awesomeness: Pre-Natal “Tootsie Roll”

YOWZAAbout to give birth to her second child at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Yuki Nushizawa decided it was time to break out the “Tootsie Roll” for the nurses in attendance. Supposedly, this helped ease the labor pains, but that could be an excuse to cover the real reason: the uncontrollable need to get down. Check out the video below, Nushizawa and her husband are hoping to get to 1 million views ‘cause baby needs some diapers:

And just in case anyone was curious, the actual birthing process appears to have gone well:

Defeat Your Enemies in This Game and Watch Your Boobs Get Bigger


D3 Publisher is a Japanese video game company that’s not exactly known for its high-brow intentions. And here’s exhibit #1 to support this point: Their upcoming game is titled Omega Labyrinth and as you can see from the logo below, it’s all about the boobs.


Specifically, this is a game where defeating your enemies means your character will get the one thing she most desires…bigger breasts. Like so:

The Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwich Regret


It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Carl’s Jr. and today I had a Famous Star craving. So after sitting on my ass and surfing the net all morning working out at the gym all morning, I thought I’d treat myself and walked into the nearby Carl’s Jr. But lo and behold, a surprise was awaiting me. Not just any surprise but this:


Holy shitballs, it’s a Ding Dong ice cream sandwich! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, let alone available at Carl’s Jr. for a limited time only. I don’t think I’ve had a Ding Dong since I was a kid but have many fond memories of them and the thought of an ice cream sandwich with Ding Dongs as the receptacle for the ice cream—pure heavenly genius. And they’re only $1.49! That’s what they call a bargain.

This Japanese Restaurant Owned by a Porn Star is Serving Shit-Flavored Curry


The Curry Shop Shimuzu, a real restaurant in Tokyo, is serving shit-flavored curry. And to make the experience even more…uh, “realistic,” the shit-flavored curry is being served in a little Japanese toilet:


Now, being a sane person, you may be asking yourself, “but why would any restaurant serve a shit-flavored dish?”

And the correct answer would be: because they can. It seems the goal of the Curry Shop Shimuzu is to be the “first” at something—well, anything, really—so why not be the first to serve shit-flavored food? Yup, makes complete sense to me.

Once again being a sane person, your next question might be, “but how do they know what shit really tastes like?”

South Korea’s ‘Shitty’ Coffee Shop

FANTASTICWhat is it with my fellow Asians and their love for seemingly inappropriate shit-themed businesses? Among other things, South Korea has a theme park dedicated to toilets and Taiwan has a chain of toilet-inspired restaurants. Now, comes word of the Poop Café in Seoul, which appears to be a trendy coffee shop devoted to all things…shit—including the decor:



And the cups:

YOMYOMF Summer Blockbuster Showdown: FANTASTIC FOUR


1. Remake, Reboot, or Recycled? — Is it a remake or reboot or a “based on…” and how does it compare to the previous version, or the source material?

Dom: A reboot of FANTASTIC FOUR based on the Marvel comic. There were 2 previous FF films that stunk, 3 if you count the unreleased Roger Corman version. This FANTASTIC FOUR is……85% of a very good movie.

Liz: So, I wasn’t able to see what sounds like an AMAZING movie experience aka the new FANTASTIC BORE. I mean FANTASTIC FOUR! In the spirit of the films, I shall be adding my two cents as the invisible woman to this showdown.

Hong Kong Men are the Manliest Men in Asia…According to People in Hong Kong



According to new survey conducted by the Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong men are considered to be the manliest men in Asia followed by the Taiwanese, South Koreans, Japanese, Singaporeans and mainland Chinese. A thousand people between the ages of 18 and 35 were surveyed for the results.

But there is one slight problem with this survey: all 1,000 people who participated are from Hong Kong. Is it just me or does anyone else think this would skew the results?