Car Discussion w/Sung Kang – The ‘Fast and Furious 6’/Vin Diesel Guest-Starring Edition

It’s pretty cool to be a part of a franchise like Fast and Furious. I’ve been able to grow in so many ways. As an actor and as a man. It’s funny how a popcorn flick like Fast and Furious has taught me so much and given me life lessons that I have grown from and will use to be better at my craft and as a person until I leave this earth.

If I were to take and bottle one ‘Lesson’ from the Fast and Furious films is to always have ‘Fun’. By “Fun’, I don’t mean party your ass off and lose it anytime you see liquor. I mean, share as many laughs with the folks that you are fortunate to be around. It’s an awesome place to be when your job is to play pretend together. Play, and make believe. I figure we are the kids that back in the day would play cops and robbers together at the play ground until mom called us in to eat dinner. The only difference now is that we have much bigger toys to use as props.

This leads me to the next installment of Car Discussion (see above). This one was a testament to having ‘Fun’. Old friends and new got to share some laughs together and with the magic of a digital camera and some editing tricks hopefully the Fast and YOMYOMF family can make you chuckle a bit too. Hope you enjoy this one, we sure did have

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fun making it. Thank you.

“Vin Diesel knows Von Diesel!”

Want more behind the scenes action from the set of Fast and Furious 6? Check out our Fast Files videos here featuring the cast!

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8 thoughts on “Car Discussion w/Sung Kang – The ‘Fast and Furious 6’/Vin Diesel Guest-Starring Edition

  1. Don’t go ripping on my boy Vin! Laughed my arse off watching the vid. Sung, I love how you don’t take life too seriously. Looking forward to more fun projects from the YOMYOMF crew…

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahaa! Once Paul got into the muscle suit, too, I busted out laughing because it’s not his schtick. Awesome!

  3. sung no crei nunca que tengas tanto talento te felicito y eso de hacerte creer a vin te hace falta mucho puchero ja ja ja ja gracias por hacer la 3 y participar en la 4 , 5 y ahora en la 6 ta me alegro mucho y vamos con la sesta los quiero mucho y sigan asi te mando un abrazo enormeeeeee

  4. Always love the car discussion episodes. Thanks for doing them!

    I loved the new movie and saw it 3 times! :)

    Han Seoul-Oh was cool as usual!

  5. Hey Sung! Just wanted to say you’re a amazing person!
    And a wonderful actor, I’m proud to say I’m your biggest fan.

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