More Proof Asian Americans Rule the Digital Space

Not that we needed more evidence that Asian Americans rule the digital space, but the Nielsen company released its secondquarter 2014 Cross-Platform Report and much to no one’s surprise found that young Asian Americans watch more videos on computers and mobile devices than any other demographic group (and also to no one’s surprise, we watch the least amount of content on traditional TV).

asian computer

Asian Americans ages 18-34 spent on average 51 minutes a day consuming online and mobile content up from 38 minutes during the same period last year. In comparison, African Americans in the same demographic spent 48 minutes per day watching online content while Hispanics clocked in at 35 minutes a day.

When it comes to mobile devices, 82% of Asian Americans has smart phones capable of streaming video compared to 78% of African Americans, 79% of Hispanics and 68% of Whites.

I Hate When That Happens: Porn Star Mistakenly Appears on Math Textbook

Thailand-based textbook publisher MuangThaiBook had to recall 3,000 copies of a math textbook after it was discovered that one of the images on the cover came from a porn flick.

xduiuyseqeirpwzvtaohYup, that studious looking female teacher with the glasses holding the folder marked “mathematics” is actually porn star Mana Aoki and the image is from her film “Costume Play Working Girl”. I haven’t watched the movie in question yet but I think it’s safe to say that the subject of math is inconsequential to the plot unless the mention of the number 69 counts.

So how did this happen in the first place? Apparently whoever designed the image found the picture of Aoki online and photoshopped it onto the cover. Only after the book was printed and distributed was the truth discovered.

Mmm…Ramen Donuts

Considering we have everything from ramen pizza to ramen tacos to ramen chicken nuggets, it’s about time someone came up with the next evolution of ramen. And someone apparently has. Behold the ramen donut:


These are currently available at Osaka Ohsho stores in Japan but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before they hit our shores.


Guys, I Finally Watched the ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie & Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me Screech’s Asian Friend was so Evil?

SIMULACRUMAfter I previously lamented that the universe was conspiring against me from watching Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, the universe has decided to give me a break and one late night earlier this week (i.e. late last night), I finally had the time to fire up my DVR and spent almost two hours in fake, cheesy biopic heaven.

Yes, the movie isn’t what I’d consider “quality entertainment” but give me a flawed recreation of the Saved by the Bell years over anything that Michael Bay gets paid billions to pull out of his ass every summer movie season. And while Lifetime didn’t surprise me with anything I didn’t already know about the show, there was this:


Yes, it’s the Asian guy who allegedly turns Screech the actor who plays Screech (hereafter to be known simply as Screech) onto booze and weed after a particularly bad day on the set. Now, I already knew this dude was going to be in the movie based on reviews and social media feedback I had seen, but why didn’t anyone tell me that he played such a vital and, yes, evil role in the story?

Not only is he the guy who gives Screech his first taste of alcohol—via vodka from a flask–but the dude goes on to blackmail Screech to get a role as Tori Spelling’s boyfriend on the show. And that is just all kinds of awesome!

More Anti-Asian Racism in Popular American Comic Books


Over the years, we’ve shared examples from the long history of comic books of their less than ideal portrayal of Asians (see links to some examples below). The good folks at Crackle recently shared some “shockingly racist scenes” from superhero comics and not so shockingly, a number of them involved Asians. So thought it’d be educational to share some of those scenes here.

Here’s Batman confronting an evil “tricky Chinaman”. And as Cracked points out, Batman lives by a code never to kill, but apparently, that doesn’t apply when it comes to tricky Chinamen:


And there he goes again, Batman killing more Chinese:

The Best Way to Learn Mandarin? Wake up from a Coma.

Mandarin is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. But for Australian Ben McMahon, apparently all it took for him to master the language was to wake up from a coma following a serious car crash.


That’s what allegedly happened—McMahon woke up from his coma and discovered that he was able to speak fluent Mandarin and even temporarily “forgot” how to speak English. His newfound Chinese language skills were triggered after seeing an “Asian looking” nurse.

The Mandarin ability didn’t completely come out of the blue—McMahon did take language classes in school, but never approached the level of proficiency he displayed post-coma. McMahon’s Mandarin is supposedly so good that he has moved to Shanghai and even co-hosted a Chinese show.

Fried Chickenize Your Computer

I’ve had fried chicken on my mind recently (don’t ask) so seeing this put a little smile on my heart (yes, it has been scientifically proven that hearts can smile):


It’s a KFC fried chicken keyboard. And even cooler—the only letters visible on it are “f,c and k” (think they forgot the “u”).

And if that weren’t enough, there’s also a matching drumstick mouse:


And USB stick:

Guys, I Haven’t Watched Lifetime’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ Movie Yet but I’m so Excited, So Scared and Asians are Bad


Regular reader readers of this blog know that I was looking forward to watching Lifetime’s creatively named The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie, which aired on Labor Day. But unfortunately, things are very busy here at YOMYOMF world headquarters and I still haven’t had the chance to ring the BELL get my BELL rung watch and while I’m still so excited, I’m also so…scared.

I don’t care that critics and audiences tore the movie a new one. I don’t care that it totally bombed in the ratings. What I’m still so excited about is to see classic moments like this recreated before my eyes by actors who look nothing like the original Saved by the Bell cast:


And the movie’s awesome factoids clearly showing that Asians had a significant part in the series’ rich and varied history from Zack Mark-Paul’s Indonesian heritage:

YouTube: Now a Deterrent for Public Urination

Web designer Marek Sotak found this street sign while traveling in the Czech Republic:


Whether it’s real or a prank, it’s always nice to know that if you really need to go that there may be someone lurking in the shadows on a cameraphone ready to shoot and upload a video of you doing the deed onto YouTube.

Dethroned Miss Asia Pacific World Absconds with $100,000 Crown & More Power to Her

This is May Myat Noe:


Back in May, the 18-year-old Burmese beauty queen was crowned Miss Asia Pacific World in Seoul, Korea. But she was stripped of her title this past week for being “rude” and has allegedly left Korea for Burma without returning her $100,000 jewel crown.

And what was this horribly rude offense that led to her dethronement?

She refused the breast enlargement surgery the pageant officials forced wanted encouraged her to get.

Chill, Internet, Hello Kitty is Still a Cat. Uh…Probably. Maybe.

When the news broke this week that the 40-year-old icon of all things loveably cute aka Hello Kitty was not a cat, the internet did the only thing it could collectively do under such circumstances—freak out. But I’m here to say, chill, internet, take this virtual valium because this may turn out to be one of those rare instances when information posted online may actually be incorrect and Hello Kitty is indeed a cat after all. Well, sort of.

14575 puz 78872

But first some background—Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, told Christine R. Yano, who is curating a Hello Kitty exhibit scheduled to open this fall at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, “Hello Kitty is not a cat. She’s a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.”

Furthermore, Hello Kitty is actually British and her original name is Kitty White—the daughter of George and Mary White (see the full whacked-out bios here).