Around the Horn: The YOMYOMF Fifth Anniversary Edition


July 9 marks the fifth anniversary of our YOMYOMF blog. It’s hard to believe it’s already been that long but we’ve come a long way since then. What started as a casual dinner conversation among friends evolved into a community of unique, fun and thoughtful discourse. As we enter our fifth year, I’m excited to incorporate a lot of what we learned as we prepare to launch YOMYOMF 2.0 taking us to the next level. I can’t wait to see where things go in the next five years so wanted to ask everyone where you think we’ll be in five years? What would you like to see us do? Where do you see us going?


ANDERSON: I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. Our first blog entry was published in July 2009! It seems so distant, yet feels like it just happened yesterday too. I feel the first year or so, we were very punk rock about it — just blogging whatever we wanted to, as if it was our very own BBS, for us to stay in touch with each other. Then, people started noticing and jumping onboard.

Around the Horn: The Binge Edition


When I find something I like I tend to binge on it. For example, I recently discovered the wintermelon boba at Half & Half (a boba place in the SGV) so for six days straight I got the wintermelon boba until I got sick of it and stopped. For me, it’s about the strategy of intentionally binging on something until I get to the point where I don’t crave it anymore and can move on. It’s about enjoying something to the max. What about the rest of you? When you find something that you like, how do you approach it?

ROGER: I do a version of your watermelon-boba-dance with clothes. Sort of. I hate to shop and I have a very, very small wardrobe. When I do find something that I like (which is super rare), I tend to wear it…EVERYDAY. As I type I am looking down at my shorts. I’m pretty sure that I have been wearing them for 8 days straight. All day and all night. As for when I stop wearing my singular clothes addiction, it’s much less that I tire of them and much more about when the fabric is falling apart and too much butt cheek becomes publicly obvious or offensive. Then I switch to something else and wear it out until it’s all worn out. Next!

A ‘Fast & Furious’ Farewell

As most of you know, Fast & Furious 6 is my farewell to the franchise. As a way to say farewell and have closure, I did one final twitter Q&A earlier this week and wanted to share the questions and responses below.

(UPDATE: If you want to read more about FF6, here are some interesting articles: Coming Soon, Nerdist, Huffington Post, NPR, Slashfilm, Hitflix, Latino Review)

Around the Horn: YouTube Start-up Edition

As you all know we’ll be launching our YOMYOMF Network on YouTube next week (and our promo is up here) and we’re approaching it with a certain aesthetic and sensibility.

But if you had the chance and the funding to start up your own YouTube channel and you could do it anyway you wanted, what would you do? Would you approach it more from a business angle (i.e. study the various trends, etc…), a purely creative angle or some other approach?

ON THE OFFENSIVE: Film Festival Edition

We’re just days away from the world premiere of Sunset Stories, the feature length YOMYOMF Films debut from co-director Ernesto Foronda (writer/producer Better Luck Tomorrow) and starring Offender Sung Kang, at the South by Southwest Festival (screening info here). So it’s fitting that this week’s podcast features Offenders Justin Lin, Anderson Le, Jimmy Tsai (and occasional appearances by Philip Chung) talking about the latest at the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals as well as the festival world in general and how it has changed in the last decade.

Click here to check it out.

Around the Horn: special fantasy basketball JLin17 vs. Kobe edition

I’ve been getting a lot of requests since the Bill Simmons article to share more about what we do in our fantasy league.  Besides intense daily player movements and watching Sal “the machine” chase after us like the Terminator, we usually do a lot of trashing talking on our message board. Today, however, we stopped hatin’ on each other to unify and stand against the one self proclaimed Black Mamba– Kobe Bryant. Sure he’s an easy target, but anyone who gives themselves a nickname should never go unscathed. Plus, is this how a superstar should act?  You judge for yourself. It all started with a little note from Lou in the morning.

LOU: Hello fantasy basketball family,
Thought I’d start off your mornings with this one. Haha

This clip confirms my love/hate relationship with Kobe. Haha

YOMYOMF Podcast: On the Offensive – The Itch Edition

If you’ve been following YOMYOMF over the holidays, you may have read about some of our members’ moment in the spotlight of the fantasy sports universe via an ESPN/Grantland Bill Simmons column. Well, if you’re interested in following our soap opera of a fantasy league (declared by Simmons as “the greatest fantasy league EVER” – his words, not mine), we’ve got a bit of a follow-up.

Several of our basketball-crazed Offenders and extended members of the Family gathered together last week to present the second official podcast of the YOMYOMF network, which we’ve come to name “On the Offensive,” with this version aptly being the sports edition, or what we like to call, “The Itch.”

Best day of the year

Barring birth of a child or a White House visit, this is my favorite event every year (and no it’s not red carpet premieres or globetrotting around the world scouting locations).  It’s fantasy basketball draft– by far.

Yes, that's a microphone for each team to announce their draft selection.

This year was no different.  While I’d love to continue sharing with you what this world is all about via this blog , I think it is better if it’s done by someone who is the best in the business– Bill Simmons.

Please read his blog here and then come back for the visual tour, courtesy of Offender Jerome.

Is Wayne Wang my Tiger Mom?

Trying to get back into the blogging groove and saw that there’s been a steady stream of heated messages squatting the inbox from people concerning Wayne Wang’s comments about me and other Asian American filmmakers during his press junket for Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

I usually don’t comment on this sort of stuff but these folks seemed particularly worked up by it. They called him names and wanted him to apologize. Here’s a sample of what he said: