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AROUND THE HORN: Set Phases to Temporary!

Sifting through the basement the other day, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of an old friend: me at age eleven. Drawings. Short stories. Collected little trinkets that together shaped a young boy, a young boy that once was me. Oddly, he seemed unrecognizable, fixated on topics or themes I’m no longer interested in. I could trace a path from that person to the one sitting here typing this now, but there felt like no direct connection. clones He was very much into science – obsessed with the notion of cloning. Special powers. Magick. It was, by and large, a phase. It was not the only phase in my life, but most certainly, this was one of them. These days, I tend to be more interested in things that are slightly more grounded.

AROUND THE HORN: How dark is ‘dark’?

I recently binged on HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE after weeks of water cooler talk and still managing to avoid any spoilers. Looking back at reactions I’d read way before starting the show, I saw many people claiming that TD was much ‘darker’ than other shows/movies they were used to seeing.


Having now seen it all, I can confidently say I didn’t once get that feeling. Was it lines like “I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution” evoking these reactions? Because that’s not that bad and the murder scenes in NBC’s HANNIBAL are much more graphic. On the darker side of things, sure – but was it really that far off on that end of the spectrum? Nah.

By your standards, what’s a ‘dark’ movie/show/book? And why?

AROUND THE HORN: Fork that food (or not)!

By the time you read this, I may or may not have stuffed myself with a bunch of food I otherwise wouldn’t have to celebrate good ol’ Thanksgiving. But if I have, I can guarantee you one thing: not one of those plates will be turkey.

I’m sorry – call me a heathen if you must – but turkey is just one food I cannot get into. When I was a kid, the turkey iconography surrounding Thanksgiving made me look forward to tasting it each year and each year, I kept wondering if it would get better. It never did; it still hasn’t; and I doubt it ever will.

I’m not allergic and I’ve had it in many ways. I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that chickens are the superior birds when it comes to flying into my stomach.

What’s one food that you just can’t find yourself sinking your teeth into?

ROGER: I’m in the same boat, Jerome. Every year Thanksgiving rolls around, I find myself wondering why turkey just isn’t as satisfying as chicken or duck. That being said, I LOVE processed turkey that you get at Subway or Jersey Mike’s. Why? Perhaps b/c it doesn’t taste like Thanksgiving turkey.

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of November 3

HIFF New Media Camp/Creative Lab (Trailer)

Check out this trailer for a new initiative looking to guide and encourage new filmmakers in exploring new approaches to entertainment!

Shareef and Victor Adventures (HIFF New Media Camp)

No force in the world can come between two friends… except for love.

Watch Shareef and Victor struggle to maintain their bromance when a girl enters the picture.

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of October 27

Gary and Jimmy vs the Kitchen Sink – Part 2 

Gary’s first try at conquering the infamous KITCHEN SINK CHALLENGE - a titanic amount of ice cream meant to be finished in 30 minutes – was a failure.  This time, he returns with his friend Jimmy to bring it down once and for all.

Will this team leave the battleground with the bitter taste of defeat or the sweet taste of victory (both of which taste a lot like ice cream)?

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of September 22

Cherry – Secondary Education

What happens when Power Rangers and detention mix?  This YOMYOMF Cherry, that’s what!

When a lobster monster attacks the school, one teacher/superhero is forced to intervene – putting his students smack dab in the middle!

Sex & Marriage (Ep5 of 6)

As Christmas time rolls around, the drama amps up for Johnnie and Suzie when their family finds out they’re going to therapy.

Meanwhile, Cat and Rosen make progress with their therapist – but it might not be in a positive direction.

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of September 15

Miss America Racist Tweets (w/ Mr. Fu & Red)

After the crowning of the new Miss America, two of your favorite 88 JADE WAY puppets take a scathing look at some of the racist reactions from Twitter.

Prepare to be astounded.

Sex & Marriage (Ep3 of 6)

Johnnie surprises Suzie for her birthday by inviting her parents over.

When he has a heart-to-heart with her father, things take a turn Johnnie doesn’t expect.

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of September 8

Runner Trailer (OFFICIAL)

To save his wife, a man participates in a deadly set of games in this upcoming action-thriller series from the Network.

Will he survive the cat-and-mouse pursuit and reunite with his love?  Or will it all come to a terrible end?

Sex & Marriage (Ep1 of 6)

Suzie manages to get reluctant Johnnie to their first session with their relationship counselors.

However, it doesn’t go as either of them planned.

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of September 1

Gary vs The Kitchen Sink

The YOMYOMF Network’s Director of Development Gary King takes on his greatest challenge yet: a 6-pound ice cream behemoth known as the Kitchen Sink.

Will he be eating a spoonful of victory… or defeat?

Sex & Marriage Trailer (OFFICIAL)

Our upcoming new comedy explores the funnier side of a marriage in therapy.

When Suzie and Johnnie seek counseling, its effect reaches more than just their own lives.  Through the lens of other relationships around them, we get to see just how bad theirs really is… or isn’t.

The YOMYOMF Network: Recap for Week of August 25

Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot (Ep 4 of 6)

When a drinking mishap causes the Sex Robot to malfunction, Jon takes it to the shop.

Meanwhile, the ever-horny Rob offers to take it off his hands.

Jon Davis Gets a Sex Robot (Ep 5 of 6)

Sensing some tension between his wife and the Sex Robot, Jon turns on its BFF mode.

It works much better than expected.