YOMYOMF Podcast: On the Offensive – The Itch Edition

If you’ve been following YOMYOMF over the holidays, you may have read about some of our members’ moment in the spotlight of the fantasy sports universe via an ESPN/Grantland Bill Simmons column. Well, if you’re interested in following our soap opera of a fantasy league (declared by Simmons as “the greatest fantasy league EVER” – his words, not mine), we’ve got a bit of a follow-up.

Several of our basketball-crazed Offenders and extended members of the Family gathered together last week to present the second official podcast of the YOMYOMF network, which we’ve come to name “On the Offensive,” with this version aptly being the sports edition, or what we like to call, “The Itch.”

Be like…

What do you look for in an iconic athlete?  Me, I’d tick off the following attributes. Superhuman skill.  Championship mettle.  An outsized persona, a dude who, love him or hate him, you can’t help but be fascinated by.

Jerry West is an icon.  His greatness on the court earned him the nickname “Mr. Clutch.”  After his playing days were through he moved into management and became the game’s greatest GM, the architect of two great Laker dynasties.

But Jerry had some serious issues.  The more success his teams achieved the more West couldn’t deal with failure.  By the end of his tenure Mr. Clutch’s nerves would not even allow him to be in the building while his teams won their championships.

Quirks aside, West is best known as the man who literally became the image of professional basketball.  Many have played the game, some have better stats, more championships.  But West surpassed all of them. Because only he is the logo of the NBA.

No other icon ever achieved such a feat.  Not Babe Ruth, not Muhammad Ali, not Peyton Manning.  Although I’m sure he gets paid tons to do all those Sony commercials with Justin Timberlake.


I have a theory about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and time travel.  It’s a little twisted, so hang with me for a moment.

Time travel is the ultimate fantasy.  Can you come up with something to top it?  Alright there’s bagging a super model.  But short of that impossibility I can’t think of anything more fantastic than hopping around the back alleys of time.

In my teen geek days one of the trippiest stories of time travel I ever read was a three issue run in the pages of the old Marvel comic book Doctor Strange.  Strange was an unusual superhero. Hell, I’m not sure he was a superhero.  Dude lacked muscles and had grey hair.

Dumb. Luck.

As far as I can remember the Gambling Gods and I have been at odds with each other. I’m pretty certain I know what I did to piss them off so much. In junior high my buddy Tom and I saw that some guys were making good scratch taking bets on pro football games. Being the greedy little fuckers that we were one of us came up with the bright idea to take them on. But we didn’t want to be Burger King to their McDonald’s, so we had to come up with a twist. And boy was it a whopper.