Around The Horn: Things You Get Used To

It’s spider season in our neighborhood.  This means that even the quickest trip outside (to take out trash, recycling, compost, laundry) results in running into two or three spiderwebs with my face.  Going for a walk equals ten more encounters (recently, a strand broke across my eyeballs, and another time, a partial web went into my mouth).

Giant communal spider web at Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas; looks like my apartment

Giant communal spider web at Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas; looks like my apartment

Door Signs

My husband politely asked me if I could suggest a pleasant door sign.

“My boss said that my door’s the only one in our department that’s closed, so I’d like people to know that they’re welcome to knock and come in, even if the door’s closed.”

“I’ll try to think of some signs for you,” I said.

I printed these out for him.

Around the Horn: Questions

They say that asking better questions leads to better answers and subsequently, better results.

Sometimes when I miss a deadline, I ask myself, “Why am I so bad with discipline?”  I might answer with, “Because I overanalyze everything and then everything takes too long,” or “I don’t really like doing the difficult work, so I do the easy work first,” etc.  And I continue with the same habits.


Recently I’ve been listening to business podcasts and books that are helping me to think more constructively.  One suggestion that comes up often is this:  Decide what you want, set a goal and timeline, specify what needs to happen within that timeline, and then break it down into smaller pieces (I know it’s super obvious, but sometimes I get into the “can’t see the forest for the trees” mode).

Ink doodles

I got tendinitis in my wrists 14 years ago, so I stopped drawing by hand.  I switched to vector art, though I’ve never preferred that method of drawing.  Now I’m having trouble looking at the computer, so I’ve started using natural media again.  These are little experiments.




I have a small business selling greeting cards to retailers.  Recently, one of my sales reps sent me an e-mail saying that many of my buyers were extremely offended by the graphic nature of my newest cards.

I received her e-mail as I was finishing up this boobies card, so for a moment I debated whether I should print it.

Then I thought, why are people offended so easily?




Around the Horn: Children

FOMATO_DONT_POOP_ANYMOREMy partner and I have been trying to conceive for a year.  We’re both relatively advanced in age, so it’s possible we may not have children.  We might, but we also might not.

I’m contemplating what it’d be like to miss the experience of raising a child.  Without kids, we’d get more sleep, be less stressed, retain more money to spend on art and adventures (and junk food), and have extra time to indulge in pleasures and art projects/work.  

Around the Horn: Buying a Home

My fiancé and I went house hunting last year.  We considered bidding on a few places, but the mortgage amounts seemed too high for our budget.  Two weeks ago, we resumed the search and found that home prices had risen 26% since we’d last looked (oops).

I’m curious about your thoughts on home or condo ownership.  If you own a place, how do you feel about it – financially, emotionally, etc.?  If you don’t own, would you like to?  On one of our early dates, Michael mentioned that he’d always looked forward to living in his own house.  I replied that the idea of home ownership made me feel trapped.

(but I wouldn’t feel trapped in here:)