I have a small business selling greeting cards to retailers.  Recently, one of my sales reps sent me an e-mail saying that many of my buyers were extremely offended by the graphic nature of my newest cards.

I received her e-mail as I was finishing up this boobies card, so for a moment I debated whether I should print it.

Then I thought, why are people offended so easily?




Around the Horn: Children

FOMATO_DONT_POOP_ANYMOREMy partner and I have been trying to conceive for a year.  We’re both relatively advanced in age, so it’s possible we may not have children.  We might, but we also might not.

I’m contemplating what it’d be like to miss the experience of raising a child.  Without kids, we’d get more sleep, be less stressed, retain more money to spend on art and adventures (and junk food), and have extra time to indulge in pleasures and art projects/work.  

Around the Horn: Buying a Home

My fiancé and I went house hunting last year.  We considered bidding on a few places, but the mortgage amounts seemed too high for our budget.  Two weeks ago, we resumed the search and found that home prices had risen 26% since we’d last looked (oops).

I’m curious about your thoughts on home or condo ownership.  If you own a place, how do you feel about it – financially, emotionally, etc.?  If you don’t own, would you like to?  On one of our early dates, Michael mentioned that he’d always looked forward to living in his own house.  I replied that the idea of home ownership made me feel trapped.

(but I wouldn’t feel trapped in here:)

Around the Horn: Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side

What percentage of “successful” people (happy with their career, life, finances, etc.) do you think smoke pot?

More specifically, what percentage of people who’ve achieved a lot – in any field, but I’m especially curious about the arts, since I always thought that was an area in which you need sharp thinking at most times (I guess I’m naive) – do you think smoke?

I ask because a close friend of mine gets high frequently – about 10 times a week.  He’s altered my outlook on stoners, since prior to meeting him, I’d assumed that anyone who’d smoked or vaporized for 20 years, as he has, would seem slow or simple in a stereotypical way.  Instead, he’s bright and on top of his game (during the work day.  After 7 pm he collapses into a video gaming high potato).

Around the Horn: Grief

Beverly, one of our Yomyomf crew, recently lost someone dear to her.  I’ve always enjoyed and admired Bev’s raw, touching and hilarious posts about her adventures and search for love.  It was heartbreaking to hear that her fiancé recently passed away.

I can’t do anything to lessen the pain or grief, but I’m wondering what you all find healing or even the least bit helpful in dark times.  It can be anything – a painting, song, dance, story, quote, kama sutra position (ok maaaybe not this one), Youtube video made by a magical dragon, etc.

I don’t know how to answer this myself.  Part of me wants to suggest funny stuff, but I don’t know if that would be ineffective or tactless.  So for now I’ll share a photo that I find comforting.

Another part to this question is:  if you’ve gone through a period of mourning, what would you have liked people to say to you?  To have done for you?  How did you want them to interact?  Did you want to be left alone?  Did you want to be asked about the person?  I’ve always thought that people would want to share stories and talk about their loved ones, but I’ve usually refrained from asking because I didn’t want to make the bereaved feel uncomfortable.  Obviously everyone has varying preferences, but maybe sometimes I was mistaken not to ask.

Anyway, I just want to say that I’m thinking of you, Beverly, and we’re all here for you.  A big hug.

Around the Horn: Animalia

I cleaned out my “downloads” folder the other day and found a bunch of animal photos plucked from the internet.  I love the massive variety of creatures out in the world.  Is there a certain animal that you find intriguing?

Around the Horn: What unusual festival or celebration would you like to attend?

Here are a few examples (of the many out there):

The Monkey Buffet Festival
(Lopburi, Thailand, also known to Thai folk as Monkey Town)

4000 pounds of delectable goodies are laid out for 2000-plus local macaques.  The tradition stems from Hindu lore involving an honorable monkey warrior.

The Henley-on-Todd Regatta
(Alice Springs, Australia)

A waterless, real-boatless boat race that takes place in a bone dry river bed.  It was originally intended for poking fun at British settlers in Australia, and at formal British regattas.

Random baked goods & snacks in Taiwan

I can barely contain my desire