Around the Horn: The geek within

Last year I had the pleasure of seeing my geekness rub off on my wife. She’s not a hobbyist of any sort… she just likes to watch mainstream movies and tv like everyone else… until last summer!

benedict cumberbatch

There was a string of summer films my wife endulged in, such as Iron Man 3, World War Z, Fast and Furious 6 :) AND THEN THERE WAS …STAR TREK – INTO DARKNESS! This was the start of the change… no the metamorphosis like Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk! Why? One name… Benedict Cumberbatch!

Can one fictional character from a tv or movie change you into a geek… answer is YES! She needed to know all about this hunk of an actor. I did say “hunk”.

But it doesn’t stop there! Only a true geek will continue to search insatiably for more content like a drug addict on crack. She then found Sherlock and watched it pretty much continuously till there was no more. Which led her to Wiki sites and conspiracy theories of the show, which by now she knew more than I did.

The Great Boba Milk Tea Swindle

If you grew up in the 80s like I did, you’d remember a show called “Fight Back with David Horowitz,” where he would spotlight products from current commercials, then prove or disprove of what was advertised.  For example, “Is Heinz’s ketchup really as thick as it was advertised” or a popcorn test that says “Orville Redenbacher’s pops more than the other brands” and so forth.

Well… I decided to make my own test from one of my favorite boba tea houses… “Half & Half” in Southern California.  They advertise drinks at a regular size and offer to supersize it for .85 cents more.  I always do the supersize (they call it Supercup).  As I was drinking the Supercup sized drink, my friend and fellow offender said that the Supercup is almost the same size as the regular.  I said “No WAY!” Thus, this test was the result.

AROUND THE HORN: Good Boss / Mean Boss


I’m sure you had one or both kinds of bosses in your life as an employee. I had the fortunate experience to have both.
My first job in California was creating graphic artboards for attorneys and my MEAN BOSS made me work 60 hour weeks, learn other people’s jobs which I had no training for and making me feel like crap when I failed my task.

Luckily he sold his business a year later which merged me into another company.

This time a GOOD BOSS emerged into my livelihood. Never yells and always calm (really), what I didn’t know he was patient for me to learn and made sure that I was enjoying the work environment we were in.

In Brian DePalma’s “The Untouchables”, Al Capone played by Robert DeNiro says, “You can get further with a kind word and a gun, then just a kind word.”

How true is that?!

Well, my mean boss did make me learn good, useful skills… FAST! Got me tough skinned and learned to endure grueling work hours.

But I hated him.

My good boss gave me grace to my failures and enjoyment in my work environment. Felt like a great team… like the Justice League!

Now he’s one of my best friends for the past 17 years and still going.

I can say that there is no room for mean bosses… the energy is just plain bad. You need good energy to carry on… and that comes from being a good boss.

I say… be good.

What are your experiences with these kind of bosses?

Around the Horn: CALAMITY

DAVID:  “Calamity”…Here’s a college word I never use, but I fully understand it.  When I think disaster, I see an act of God with hurricanes and tornados.  These huge tragedies definitely fit the description of “calamity”, but I had never lived through one to feel the power of this word.

I’d like to put this word to a smaller situation, but still has the impact of a hurricane… my wardrobe.  Yes, my wardrobe!  I have only t-shirts and shorts with one pair of jeans.  I figured that’s all I need, but man… it’s a disaster.  I feel like being in a creative environment for so long I would be able to express it outwardly and externally.  Nope… 30 t-shirts and 10 shorts.  Remember that show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”… I’m willing to be in that show now.

Around the Horn: Growth

Growth… it could be good or it could be bad.  Let’s express the good.  I just had dinner with two offenders (Sung and Anson) and there’s nothing like feeding our soul with good stories that gives me more wisdom and humility… and stuffing our face with sushi.

I’m 40ish and my sustenance has been to gleen off positivity from people I admire.  Can you think of your moments of growth?

ANDERSON: For me, its a close-knit group of friends that have formed a karaoke pact and we meet every 6 weeks. Since we all are extremely busy because of career, family, etc., we make sure that we go into karaoke congress to stay in touch and just feed off the good vibes. It is so fun and in a new agey kind of way, we feed off each other’s energy and I feel so replenished and lucky to have friends like them. It is awesome.

Around the Horn: Tradition

DAVID:  The one tradition I know I go to every year is the San Diego Comic Convention… NERD!  For the past 20 years I’ve gone to where the geeks and freaks inhabit for four days… it’s my home.  But this past year I missed the boat.  I just came back from London for preproduction on a movie and I had only 2 desperate days to get my ticket… I was unlucky.

I had an internal malfunction of a weird sort.  I couldn’t stop thinking of what I missed and what I wasn’t going to be a part of.  And even a month after the convention was done I felt this emptiness and blindness of the wonder I should have experienced.  Sadness.

Around the Horn: The Winning! Edition

[youtube][/youtube]U-S-A.  Say it with me… U-S-A!  We are the champions my friends.  And we’ll keep on… blah blah – blah blah blah………….done!

I was recently with my family at Disneyland and I went on the ride “Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters” where you shoot all these aliens and monsters.  At the end you get a score, which leads my 6 ½ year old son to always ask me “Who won?”  I always say “It doesn’t matter, we were a team.”  In these competitive games he sometimes knows he lost and when that happens the world collapses and needs to play again to win.  It’s so difficult to structure him sometimes.

AROUND THE HORN: The Re-Watch Edition

My wife would say… “How many times can you rewatch that movie?” I guess I’m like a little kid who wants to reread an old bedtime story. Mine would be The Shawshank Redemption. It’s cathartic to my soul. Next would be Die Hard. Just for the sheer amount of one liners that is sooooo fun to listen and say… almost like a sing a long… but now it’s a swear a long. What’s your rewatchable movie?

DHH: For me, it’s The Godfather. I’m thinking about Part I, though Part II would qualify as well. (I didn’t even hate Part III, though I don’t have a strong impulse to watch it again.) Epic storytelling, family drama, unbeatable acting, social and historical commentary, all in a pulp fiction wrapper — what’s not to like? And since I’m a theatre person, I feel compelled to add my rewatchable musical as well: that would be Gypsy. Every time that show is revived, I rush to see the new production, which always leaves me an emotional mess. Even this strip tease, featuring Laura Benati as “Louise” from the 2008 Broadway production starring Patti LuPone, gets me all choked up.

Car Tal…I mean “Car Discussion 3″ w/Sung Kang aka Han from “Fast & Furious”

What’s up good people of the World?  Happy we can share with you all the 3rd installment of Car Tal…I mean Car Discussion (plus the revamp of Car Talk Car Discussion Episode 2 with my good friend Tyrese). We got some flack from Car Talk so we had to change the title from Car Talk to Car Discussion.  The Car Talk from NPR sent lawyers after us saying Car Talk is the title of their show and legally we can’t call our show Car Talk, because Car Talk has been around longer than our Car Talk.  So we needed to change our Car Talk to another name that doesn’t sound like their show Car Talk.  So we decided to change our show from Car Talk to Car Discussion.  Hopefully now Car Talk will not be upset at our Car Talk, I mean Car Discussion.  It’s all very confusing so hopefully Car Talk 3, I mean Car Discussion will clarify everything.

Car Talk Discussion 2 (w/Special Guest Tyrese):

Car Talk Discussion 3:

YOMYOMF Podcast: On the Offensive – The Itch Edition

If you’ve been following YOMYOMF over the holidays, you may have read about some of our members’ moment in the spotlight of the fantasy sports universe via an ESPN/Grantland Bill Simmons column. Well, if you’re interested in following our soap opera of a fantasy league (declared by Simmons as “the greatest fantasy league EVER” – his words, not mine), we’ve got a bit of a follow-up.

Several of our basketball-crazed Offenders and extended members of the Family gathered together last week to present the second official podcast of the YOMYOMF network, which we’ve come to name “On the Offensive,” with this version aptly being the sports edition, or what we like to call, “The Itch.”

Around the Horn: Teachers You Respect


I was never studious in my youth.

I never knew how to motivate myself to do my homework.

I hated to be in school.

But I do know this… in my senior year, on the brink of not graduating my advanced English class, which I was mistakenly placed in… my teacher got me through my final paper and passed me with a ”B”.

Only in my fleeting moment of hope with “Mrs. Wong”, that I find that teachers do make a difference in ones life… especially me.


My wife is a teacher and I respect her profession dearly.  She works hard after school to correct homework and makes lesson plans for the next day.  She’s been teaching Biology for over a decade and receives an o.k. salary.

The Truth About Asians: The Aging Edition

Just recently I’ve been looking through old family photos and it’s SHOCKING to see my aunties back in the 70s looking… O.K. I’ll say it “HOT”.  Now, stop what you’re thinking and lets not go there… I’m just saying back then they were like any other gals in their teens and early 20s… they were fashionable and pretty.  A week ago I had a family reunion and now my aunts are looking more like aunties.  They are wonderful people that now look like they play mahjong and cook amazing food in the kitchen, like a sitcom, my mind dissolves into what is now to what is then.

Thank you Sheri and Justin for sharing